The revenge of James Backstair

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Drem Confoscho was taking a shower this hot day.
She was washing the blood off her body from the recent monsters she had just killed.
The blood driped off like whipped cream on glass. .

Then, suddenly, Admiral Thomas paraglided in.
“Sorry I have to interupt you, naked in the shower, but we must go!”
“What? im taking a shower, I am indecent!, this bathing costum barely concils my legs, cant you see that? I am as good as naked!”
“yes, I can see that you are naked, in the shower” Fleet Admiral thomas said.
“But we must go…James Backstair is back!.”
“What not James Backstair!!!” she punched the shower head out of blood lust.
Drem Confoscho got out of the shower and put some clothes on.
After she was no longer naked, they left to defeat James Backstair.

Along the way they contacted admiral Sal, who joined them on their quest.
"I will join you on your quest to defeat James Backstair said admiral Sal.
“Thanks for joining us on our quest,” said Lance Thomas;
“Yes, we need your help to defeat James Backstair” said Drem Confoscho.
So, Drem Confoscho Lance Thomas and now Captain Confoscbo left by pterodactyl for their epic quest to defeat
James Backstair!
Everyone who looked could see there was a undeniably, ravenous animal attraction between Fleet Admiral thomas and Drem Confoscho.
No one could deny it.
No one except Captain Confoscbo and Fleet Admiral thomas, that is.

They seemed blissfully unaware of their attraction to each-other. Unaware of their boundless uncontrollable lust.
Every time they met they didn’t show it, but everyone knew. Everyone knew what was really going on between them.
A war of naughty thoughts.

And everyone knew that it was a unsuitable situation. No one wanted to be dragged into that war.
Something had to be done.
'But then, it turned out Lance Thomas’s lover had been secretly sleeping with James Backstair.

'The pain, the incredibly agonizing suffering he felt going through his heart, down his spine, into his collon and leaving his body through his anus once more.He was going to take revenge, on both of them, on everyone.
He grabbed his small sword, his rifles and his throwing sticks with M6 like ammo loaded. And of course, his trusty rocket launcher.
There he went, onto the streets, scaring everyone in sight. Everyone knew, he was out to take revenge.
The cops hide, so did the thieves and the beggers and the laddies, until there wasnt a single living being on the steet. He went into his flying eagle, and forced his pilot at gunpoint to fly him to the base of School Bully James. There he would take his revenge. The base of School Bully James' was crowded with goons, all baring heavy arms and mortorss. And those that didnt have weapons, had big twin machetties and double egged katana’s.
As he flew closer Admiral Thomas grabbed his semi-automatic webley revolver, pointed and fired at a group of thugs who were outside for a smoke.
A rain of blood came down. The James Backstairs flying machine was also splattered.
“Shoulda dodged that,” he said manly.
In the middle of all this, finally,School Bully James could stand it no longer.
He found Lance Thomas, and pulled them to one side

“Thats it! its ruining the team. Its clear you cant function while Captain Confoscbo is around!”
“What no! I am fine.”
“No. Its very clear. You need to have some ‘special adult time’ with them”
Everyone else in the room nodded at this.
“But having some ‘special adult time’ with Captain Confoscbo…isn’t that…umm…wrong?”
“Oh, sure, its wrong. Very very wrong.
But just because somethings wrong doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen does it?”
“No, I suppose not”
Fleet Admiral thomas wondered off thinking of the ‘special adult times’…how will he introduce the idea to Captain Confoscbo? and would they accept it?
Admiral Thomas finally found a moment to pull Captain Confoscbo away from the others, to have a private moment.
“Lance Thomas we have to do it”
“I know, my team told me as well. Apparently our feelings are causing problems for everyone else.”
“So we are agreed? We finally let our feelings out of their cages of repression they have been caged in all this time?”
“Yes. For the team”
“No…for us”
Fleet Admiral thomas leapt on Captain Confoscbo at that moment.and…’‘special adult times’’ happened. A lot. At least 12 times.

Nearby the others occasionally heard screams. But politely ignored it.
This had been coming far too long to ruin it now - and this team bonding was very much needed.
They exited Fleet Admiral thomas’s wheels and they stood before the place James Backstair had been assembleing his forces. It was the gateway to hell. And finally they got confirmation for what they had been expected all along… James Backstair… was satan!

But that did not deter him. Admiral Thomas could press on and 70 seeing his courage, his friends too found the strenght in themselves to push themselves to the limit .

But then they heard a loud noise, like the stamping of feet or like a bad car engine or when they try and make the ground flat enough so they can build a side-walk. All around them, hisdemons appeared!

James Backstair had them. And Lance Thomas knew that what he was going to do with them, it wasn’t going to be pretty!
or suitable for children!

But then Lance Thomas saw pure white wings sprouting from his bottom. Where had once been the golden and silver tattooes, Fleet Admiral thomas had wings!

Lance Thomas spread them out before him and stretched them. They crackled with power. They were at least 5 meters in windspan.

Admiral Thomas then turned to James Backstair. He gawked in awe at him. It was a power he had not seen before.
“This power,” James Backstair said, “This power is… I have never… seen… such power.”
Even Siv looked in awe at him. And then she said what everyone (including him) had been thinking but didn’t dare to say: “You’re an… you’re an… an…”
“Say it, Lance Thomas said” “Tell the truth, I can take it!” Lance Thomas said as Admiral Thomas felt the burning nerves in his body floating in his stomach.
“An Angel,” said James Backstair in absolute and utter awe. “THis I… I never have seen before”
Sal D’Amico and Damien were just as much in awe. Though with admiral Sal, Lance Thomas knew it was because he just loved him so much. When Lance Thomas looked in his eyes, it was like Lance Thomas was drowing in a puddle of the deepest of colours.

Admiral Thomas stretched his wings further and light came from beneath them, engliphing everyone in the luminating light. The demons had to hide their horrible feces beneath their wings as not to be smitted by the beauty of his light.
James Backstair fell down on his knees and raised his arms in prayer: “Oh god, let me live. Let me be a part of the light again@”

And Lance Thomas looked down upon him and took out a katana that Lance Thomas had been carrying on his back all this time and with one quick sweep Lance Thomas cut James Backstair head clean off. In intimidation, all demons also lost their heads. Before them the portal exploded in rays of light and blue and greens and cyans. It was a wonderous spectacle to behold!

Sal D’Amico ran into his arms and kissed him long and deeply.

Then Lance Thomas was crowned monarch of Sacramento California and Lance Thomas would live many many lives after this one.

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