The Storm of the Future Shall Come Soon Enough

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It was dark at night, very dark. The sky was pitch black, and if anyone were to check their phone or watch, it would come up as around midnight. Among the many, countless people in the current timezone checking the time, one person was checking his watch, it was a very nice, black watch with even a black design on the inside. The watch was branded with the label “GUCCI” somewhere on it, but no one could tell where it was on the watch beyond faint text on the inside. That would be because it matched the black clothing the person’s arm and hand had, as they were dressed to near perfect camouflage to the night sky if it weren’t for the stars. Though, they had a cloak on that would wrap around the front of his body and completely conceal him once he put his arm back to a relaxed position, covering their near whole body and having the cloth which dragged to the floor if it hadn’t been for their extra height of their feet and shoes, which were pure black as well. The cloak even had a hood, which hid their face, completing the assumed goal of this person, to make sure no one could make out who they were.

The cloaked person wasn’t alone, however, as they had 2 other people with them, one next to them, and one behind the two. The person next to them had the exact same cloak and shoes on, but was shorter and could even be confused as some sort of shorter clone of the person who checked their watch. But the two only had about a 5 inch height difference at most. Finally, the person behind the two… wasn’t really a person. Hell, it was barely visible if they were even there, they had no cloak on and were essentially see-through. It felt as if the two cloaked people had no one else with them… yet a third presence could be eerily felt when one were to pass by the two, leaving a strange feeling about them beyond the suspicion of their clothing style.

“Midnight, just on time. You got the papers big guy?” The taller cloaked man asked. It was a masculine voice, one that would belong to someone of casual life. He didn’t sound too weak, yet he didn’t sound too strong. It was as if he was the perfect balance of both worlds, one with a very unique charm.

“I do” Another voice simply said, one of a very dark and creepy tone, a type of tone and voice where most normal people have never even heard of before. Though, it was clear that voice didn’t belong to the shorter cloaked person, one who heard it would feel as if there was someone there saying the 2 simple words, yet at the same time it would feel as if they were just hearing things.

The group of three eventually made it to their destination’s front doors, Hotel Sebastian. They walked to the front glass doors of the 5-star hotel and the shorter cloaked person came to open the doors for the others. The people working late at the front desk wouldn’t notice the door being open, nor would they see anyone come to the lobby of the hotel. As, when the two passed through the doors, they wouldn’t be in the lobby or some waiting room in front of the lobby or whatever. They would just be gone, passed through the front doors, yet not on the other side of them. The shorter cloaked woman soon followed, as the door began to naturally shut on its own. That’s when the young man working at the front desk noticed something out of the corner of his eye as he checked a small family into their room so late. He looked to the front of the doors, and saw it barely close on its own, staring at it as if he were waiting for something to happen. The family looked too, but then he shook it off since nothing beyond the doors closing happened, and he continued with the transaction.

Instead of walking through the front door like the trio would have done under normal circumstances, the three instead walked in front of the unused elevator doors near the very top floor, as if they used the elevator themselves. They were on the floor where the penthouse suite was, where Katio was living with everyone else. They begin to walk to the door of Kaito’s suite when the shadowy figure spoke up.

“The false demon has this much luxury to his name?” The shadowy figure asked, the same feeling of simultaneous existence and auditory illusion going across anyone who was on the floor, which was no one as of now.
“Apparently. The whole damn floor I heard even” The taller cloaked man said, pausing before continuing
“The mission, you two. Please” The shorter cloaked person said, revealing them to be a woman by their feminine voice.
“Apologies. Remember, reveal as little about you or your ability as possible, our goal is to retrieve the woman unharmed” The shadowy figure said, beginning to move its figure in a way where one could clearly see that it was doing something, but at the same time it would feel like they were seeing things. The shadow figure was moving itself to where it looked like he was suddenly with a book resting on his left lower forearm, and that he was going to open it with his right hand. However, it was clear he had no book, nothing in his possession either. Yet, when he makes the motion of opening a book, suddenly a stack of parchment flips through on its own as if it were in a book. Yet there was no book cover for the pages, just the parchment itself resting on essentially nothing, and being held together at a non-existent book spine. By the time the pages settled at a blank side of two pieces of parchment, they were at the door of the suite. They all stopped, and the shadow figure rips out several parchments before the book suddenly closes in a way that one would close a book with one hand. The parchments didn’t compress in a way a closed book compressed pages, they just all disappeared. Now, with exactly 10 parchments in the shadow figure’s grasp, he takes one to his now free left hand and moves the papers like one would to hide something in a cloak hiding them. The papers suddenly go behind something, and turn invisible to the current other two with the shadow figure, the cloaked man and woman.

