The Wedding of Drem and Lance

A wedding took a lot of planning, there was no doubt at all about that and they had to start somewhere… The next morning, after deciding to move into the penthouse early, and beginning the process of having everything moved - which was made easier by the fact that Lance himself was in charge of pretty much everything - to the new place… They had to start doing wedding planning.

The first order of business was actually to decide if there was to be an actual professional wedding planner, assuming there was one on the station somewhere… Lance was voting no on that one, but then he would almost always vote no on such things. According to him, if he was able to plan missions to the past with millions of unknown variables, train highly specialized and capable people to do incredibly dangerous jobs, he could help to plan a wedding.

Drem also agreed on no for finding someone to do the wedding for them. She wanted to make sure this was a project that the two of them would go through, and get to enjoy at the end. That, and Drem hates having other people do work for her.
The next step for Drem and lances wedding was to decide where it would be held, they contemplated having it now, but Drem was moreover wanting to do it once they got back to the original time setting. Thinking event wise, and not ‘I just want to be with you’ wise, they decided to do a little moving into the penthouse here, and a little wedding there. Eventually, they were successfully moved in.

Drem was fine with whatever lance wanted for the Wedding. Hell, if he wanted to have a wedding where everyone was dressed in bright green, she would totally be Down for it.

One would hope that if someone did suggest bright green suits or some such that they would be joking. However, that being said, there was the issue of choosing the wedding party. Lance himself had a few options in mind, people he respected. He had to find a best man though, was his first order of business. Usually this would be family but most of his family was gone. Drem had the harder task, she had to choose a maid of honor, and that would not be an easy task. Keeping in mind the idea of bright green dresses - assuming the joke is made in conversation - Lance also suggests that they don’t do such a thing for the bridesmaids unless she hates them, as those dresses are almost universally saw as hideous.

For his part, Lance had settled on Sal as a best man, who would plan the bachelor party and other such things. For where and when, Lance had opinions on almost everything, that isn’t to say that he isn’t open to new ideas and information. No, that is more to say that he knows what he wants, at least right now. She was right, of course, about not having the wedding until they get back home. He wanted to get married on his property at Markab Prime AKA Trocara. Of course, that was going to become a shit-show of an event, given his place, the new Serenity Concord… Thinking of that, one night, laying in bed with her, he just floats the idea of they should elope.

Drem has no idea who to choose for bridesmaids, and her maid of honor. She had so many options, wait… HOW MANY BRIDESMAIDS!?
Drem didn’t have many female friends she was close to, maybe 5-7 at max. She thought on that, Axelia had been with her her whole life, her best friend… But Emily was also a close friend, there was people from the nirvash, and many others. Drem ended up choosin Emily, she needed someone who could lead the bridesmaids, be there for drem mentally for the wedding, help plan it, and the like. Axelia was completely fine with the choice, and agreed, saying it would be better for someone who had more leadership experience, and knew lance. Drem was fine with lances choice of sal being best man, and was happy with that. When lances idea came up, she thought about that for a bit. But Then, they had to realize something that came up while they looked over a checklist.
Who was going to walk with Drem down the aisle? Her father was gone, god knows where her grandparents are, or any family she had… There was many people, and it was something Drem really had to think about with lance.
she had that, and a ton of other things to think about.

He hadn’t even thought of that. If she weren’t marrying him, he would walk her down the isle. Then he thought about it, “What about Flask?” he asked her with a nod, “You two get along very well and spend a lot of time together, don’t you?”

Drem thought about flask, “possibly. I’ll have to ask… Your not still annoyed at him, though, right? No big fight breaking out at the wedding?” She joked, with her cute smile.

He laughed, “That’s the real reason I suggested him, so I can punch him out at the wedding,” and he makes a really silly looking mock punching motion, “and be all badass and dramatic!” He leaned in and kissed her gently still laughing a bit.

She laughed, smiling brightly from his funny joke, as she lets him kiss her, she wraps her arms around him, “I may go ask him soon, but for now… hugs and kisses all night!” She said with a happy bright smile.

He kissed her again, holding her close - not unlike they were this morning - the breakfast tray still say near them thought hey had finished it some hours ago. “Is that all you want from me? Hugs and kisses?” he laughed and gave her another kiss.

