The Return of Lance Thomas

Thanks to the help of Tal Ravis and Nine, Admiral Thomas was rescued and his captors captured. The 4 are being questioned aboard the STV Galatine and under continuous guard there.

The imposter Sal D’Amico was, however, not captured. When security forces closed in to his quarters to arrest the imposter, he and the imposter Nuria were both beamed away using the same sort of high-powered beam technology originally used to abduct Lance Thomas in the first place. The USS Continuum was immediately dispatched to follow the trail of the subspace.

All charges against Captain Ravis were dropped in exchange, he has agreed to get a refresher course in protocol involving experimental weapons as well as to see a counselor about some of the issues presented in reports by those interviewed by the civilian oversight board. Further, Lance has assigned him to work with the experimental weapons division of Solas Tempus, which is run primarily by Green and Gold teams, though he remains on the active duty roster for field missions.

As for Lance Thomas himself, following his return he has taken himself off of the roster for further field missions, following the advise of the civilian oversight board that he should not split his attention between field world and his work as head of Solas Tempus. To this end, he has moved his primary residence from the Galatine to Nimbus Station.

The USS Lilith has still not been heard from, having been sent to ascertain the fate of the real Sal D’Amico in the past, where presumably he’s been since being dispatched to counter the temporal wave. The status of their mission is as yet unknown.