The Proud Soldier in His Darkest Times

There had been two events before that ruined the very peaceful moments he would have experienced, but he decided to try again. Third time is always a charm, right?

Vin beamed onto the Nimbus Station, and he went to the transporter room. He had been wearing his royalty clothing, and nothing else. He had left his armor and katanas back at his house, because he felt as if they were a curse whenever he did his deep-thought relaxation. The last twl times he tried doing that with his armor and katanas with him, some form of trouble arose, whether they were actually something he’d engage in combat or not. Either way, he felt as if it would attract him to some form of action, so he left them in his room. Even if there was something else that would cause him to fight, he had enough of that stuff, so he would just let it go on as he moved to a new location to do his business. Well, it was that or he’d get in the crossfire of it all, but he didn’t care after what happened, he just wanted to meditate.

He went into a teleporter, and had set a random location onto Soteria’s surface. He wanted a spot where nothing was going on, not even the wildlife thriving across the land. Well, he wanted a place where nothing but either silent air or a cool breeze had been blowing, but other than that, nothing would have been going on. Luckily there were plenty of areas where that was happening on Soteria besides the ocean, so Vin decided to go to a random spot that fit his needs.

He set in a random location and beamed into a forest on the planet. He looked around and took in his surroundings “Hopefully this time no one interrupts me… wait, what am I saying, my proud, soldier-like self taking over my thoughts, or perhaps I am actually going back to normal despite all of my mental stress and it slipped through what i was thinking… or feeling? Either way, I’m sitting down, and ignoring what’s going on around me. If I’m in the crossfires of something, then I might as well die trying to get it all to shut the hell up…”

Vin had thought this way for a little while now, ever since his fight with Mastema. He’s been having some trouble keeping his old self in tact, his mindset and willpower having trouble keeping themselves bonded together instead of stiched together. This will be his first meditation session since the fight with mastema. Before that, he had been stuck in his room, trying to get himself away from all the action that went on. But now, he decided to meditate, sitting legs crossed near a tree and keeping his back straight. He closed his eyesand attempt to calm himself once more, there hopefully being nothing to interrupt him. This, honestly, was a last attempt to try and cam his mind, as what happened before, while only few situations, still brought down his pride and corrupted it with madness for days…

His kingdom had been at peace after their war for a whole year before Vin spliced in, and after the war that went on, a war that consisted of his army only at 5 million while his enemy was at 20 million, that 20 million consisting of his own people… all of them, and with the loss of 2 of the proudest soldiers in his militia, as well as a god being behind it all… well, that 7-year experience of a 10-year war could make any man want to stay absolutely away from anymore fights…

But he couldn’t get away from it, from any fights. Lots of problems arise which make him call upon his Soldier’s duty and code of honor. There had been so much that had disrupted his peaceful life he could only have for a little more than 365 days, that he had wanted for a huge chunk of his life he had already lived. The peace was gone, and while Vin dealed with it before and standed proud, interrupting his meditation sessions for two times in a row when he needed it most (which is every time he meditates), no amount of future calming could help him, nor could he do anything tk help by himself…

Vin sat there, these thoughts rushing through his head. All throughout his session, his breathing was uneasy, and his mind noisy as hell if anyone had the ability to read it. He tried his hardest to calm and blacken his mind, but it couldn’t do much. Any attempt he made at clearing his mind only caused more noise from his attempts to silence it all, and the noise and madness swirling in his thoughts only continued. And it cotninued drastically over the course of a few minutes.

Vin opened his eyes suddenly, and couldn’t hold himself still anymore. The thoughts of his past and all the action going on while he was at the station, all the times he tried to enjoy his peaceful life, but his soldier’s duty prevented that from him completely whenever a new threat rose… it had been shattering his mind. All Vin could do was breath heavily, a desperate attempt to cool his body temperature, and attempt to stand up shaking, but only stumbling onto all fours, and unable to think of any words.

At this point Vin was trying his hardest not to let his madnes stake him over and cause an earthquake or something… who knows what kind of cataclysm was possible when he loses ALL control, not even he knew, and he didn’t want tk know honestly. Vin uses he last of his sanity to tap open his communicator…

It turns on, and it was awaiting someone to call, or perhaps a request… but it takes a long while, maybe 2 or 3 minutes, for Vin to make sure he calmly says something… “Beam me to my quarters… Request to beam me to my quarters… Anyone…” He says, HAL then speaking up “Request granted. Beaming you to Vincent Welsh’s quarters”

Vin was beamed into his quarters, where everything was neatly orgnized and everything was at peace. All man-made, organized items and decorations all around him… it brought him peace. Vin stands up, the thoughts slowly going away as he took in the small dorm that he lived in, and appreciated how much it brought his mind at ease.

“I cannot leave my quarters… No. I am not even close to being there yet” Vin says to himself quietly, but still aloud. He just stands there for a while, before going into the bathroom for a shower, and then resting himself on his bed… for a long, long, long while.