The Trouble, The Hunter and The Victim (Edmond, Vlad and Theo)

It was nighttime in Chicago, and the Museum of Contemporary Art has closed for the majority of the citizens.
Not so for those with power.
And Theo was the prime example of power.

And he takes his power seriously. Threats have been fought off, entire cartells and syndicates have been shred to cells which were then wiped off the face of earth or devoured by the Gray Corporation.
But they keep coming.

Theo takes another sip and raises his eyes from the notebook he looked at, and briefly grazed around his surroundings:
He sits on a bench in a dimly lit room, surrounded by abstract, almost disfigured installations that are subject to many discussions.
To him, they were a sign of progression.

He lowered his gaze once again, on the notebook.
It is caught by two words.
Winter Company.

The competitors.
The reason, why he requested Edmond’s presence here.

Edmond took a while to show up, it was an odd meeting place, but show up he did. His gruff exterior was easy to recognize as he walked down the hallway of the museum, not even bothering to be quiet really. He had his customary double barreled shot gun on his back, gun on his hip, and duster with wide brimmed hat… He just approached and then looked Theo over and gave a nod, “You again.” is all he says.

“I could say the same about you.”
Theo smirked slightly and adjusts his glasses.
“This time, I assure we will not have a reason to…”
He hesitates.
“…resort to our baser instincts.”, He motions to a spot on the bench aside him, “Apropos, I hope my protégé has not caused you any trouble since we last met?”

He shakes his head as he sits down, “No, you would have known by now if she had.” he nods, “As you know I can be quite tenacious, when the mood strikes.” He lets a few moments tick by before he says, “So, what brings me here?”

“As you may have figured out already, a job.”
Theo offers a notebook, one of those classic ones made out of paper to Edmond. It’s opened, and there’s a bunch of text written on the two visible sides. Two are highlighted with a red circle.
‘Winter Company.’
“You see, I am a businessman. And as one, I really don’t like it when my deals start to tend to get rough. These obstacles need to be dealt with.”
He turns his hand,a loose motion that asked Edmond to turn the page.
A few bulletpoints are written there;

  • An address in the outskirts of Seattle.
  • Weapons
  • Vladimir Zima is there, hurt but not kill.
  • Steal if there’s the opportunity. Else, just damage.

Edmond reads the notes, “So you want me to go in, do some damage, scare this Zima person, and get out, is that about it?” He asks and looks rather non-plussed, this usually wasn’t the kind of job he took, then he asks, “I’ve seen your abilities, what blocks you from doing these things?” It was of course the obvious question.

“The sole possibility someone recognizes me. All these abilities give it away pretty quick who’s behind an attack, am I right? I am directly affiliated with a rival they may or may not know already. You”, he motions vaguely at Edmond open-handed, “on the opposite, are an independent professional. Everyone with enough effort could hire you.”

He nods, “Fair enough, so… How much is being offered?” he asks with a smile, clearly putting his past with this man behind them for the transaction. His demeanor isn’t relaxed, but it’s changed marking the change in his tone.

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