The paper is soon pressed against at the top, shown by the sudden “nothingness” of the shadow figure pressing against it. Then, the pressure on the paper begins to move in quick succession, as the shadow figure was writing on it with some sort of invisible writing utensil, it was near impossible to tell what the figure was doing at this point beyond him writing on the paper.

“Prepare yourselves” The figure said as it then finishes writing on the paper, shown by the pressure on it, now at the bottom of the page, going away. The paper is then slammed against the wall next to the door by some extension of the compressed shadow figure, most likely its arm or whatever it was. The shadow extension of the figure then retracts to normal, and the paper begins to lightly burn into nothing, not even ash.

The silence of the hotel suite would soon be broken, as a very loud sound blasted its way throughout the silent hotel suite. The sound came from the kitchen, the sound of lots of glass plates breaking against the floor, and many pots, pans, and silverware falling alongside the clash would boom through the hotel. However, the sound would only be processed by one group of people. That group being whomever was watching over the baby-cursed Joseline while she slept.

With the loud sound from the kitchen all the six paths immediately responded to it followed by four of Kaitos shadow clones. Everyone had their weapons drawn and any special eyes they had in full force ‘show yourself…’ Kaitos clone spoke as he looked around

One the other side of the door, outside of the suite, the taller cloaked man snickers a bit as a sort of shoulder pad fades into existence on his left shoulder. It was hard to tell what color it was because of how dark it was, but it was a shoulder pad with a outlining bundle of marble-shaped balls on its surface. The cloaked man reaches with his right hand to grab one of the balls on the shoulder pad, ripping one off before the shoulder pad silently disappears into nothing, as if it were never there

“This might be too easy. Now, Panic at the Disco” He says rather casually, in a taunting tone as he throws the ball to the ground, and at the same time, the shadow figure had silently brought out a parchment, ripped it into three pieces, and wrote on all three of them. Right when the ball hit the ground, it broke into several, tiny pieces, and suddenly a slight sound could be heard by everyone awake, like something suddenly passed them from behind. However, the six paths and clones in the kitchen would find nothing if they were to try and look for what caused the sound. But, if anyone were to turn on the lights, they would see that everything has a sort of blue tint to it.

The shadow figure immediately after his the two of the cloaked people with one piece of ripped parchment each, and one on himself.
“Go” The shadow figure simple said as, without another word, the three disappear from sight on the outside of the suite and end up in the suite itself. Their presence WOULD immediately be given away, if it weren’t for what the shadow figure did to the trio before they disappeared into the building. When they suddenly appear in the suite, they wouldn’t be able to be heard, traced, or seen by any of the six paths, Kaito’s clones, or even Kaito himself. Only the trio could be aware of each other’s presences, they were essentially non-existent in the situation.

After the three were inside, the taller cloaked man looked around the apartment, and saw a vase on a skinny stool on the corner, a very nice looking vase at that. The cloaked man walks over to it, grabs it, and chuckles a bit as he throws it with his full strength through the apartment to the living room, however, it disappears and instead has its leftover force throw it in a separate part of the suite, in a hallway. However, it just so happens that it dashes in the air past the kitchen where the six paths and clones were from the view of a doorway. It cracks and the plant in it spills, as well as its soil in it, though it would look like it was thrown by someone in that hallway, distracting them away from where the trio was. Now, the tree begin to casually walk across the suite, heading to the stairs of its downstairs section, though they all instantly teleport to the lower section of the suite immediately thanks to what the taller cloaked man did

“Unseen enemies battle positions six paths go!”
Eito yells as everyone presence disperses to cover the whole hotel, Kaitos shadow clones the came together in the living room and placed a seal so no one could exit or enter the room

The trio stop with the six paths and clones heading out in quick succession, it surely caught the three off-guard by at least by a little bit. As such, they all stopped where they were going temporarily, the shadow figure and the taller cloaked man simply looking at the scene unfolding, while the shorter cloaked woman took a step back, about to get into a defensive position if she hadn’t caught herself and stopped

“You’re still too impulsive”
The shadow figure simply said as he reaches out his figure out into another arm of sorts as he placed it on the cloaked woman’s shoulder

“I know, I’m sorry sir. Let’s go”
The woman says as all three continue on to where they were heading. They head to the stairs of the suite, but instead of heading down the stairs, they just jump off the railing and all land on their feet on the lower Level.

Their walk would then continue, going on as if competely oblivious to the situation at hand. They continue to walk through the hotel, until they reach their destination, the goal of their mission: Kaito and Joseline’s room. Seeing the shadow clones guarding the room, as well as the seal preventing them from coming into the room, the three stop and just stare at the clones, still untracable by any means.

