The Years go Fast and the Days go Slow

A Mercedes armored car drives down a country road in Kasimov, Russia. The car going down a dusty dirt road kicking up dirt as it continues down. It was a long drive, long enough to give Vlad ample time to think and reminisce. It seemed almost like yesterday that he was chasing her around playing tag. He was so happy back then, life was so simple. He was however down a dirt road that was so narrow that one had to get to the end to get back. Of course there was still a way to go before he gets to the house. He tries to stop remembering because he know what was next, men with guns and being taken away from his family. No he can’t remember that part, not right now. He still had some time left before he gets to the house and he starts to think on other things. He wonders what sort of story he should make up in order to avoid suspicion from her. There was really only one thing to use. Just in time it seemed as he pulls up to the house and parks at the front. He gets out of the car and walks over to the house in a three piece suit.

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