The Protectors end

Protector would be flying next to small transport ship, escorting it after their warpdrive failed toward nearby Starbase. Enginners would be monitoring warp core after recent maintenance, while CMO with few assistants was taking care of injured from freighter. Few engineers would be on freighter bringing it warp drive up.

Megan would look at com officer and nod then speak after getting confirmation hailing frequency is open
-Protector to EpsIlon, come in

slighty distorted male voice would respond
-Epsilon here, how can I help commander?

-How are going repairs on your warp drive? do we have any ETA before you can enter warp?

-according to your miracle enginners, we need just few more minutes

-Affirmative, Protector out

as com line would cut megan stood up from chair and walk to turbolift, as door closed she said

-you have the bridge Alenko

then ride to lower deck walking into her room while looking at padd. if everything go well, they will soon enter warp, and get to home way earlier than suspected. she replicated cup of coffe and looked over engineering report about performance of ship, to check if Protector need larger maintenance sooner than later.
Intercom would buzz, and Megan would answer it
-Commander, we got unknown ship on radar, it might be better if you come here
-im on my way.

Megan would quickly walk to bridge, entering it she looked at science officer

-get that ship on screen

stars on main viewscreen would chnage, showing large wedge shaped object, which seemed to slowly follow them. megan couldn’t recognise ship at first, but after she did she took her seat.

-Yellow alert, mention to freighter that if they attack us Epsilon is supposed to escape not waiting for us.
-Aye Aye commander

science officer would look up from his console
-ship is engaging
-Hail Solas Tempus, request assistance -Said megan.
-can’t send signal, something is blocking it

protector would rock as ISD blasts impact it shield.
-Fire phasers, aim at spheres on top of bridge tower, prepear photon torpedoes, maximum yeld, full spread -ship would shake again as Megan turn head to other officer- Shield status?
-shields at 80% and holding
-Helm, full impuls, let’s focus them on us, not freighter

Protector would jump forward from half impulse needed to let freighter keep up with it, phasers would continue Firing at shield domes of ISD, joined by torpedoes impacting tower, Protector would be hit by multiple bolts, also starting to get harrassed by smaller bombers

-shields at 30%! -yelled officer
-Epsilon, how long untill you can get to warp? - said Megan
-one minute Protector, hold on -Answer came

Protector would shake
-We lost shields
-full power to engines, let’s outmanuver then

ship would shake again
-impact, deck 21, pressure lost, there are some fluctuations to Matter antimatter containment field, but I’ll fix then from here
-Epsilon went into warp! - said science officer
-Helm, get us out of here! Warp factor 2 so we won’t go too far ahead of epsilon -told Megan
-Aye Aye - said helmsman, then engaged warp… or he tried
-why are we not in warp?
-warp drive offline! -yelled another officer
-enginering to bridge, Containment field is destabilisating, we need to eject core!
-Helm get us over enemy ship, as soon as we’re over them, release warp core, then go away from them on full impulse

Protector would come about and fly over ISD, which at same moment grabbed it with tractor beam, stopping them in place

-Fuck, fuck, fuck -sweared XO - Fire phasers at tractor beam emiter

Protector would fire it phasers at ISD aiming at tractor beam emiters, but before they could run away from ejected warp core it would explode heavy damaging both vessels

Megan would stand up from floor, and look around few consoles would be ripped from floor, and bodies around, apart from her 2 more officers stood up
-ugh… - she groaned sitting at her place- status report!
-we’re adrift, minimal powe, i’m gonna try to reroute some power from phaser to send distress signal
-Make it so.

engineer would gather phasers when ship rocked
-this didn’t sound like explosion or warhead impact

silence would fall, all realised what happened
-we’re being bo… - Explosion ripped bridge open as two stormtroopers enter. atmosphere would vent into space, one of bridge officers would fire phaser hitting one of 0g troopers, but would quickly die of oxygen depravation

Soldiers would search bridge and take datapad one of bodies had in pocket

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