“Distract them”
The shadow figure says

“You got it”
The taller cloaked man says as he reaches his right arm out of his cloak, his arm and hand’s figure still covered and his watch still on his wrist. He moves his hand into a position in a snapping position as he bends his arm upwards
He simply says as he snaps his fingers, and suddenly two of the six paths, Eit and Airi, have their heads distort in a way that looks like they were glitching on a computer screen, before suddenly Airi’s head was on Eito’s body and Eito’s head on Airi’s body. Though their heads were swapped, that didn’t mean their control of their bodies were too. Eito could still control his body fine, and Airi could control her body perfectly fine as well, it was jist theat their heads have swapped the body they were attaached to.

Eito and airi stopped when their heads were swapped, the other six paths “Well o-fucking-kay then…” Eito says with a sigh as he motions for the other six paths to keep moving while he and airi held back to figure this out “At least I got tits now” Eito says with a laugh. Kaitos shadow clones did not budge knowing that Eito being the second in command could handle whatever the fuck just happened with ease ‘Last chance to leave…or I shatter the heavens on all of us…’

“Shut up you fakes”
The shadow figure said as he takes out another piece of paper and rips it into four pieces, reaching his arm-like figure and writing on all four of them in quick, sloppy succession.
“One chance is all we need”
He continues as he reels the papers in his shadow hand back and then throws them in front of the shadow clones.

The taller cloaked man said again as he snapped his fingers once more, and suddenly the papers thrown appear in front of the shadow clones out of nowhere, at point blank range at their faces at that. If any of the papers hit the clones, then they would disappear without notice.

Meanwhile. The shorter cloaked woman dashes away from the group and kneeks down to the floor, before slamming her right hand palm-first against the floor and causing it to suddenly open as if it were a trapdoor. Perfectly squared too, making it clear that it was some sort of ability being used. To any of the six paths by the bedroom and the clones, if any dodge the papers, no one was there when the floor opened up, it just did, and what’s more is that it didn’t open up to whatever was below the floor. No, it instead opened up to the bedroom Kaito and Joseline were in, from Kaito’s perspective it would look as if one of the walls of the bedroom opened up just like the floor did. And through the hole in the wall, Kaito, wherver he was in the room, would see the ceiling of the area just outside of his bedroom. After that, the woman backs up to see how Kaito reacts.

‘Genjutsu sharingan’ one of the shadow clones yells before getting hit by the papers and dispersing with the rest, the six paths make it down to the clones area right after the disperse understanding what the clone had just done. they ready themselves in case of attack, each back to back with swords, kunais, and jutsus ready

Kaito was hidden beyond sight of anyone even someone who posses a sharingan like him, he watched as the hole appeared in the wall but said and did nothing, he activated both sharingan and rinnegan in full form as well as activating sage mode, he knew these people could not be seen by normal means from the info he gathered from his shadow clones and the six paths, so he decided to use nature as his aid in this fight as well as the power of the rinnegan.

He smirked slightly knowing these people or whatever they were had fallen directly into his little trap and he was going to make them regret ever attempting to attack Konohas Prince Kaito Senju

As the six paths made it down to the area just outside the room Kaito was in, the three dispersed in fear of being bumed into and found out. Now separated, the taller cloaked man on one end of the wall where the room to the door is, the shadow man on the other end near the opened floor, and the shorter cloaked woman just dodging the six paths from touching her, now behind the group at where they came from
From there, pure silence filled the room for the six paths, nothing had moved for their sights, even if they had soms sort of sensory ability activated. To them and Kaito, it was as if it all just happened out of nowhere. However, while it was silent for them and their wait for the enemy to show themselves, the enemies were deciding what to do now. After some thinking and many many seconds, seeming like forever, passing, the shadow figure near the hole in the floor looks its potentially non-existent face towards the other two, not looking at either one specifically but switching between who it looks at
“I have a plan, don’t interfere unless I say”
It says as it then takes out two papers and quickly, messily writes on them to messages, and places both of them on his shoulders, his arms crossing each other as he does so, and the papers start to slowly burn away. As the two cloaked people stayed silent at his request, he jumped right into the hole in the ground, but instead of having the gravity change to where he would fall to the floor in that room, it was as if he was still falling through the gravity of the hole in the floor, not the hole in the wall in the room. Though, he hung on to the flooring through the hold in the wall, making anyone who could see him, which was no one as of now, look at him as if he was hanging sideways. Kaito would then be able to sense the shadow figure enter the room as soon as he fell through the floor, as well as sensing his position being essentially sideways in mid-air. Though, he still couldn’t see him as of yet

Kaito remained in his hidding spot as he sensed the shadow figure, smiling as they had not yet figured out his trap. He then dismissed the six paths before sending out a wood style clone, one of the most realistic ones he could
‘Simple Tricks like that aren’t going to do anything for you’

The shadow figure still dangles from the wall, not moving an inch or speaking a peep as Kaito summoned the wood clone. He shakes his head internally as he lets go of the hole in the wall and falls straight down to the other side of the room, still sideways, as if he fell off a cliff. As he fell, his shadow-like hand extends from his incorporeal body and tries to grab the clone’s head and slam it against the wall he would land on, hopefuly destroying it. Whether he truly destroyed the clone or not, he would still stand perfectly still on the wall, his shadow hand retracting, as he spoke up.
“That was a fake, and this room is booby trapped, it was obvious from when I firsst came in. Here. Show your true self, Kaito Senju, I’m here to restore your beloved’s memories”
He says, his voice unable to be heard of as lying or untruthful. Even if Kaito were to try and sense whether he was telling the truth or not internally, he would come up positive, he would come up with an essence that he was telling the truth.