She laughs, smiling. “I won’t ask much of you, You’ve already made my life amazing.” She said as she kisses him again,

He tightens his hold on her a bit playfully, “Oh,” and he kisses her back this time with a bit more force and gusto… “What if I want more than hugs and kisses?” he winks at her.

She blushed and giggled, “Then you will get much more than just hugs and kisses.” She does a funny eyebrow wiggle before kissing him, and moving in closer.

He laughed at her and just gave her a long kiss. HIs arms loosened around her than as he flopped backward in the bed, all wedding discussions should take place entirely nude and tangled in blankets shouldn’t they? After a few minutes he looked at her, “Alright, so we’ve got a few things decided then… Sal as my best man, Emily as your maid of honor,” he goes over it out loud like a check list, “We’re going to have the wedding on my… our… property on Trocara, you’re going to ask Flask about walking you down the isle, and we need someone to officiate the ceremony.” he looked at her. “Oh, and we need to think about invitations and the general shape of the event.”

For the record, I imaging them having spent all day in turns of being intimate in just touching and being close while talking and enjoying each other, so neither of them have been out of the room in hours and both have shed clothes long ago but are covered and tangled in the blankets. Her having severe bed-head and his hair is just every which way, including his goatee and face, which need to be trimmed so that he looks unkept.

She thinks, “Hmm…Alrighty. Doesn’t seem too hard.” She said with a smirk. Drem was always up for a challenge or the like, and preparing for the wedding was going to be hard, yet fun, and worth it all In the end. Drem knows about 3 people who could officiate the wedding for them, but she’s not sure who lance would have in mind.

She would go ask flask the next day once she and lance had cleaned up and gotten much neater. Finally, she and lance had to do the fun part, thinking of what they want the wedding to be like, and what invitations would be like. Those three things were the main on her mind for the wedding.

He chuckles, “That’s what they all say, when Candy and I got married it was a shit-show, so much so that we just ended up going off to Risa without telling anyone and got married by a betazoid priest in the middle of a fountain with two witnesses that we didn’t know.” he chuckles at her, “Of course that was perfect for us at the time, we were spies.” He is content just to be holding her right now, giving a good stretch, “Any of the Captains would officiate, but I don’t know, should be someone special, shouldn’t it? Maybe Aytise? He’s a Captain.”

She listened to his story, and nodded, smiling lightly. She still loved to hear about candy, even though she was… yeah…
Aytise was pretty good, she nodded, when the random thought, and joke came Into her head. She said with a smirk, obviously joking when she said “Tal should do it.” Holding back her laughter.
“But In all seriousness, I think aytise could be good to officiate the wedding.”

Lance just starts to laugh at the idea of Tal doing it, “Do you think he would want to make sure he had his weaponry or if we could get him to do it without the guns?” he chuckled at the idea of officiating the wedding heavily armed. “I’ll ask Aytise tomorrow.” he sighed happily again, “Do you want to have dinner brought in? I’m sure Finnegan would do it,” then it hit him, “How about Finnegan to walk you down the isle?”

“I think Tal would rather marry his guns all together so he can have little gun babies. And by that, I mean steal them from people around the ship 24/7.” She said with happy laughter.

She sat up a bit, having layed on her side looking to lance for a tad to long, she stretched a bit. “That sounds great.” she said, before hearing lances idea. She thinks on that, she wasn’t very close to finnegan, but she wasn’t just an accquantance. She nodded, “So many choices, argh.” she said, thinking on it. Finnegan, or flask? Flask or finnegan? Flaskinnegan?? What?
She tries to think who she’d find best to walk her down the aisle.

Lance literally chokes on the air he’s breathing bursting into laughter picturing Tal in a tux and his biggest gun in a white dress. When the laughter dies down he asks her, “Well who are you closer to?” he asks.

Drem laughed hard with lance over the thought of tal getting legally married to one of his guns. Once they quieted down she had to think, She’d known finnegan for a long time, whilst flask for only a few years. After drem takes awhile to figure out what she wants to do, she decided finnegan would fit the role really well, and nodded, " I think… Finnegan definitely."