The Paper Face (Sunn, Cade, and Alrel)

((From the start of this roleplay there was a roleplay in Discord leading to this moment. This is a continuation of that Discord roleplay @Red_the_heretic ))

Sunn is chained up with handcuffs as he is taken by two guards into the brigs of the guardtower in Whiterage. The guards are fully covered in armor and do their job: Guard Whiterage, watch over the prisoners, take in newly claimed ones, and most of all, stay emotionless throughout their shift. Sunn’s handcuffs were linked together to each other and each one was connected on the other side to a single handcuff on the guards, on their respected sides of course. Sunn was strong, but not a brute, so he couldn’t make his escape just yet. He had to deal with whatever they put him through first then get his plan underway later

They took him through two processes. First the process where they made him acustomed to the prison life. They had to take away his belongings, which he had none besides his pants, cut his hair and give him the prison clothes he needed. As for his hair, he didn’t mind it since his hair had a tendancy to grow back so he didn’t mind it, though he was a little resistant at first. His hair that dropped down to his wiast soon didn’t even go down to his neck. They rushed the cut and oversimplified it. And for the clothing they just gave him the set of clothing that looked the closest to his size first, and confescated his pants he had on when he arrived there. Essentially they rushed the process.

The second process was the interrogation process, where’d they question and torture him over what he’s been up to and what crimes he’s commited over his time disappeared from the public. But that was going to be saved for tomorrow. For today, they put him in his cell since that process most likely would have taken all day and more, and no one at the prison who worked the day shift also worked the night shift. They simply took Sunn to his cell, with his now extremely shortened hair and prison clothing, and they shoved him into his cell, though he didn’t fall or run into the wall of the cell.

He sighed once the guards left and sat against the wall of the cell, his legs crossed. He only gave a glare to the other prisoners if they tried to talk to him, though that would be hard to tell since his eyes were completely green. They all soon ignored him and left him alone, and he went back to sitting silently still. The only window on each cell was very small, no way for anyone to climb out, even if it wasn’t barred shut. But perfect for someone to chat with him through if they climbed up

Sunn would see a spectral figure wearing a hood by the window, quietly staring at him

Sunn was sitting below the window, yet somehow he noticed the figure looking at him through it. How? Well he was an assassin he was self-trained on how to sense this kind of stuff by instict. He stands up, only using his legs to lift him as his arms stayed crossed.

As soon as he got fully up the spectral figure would notice that his hair is extremely short compared to when they last saw him. Whereas before he saw Sunn with his golden blonde hair going down to his waist, now it didn’t even go down tk his neck. And he now has prison clothing on instead of no shirt and pants like the figure last saw him. Sunn turned around and looked to the figure

“You again? What is it?” He simply said, and as soon as he spoke up, the prisoners adjacent to him looked at him dead in the face, but Sunn didn’t look back. They weren’t at a current angle to see who was outside the window and if they moved they’d be suspicious of something, so they stayed still, just assuming someone’s talking to the new guy through the window

“We simply came to check in on you, we witnessed you being taken way by Dara”

“Have you now? Well just knkw that I’m fine and that I’ll be breaking out by tonight. This place doesn’t seem to have any magic users around here, so i should be able to break out no problem”

“A prison break sounds daring do you require assistance?”

Sunn raised an eyebrow at his request. He could obviously do itby himself, he never asked anyone to help, but he did seem like the person who follows his heart instead of his brain. But still, Sunn wondered. Wondered if he wanted a prise for helping him, and how he WOULD help him. His glass magic could help him plenty

“I could do it myself easily, though if you want to you can. Though I must ask, what’s in it for you? What do you want if you help me successfully escape?”

“There’s nothing in it for me, I just enjoy helping people…you could say”

"Hmm… very well then. We should-"
Sunn was cut off by footsteps coming down the halls of the brig and up to ge second floor of the place
"Hey, do I hear talking!? No prisoner is allowed to talk to anyone unless a guard says so!"
The voice sounded like it had an echo, most likely someone in armor. Its tone sounded very gravely and very pissed. That was a clear sign that Cade and Alrel should leave, and that they should keep watch for when the prison break happens. Sunn only nods to him, assuming he knows the plan, and quickly gets back into his position like he was before. Him sitting down with his left leg flat on the ground and his right leg bent with te knee upward, as well as both arms sitting on their respected legs. As soon as he does this, the guard comes into sight, and it all looks like nothing happened

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