The Story of Blazing Umbra

Rather than have it on the wiki, this is where I’m going to place the ongoing story of Blazing Umbra station and the setting as a whole. Updates to the backstory will also be recorded here. This is moved from the Wiki.


There is an area of space where the fabric of reality is breaking down, the barriers between realities are breaking down slowly, making rips and tears easier. This breakdown is the fundamental cause of the problems in the system, the barrier is the universe itself fighting back, trying to contain the damage, but it cannot. The damage is slowly getting worse and will eventually spread beyond the boundaries of the system and into the universe at large.

Since the defects in space-time cause more defects at either end, ripping and tearing at reality where the splices open up, it is impossible to answer the question of what comes first, the chicken or the egg. Once they exist, they have always existed, should they stop they will never have been. As reality breaks down the potential for catastrophic paradox grows.

The Schatten Star System is the focus, the central point, of the breaking down of reality, where all the cracks, slices, and spots originate there and tear through space-time at random, tunnels moving like lightening through the layers between times, places, and realities. When lightening strikes into a specific time, place, and reality a splice happens, and whatever is at that specific location is pulled from one place to another.

Act 1 - Discovery

When the Schatten Star System was explored, the team from the USS Genesis found the Blazing Umbra Station devoid of all power, floating in orbit around Soteria. No one at Solas Tempus knows how the space station got there or why it was found. Originally a small team including Captain Sal D’Amico and several others were assigned to the facility to discover its origins. During this time, the began to understand the nature of the distortions in space-time and the barrier surrounding the system. While splices had happened previously, they had not been witnessed yet.

The station was populated with more people, science teams mostly. Survey teams began to explore the planet, Soteria, looking for answers and found an obelisk, standing in the middle of an empty field of grasslands, which was filled with alien writing that is still under study. The only writing that could be deciphered, owing to its letters being in multiple languages, to be Soteria, though it’s pronunciation is anyone’s guess.

The Splices began to form shortly after the survey team began to explore the planet. Tears in the fabric of space time, the first who came through vanished again shortly after, putting the station on alert. The largest splice came when The Derelict came out of an enormous splice, deepening the mystery of the space. Despite numerous teams being sent into the vessel and enormous amounts of research being done, the Derelict is still more of a mystery even than space station itself. Slowly, many began to realize that the splices may be inter-related, and not as random as they seem. Through most don’t know the details, Solas Tempus – or rather in particular Vident Obscura – have strong evidence of a higher power at work, an organization to events that should be random.

Questions began to crop up, why do Splices only seem to open in appropriate spaces. If a ship comes through, it comes through with space around it to appear. If a person appears, they don’t appear in deep space but rather inside an atmosphere where they will be able to survive. Why? Why is it that people appear where they are safe and ships appear where they will not be destroyed? Random events should just as easily cause people to appear in space, in a rock, or other such harsh places as not. The same goes for anything else. Indeed, science teams are beginning to realize that something unknown must be at work. A growing number of people believe that a higher power is at work, if not a religious figure just something as simple as the fates.

It was decided the new arrivals should be given the chance to work aboard the station, be of use. Some even wanted to join Solas Tempus. The prevailing idea is that those who have come and stayed are here for a reason. And that reason will have something undeniable to do with the Derelict, the planet, and the origins on the station.

Act 2 - Self Defense

With the appearance of The Derelict came the threat that no one could board the vessel and maintain communications. The strange properties of the ship were completely contrary to how anyone knew the laws of physics to operate. Some amount of progress was done in discovering the nature of the difficulties with the Derelict when a young scientist made the discovery that the vessel is actually unstuck in time and shifted both its past and present, being influenced by people and objects on board which act as anchors in the timeline. This concept is especially difficult for many to understand, but essentially the vessel changes to suit who is on board.

Due to this lack of a temporal anchor the Derelict is in the unique position to touch all realities simultaneously. This has certain logical consequences, the first being that the Derelict is present in all realities in some way or another, and that it is the same Derelict. At any moment, anyone from any reality could be on board the vessel and due to cracks in the skin of reality they can breech and break through from one reality to another. This means that Solas Tempus decided, as a general order, to obtain and then keep control of the Derelict. Planning began to an assault to capture control of the vessel.

First Siege

Two separate incidents occurred shortly after each other. Clearly the word that this unknown vessel could possess some secrets which would be useful to anyone who thought they might control the vessel. The first incident came when a team of aligned Breen and Klingons arrived and attempted to capture control of the Derelict. The attempt ultimately failed, through the heroic acts of the new arrivals Joshi Nuva and Tahatai teamed up with another new arrival, Alice, to work to defend the Derelict and repel those wishing to control it.


There were, of course, consequences from this. Alice and Fleet Admiral Candy Poole were trapped on the Derelict for a good long while and the changes began small, but noticeable. The Derelict’s central computer was, of course, an AI system. Nothing that large could remain intact with no one aboard without such a thing running it. The AI system on the Derelict began to absorb the actions of both parties on the vessel. The mechanism of this was unknown.