‘Eat shit and die’ the wood clone said as he grabbed onto the figures hand on his head, on normal occasions if Kaito would’ve used a shadow clone it would’ve dispersed by now by wood clones are always better ‘KAMUI!’ The clone yells as his Sharingan activates and he attempts to pull the figure through to his kamui dimension which would causes a spirl effect on the world around them

The shadow figure responds immediately to the yell of the Kamui ability by diving right into the shadows, and poking just his head out on the roof of the room
‘Senju, listen to what I have to say! There are other enemies here wishing to take your beloved away, the ones who erased her memories in the first place! I’m not your foe, kill me and there shall be no way of returning her to normal!”
The figure says as he would be fully expecting an attack from him poking his head out of the shadows. If he was attacked, he would come out of the shadows and fall back to the wall he fell to before, sine he never canceled out the effect on himself

‘Im Not going to listen to any of the crap you have to say! If you came here to talk you wouldn’t be doing stupid shit like this’ the wood style clone yells as he transforms into his demon form

“All hell would have broken loose if they found out I was here, I wouldn’t have made it this far. They’re kn their way now!”
The shadow figure says as the hooded man outside of the room groans
“Alright, that’s our call, hop in the room and dismiss what you did. And go straight for Joseline, he needs to look like the good guy”
He says as he goes to immediately hop into the hole in the floor, gravity changing for him this time as he lands on the floor, and at the same time, a near ghostly, yellow arm appears out of nowhere next to the woman as it hits the floor and the floor opens like a door oce more, only this time through the opposite wall
“They’re here!”
The shadow figure yells as he hops down form the roof and onto the floors once more, the effect from the beginning fading off of he woman, as well as the arm disappearing. She becomes visible and detectable now, as the shadow figure quickly tries to get to her in an act, even going as far as the write something on a piece of paper he pulls out, and the woman trying to act like an assassin suddenly being attacked by an enemy. However, the hooded man still is invisible and undetectable, as he begins to dash towards Joseline, still asleep on the bed.

The wood style clones weren’t buying it not one bit as the stood their ground against the woman and the man. Kaito on the other hand smiled as he watched the man dash towards his dear Joseline knowing they truly had fallen for the trap

The man rushes to Joseline, and as he does so the blue aura around the hotelsuite from the beginning disappears, and the man suddenly trips over immediately after coughing up blood. He falls flat to the floor with a loud thud, and the hooded woman becomes distracted by him falling that she puts on an act to try and push away the shadow figure to get to the hooded man. But, the shadow figure replies with it grabbing the woman by the face, and lifting her up, cancelling out her screech with a muffled grunt. Despite the shadow man not being completely corporeal, his extention of a hand that took shape on him still was able to interract with the world like any normal hand. The shadow man lifts her up, and holds her there as she struggles to break free, a genuine struggle this time since it was actually hurting her. But, she passes out with the shadow man blocking her breathing passage, and drops her unconscious. The shadow man then turns to Kaito and doesn’t say anything, just stares at him. But before Kaito could do anything, or say anything, he turns back after his short moment of a staring contest and does a motion opening a book, to which a book is suddenly popped into existance. He rips out two sheets, and closes the book before anyone could get a good look at it, beginning to what looks like him writing something on it with his finger. The text would be too messily written to understand, and possibly in a foreign language with possible usage of symbols. Even then, it was too hastily written.

‘whats with these stupid acts…i know youre all working together I know whats going on…you cant try to trick me you fools…a rinnegan user can tell alot you know…’ kaito says as four more wood style clones appear next to the original three ‘Stop fucking around and fight already…this all so boring and fake…’

“You think this is all so boring?”
The shadow man simply asks as he looks to Kaito once more, holding the papers he wrote on in the hand he wrote on as well. He then fully turns to him, putting the papers away with a motion that looks like he had some sort of coat or cloak on, but it wasn’t truly noticable for anyone’s normal sight given he looked like he didn’t even exist fully. He then pulled out a third paper, and began writing on it, as hastily and sloppily as before, as if nothing was going on

‘You two are as boring as a chunin…it disgusts me…you all disgust me…’