The return of A demon

In bernard’s arcane sanctuary, havoc soon begins. First, the world turns pitch black, covered in a misty, poisonous fog. A large pod drops from the sky, a white, transparent pod. It hits the stone hard.
Soon, about 20 minutes after, the pod opens. A young looking woman steps out. She groans, “This isn’t aculea… Was this the place I was banished to? Damn…” she said, looking around, her body slowly transformed back into its normal form, and she looked around, extremely weak. “I expected fire, flames, and chains and being tortured… I did not expect this…” she said, as she just looked around. She breathed this fog in as if it was no big deal. The fog and pitch black slowly disperse, and she can see much clearer. she begins her trip down, And she slowly begins to wander the long stone paths.

One month later

“Fuck my life… I’ve only been here for like… a month! I can’t be here for 10,000 years!! Hell no!!” She said, frustrated. She punches a wall, annoyed with herself. She had nothing to do, but sit around and wait. “Can I put myself back to sleep? What if I knocked myself out? No…” she said, trying to think on it. “10,000 years was too long… I’ll be dead by the time I get out…!”

one more week later

She’s slowly found herself in a deathly state. She could only go so long without proper rest, and water and food. Her race had the longest live span and ability to go without normal ‘human’ needs. But as time went on, she found herself just sitting there, leaned against a wall near her pod. “Was I not supposed to be awake?”

The place is made of endless walkways made of stone and floating in the middle of a black void small stars floating by in the distance giving the impression of endless steady movement. She can hit a lot of things but there are no walls but as pathways end in stairs that curve around back in upon themselves pillars are all she can hit seeming to support different floors from each other. There is no reasonable pattern she can see. Eventually she comes across a platform with floating glowing runes and a large alter on a dias and massive book on a stand in front of it.

She looks at the altar, and glowing runes. She then stares at the book. “Did I finally find my way outta here? Mm…Probably not… Its probably jusf another weird area. And… your talking to yourself.” She sighed, plopping onto the floor, she looks at the runes. “What language is that…? I can’t read it…” she gets backup and goes closer to one.

The language is some ancient arcane language, the kinds of runes that magic spells are written in, but even these are ancient for spell-casters to understand. However, something happens after she plops onto the floor. The runes seem to align for a moment and a red portal appears, stepping out of the portal is an elf. The elf has a stern look on his face, his pale green eyes scan the room from behind his dark brown hair. He’s wearing a thick cloak which covers most of his body. Though it is clear that he has a belt with equipment on it but unclear what that equipment might be.

Just so everyone knows, I put up the page for the Sanctuary.

She stared at them. She had no weapons on her; and currently was uncapable of forming anything due to her powers being gone, for some odd reason. She assumed it was a barrier. She stands in a defensive position, assuming all around were enemies, she wouldn’t take this one for granted.

The portal closed behind him and Bernard looked her over for a good few minutes. As the runes went back to normal and the room was quiet he nodded to himself, “You look half dead.” and then said quietly, “Unless you’re planning to stop me from helping you, I would suggest you calm yourself, if I wanted to hurt you I would have done so.”

She slowly, but surely let her defenses down. She did by far look a tad more dead than she should. Her eyes had small, not fully noticeable, but still dark eye bags, her defense was slumped, and she could barely see straight without stumbling. She quietly asked, her voice much more mature than she looks, “Who are you…” her voice is a tad deep, yet elegant and majestic.

He takes her appearance in and then fishes out of a pocket in his cloak pulling out a water skin and some standard trail rations. He handed them both to her, these weren’t extravagant food stuffs, the water was just that, water, a bit on the musty side but otherwise good. The small packet of food was wrapped in canvas, folded up into a small pouch, and tied with twine. Inside was packed salt fish with some dried fruit, cheese, and hardtack. All of it was well prepared, and somehow the water skin seems to never really slow down always providing water.

Bernard just waits a moment saying nothing more than, “I am apparently the one who has come to make sure you don’t die here.” and with a smiles, “You can call me Bernard though, since it is shorter.”

Athena never ate much crazy fancy foods at the kingdom. She usually just ate whatever was on her plate and went on with her day. The feeling of cool, a tad musky, but clearing and refreshing water flowing down her throat had helped her refresh her mind. She was interested by this water skin, but didn’t question it yet. “Thank you, Very much.” She replied shortly after,
And once she had eaten a fill that had satisfied her, and she was feeling much better, she listened to what he said, and chuckled a little. She nodded, “I’m Athena Eclipse. You may call me whatever you’d like.”

He smiles at her and with a melodic voice he responds, “Oh, I may?” he chuckles a bit, “Eat some, Athena Eclipse, perhaps I’ll think of a prettier name than that while you do.” With that he steps away from where the portal closed behind him and motioned, “Do you feel up to a stroll?”

She chuckled very lightly with a small sarcastic eye roll. She nodded, “Of course.” She said with a smile.

Bernard takes his staff and taps the floor, it’s head illuminates nicely casting a warm light all around. “The outside of this realm is too cold, and it makes the inside cold as well.” he nods softly and begins to confidently walk the walkways at a brisk pace. “I was outside of it once, and I have never seen anything that cold before.”

She felt the warm light beam onto her skin, She follows behind him as he walks beside him. “What is this realm?” She quietly asked.

“I do not know it’s original name, only that to me it is my Sanctuary.” he just says it simply but does not elaborate as finally they come to a platform which has a fireplace, a table, looks like some kind of servant’s kitchen of sorts, a table with chairs set up as well. It also has a glowing circular portal-like thing floating in space that she can see out from and it casts a blueish-white light on the platform itself. If she looks out the portal it shows a frozen landscape all around. “Have a seat.” he says.

She listened, watching over the area moving slowly, and once they get to the small area, she sits down. She looks to the portal, having not seen magic of the like in a long time. “Wow…” she quietly said, looking to the portal and what lied inside as she had sat down.

“The real question is…” he says as he gets into a cabinet and pulls out some wine and a pair of glasses along with some food that is somehow kept cold through some means that are unclear (magic). “How did you come to be here?”

She tries to recall. “I-… I’m not sure… I remember I was fighting in a large fight between me and my sister, and then something happened. I woke up here weeks ago, in a pod-like… Case. I don’t know what it exactly was.” she said, as her reply.

He nods, “Sounds like something went wrong then.” and he waves his hand and the fireplace ignites in flame rather quickly. He seems to be preparing something to eat that is more substantive than just the trail rations. He waves his hand again and coals heat up quickly turning red and producing a good amount of heat over a grill built into the stone counter above where the cabinet’s were. He quickly works with some spices from a drawer - the whole thing would loo normal except for the platform is floating in endless sea of fog-like space and there are no walls. Finally, he puts the meat on the grill and it starts to sizzle nicely. Meanwhile he passes her a glass of fine elven wine.

She nodded, and watched him cook. “Thank you for your help, Apparently the one who has come to make sure you don’t die here. Or, Bernard.” she said with a smirk, her jokes sometimes are good, and sometimes, just so bad they are kinda funny. She watched as he used spices, and meats to make the food, and as he passed her the glass of wine, she took it in her hand, “Thank you.” she said, before sipping it lightly.

He laughs when she makes the joke, “Very nice. And, I think you’re new name is Alyssa.” he nods, “Because you definitely look, not-crazy?”