Admiral Lance Thomas made a rescue attempt that ended up only able to bring back Fleet Admiral Poole, while Alice was lost in the attempt. The presence of the pair and their influence on the vessel cannot be understated. Not only was the ships AI computer impacted but the ships path through the timeline was also diverged and became more heavily anchored. This provides to be an important point later.

Second Siege

The second attempt at the Derelict occurred when a Borg infected comet entered the system. The comet was infested with Borg Nanoprobes, laying dormant until they were awakened by Alkazuli and Captain Sal D’Amico while trying to ascertain the origins of the comet. The Borg Nanoprobes eventually constructed a crude vessel within the comet and attempted to crash it into the Blazing Umbra Station, or any of the nearby ships.

The attack itself was repelled by the Derelict who intercepted the Borg vessel and captured it, the general assumption is that the vessel meant to destroy the Borg before it could infect the station. The computer system, having been previously effected by the presence of Candy and Alice choose to endanger itself rather than sit by and watch the facility or starships be captured and assimilated by the Borg.


A boarding party of new arrivals and Solas Tempus personnel were sent aboard the Derelict to find the bridge, and / or main engineering. Locations which were deemed that the vessel could potentially be controlled from. The team succeeds in purging the vessel of a small number of Borg also attempting to capture the vessel, presumably brought over by a recent splice just before the attempt.

The Stargates

During all of this time, a cache of 47 Stargates was being studied on Markab Prime and other facilities. One was in the possession of Damien Smith aboard the Blazing Umbra Station. It was discovered by a boarding party lead by members of Solas Tempus and involving many of the new arrivals to the station that the Derelict, in fact, has a Stargate. This has groundbreaking possibilities, a theory had been generated months before, that if a wormhole was to be opened up on board the Derelict it might be able to send new arrivals back to their universe of origin. Of course, it was just math, and there was no way to practically test the theory.

Once Damien Smith and Heather Quinn discovered that the Stargates were not only operational but simply required a command interface to be activated. Damien tested potential interfaces for weeks, using his unique skills to hack his way into the system and reverse engineer the command protocols and write a working command interface. This revolutionizes the entire idea of personal travel. The discovery of the Stargate on the Derelict opens up the possibility for new arrivals to be potentially returned home.

Third Siege

A spliced opened up dropping an Venator Star Destroyer into the star system. The vessel was immediately hostile and caused a great deal of damage to the fleet. During the battle, her Hyperdrive breeched and the vessel was destroyed, but it created a tear in the fabric of spacetime. This rip in spacetime began to pull the massive Derelict into the vortex, given the size and mass of the vessel all the surviving fleet could do was sit and watch while it was pulled into the vortex.

At first, the vortex was blocked by the hulk, but the hull could not withstand the pressures at work, the the hull buckled. Crushing the large vessel like a tin can, the engine cores went critical shortly after. This detonation ripped through spacetime between the layers of subspace, causing the boundaries between realities to break down. Paradoxically, it appears that this event went through the timeline in both directions, and may be the originating event which causes the splices the form in the first place.

Act 4 - Spacetime Repair Kit

Soon after the explosion distorted spacetime, the entire sector lost communication with the outside world. By some fluke of the barrier around the system, it was protected from a flurry of changes to the timeline. With the fabric of reality thinning, splices were opening up and sending ships and people backward (or forward) through time at random. Four distinct points in the timeline. Four starships were sent back to repair the damage, the Nirvash was lost in a temporal war for 4 years before returning but the others returned unscathed.

Once the timeline was repaired, the station again is able to contact the outside world, and running dangerously low on fuel and supplies, cargo vessels return to the system.

Friendly ships were also spliced in, two Imperial Star Destroyer’s were spliced in and commanded by new arrivals of Mike-047 as well as a 2nd of the same class (Gladiator Class) commanded by Aytise Alshat and Nigrantibus Alis. It started to become clear, however, that there was some other force at work, as not only did the INV New Hope splice in without a crew, but soon after her crew appeared - intact - waiting for Mike-047 to take command.

Specialized research began shortly there after on how to use the Stargate in conjunction with the wormhole technology of the Avali, who had started a colony on Schatten V, to bridge the gap between realities and allow people to return home or even bring reinforcements through. This project begins and has significant strides, allowing Solas Tempus and the Avali to begun construction of a Supergate.

The Avali, looking to branch out beyond the system, invite the United Federation of Planets over to negotiate a trade deal for the colony. Not long after the Federation ships arrive, an entire battle group with two Imperial Star Destroyer’s splice in and begin to lay siege to the station and planet. The initial battle ends with the Nemian destroyed and most of Nysa destroyed as well. Though at a standoff, both forces regroup and begin repairs.