The Moon Sovereign

Another world, another universe…

Once, long, long ago, The world was ruled by three beautiful, beloved gods.
The King of the lands, of the earth, and the sun and moon.
And the two Deities,.
Athena, and Unara.
Athena, The Deity of the Moon, and the night.
Unara, The Deity of the sun, And day.
Once the king died, The two began to care for the lands, for the world.

Fate was cruel, and horrid. They had no clue that this would separate the two best friends, and family.
Years pass, Centuries pass, Unara not realizing what she had created.

Unara every day, would look out to her kingdom, her lovely subjects, and family, and think to herself, That there was nobody so lovely, and amazing as herself.
So Beloved her power, And so Bright was her praise, Her shadow, and teachings spread throughout the land, teaching others many things, spreading happiness throughout the land, and what was thought to be an eternal peace.

But no, Her glory, her shadow fell hard, and midnight dark, upon the young, Beloved sister, This shadow growing much darker, and deadlier as the years passed.
Not in time, The older sister began to take small notice that the world was Not giving her sister her awaited love, and friendships.

Unara, herself, came to realize that even she did not give her younger sister the care, and love she deserved, and had waited so long for. No time could make up for this. Slowly, The younger sister grew hatred, and anger.
As the years passed, her Misery, and misfortune Advanced.

But the way of the spotlight, and public, It pleasantly takes hold of the thoughts and mind of its Keeper, And that foolish, stubborn, arrogant Unara did nothing to Halt the breaking, and ruin of the one who needed her More.

Rest, my young sister, As bid fare well to you. Please, fall into the warm, enchanting grasp of your departure.
Carry my song to the galaxy, through clouds, and to sky, and through space.
Hold the love, and unity of night, and through my heartache away from here.
Athena, You are adored, and cherished so much more than you would ever imagine. And so, let these troubles, this pain, all be far, far away from your heart, and consciousness.

And Please… Forgive me… For being so foolish…


And now, The years that await me, Anxious, scared, and uneasy,I will hope that they pass by in a breeze, And that in another world, another land, you may find peace for yourself. That you will find yourself somewhere to be loved, and held in a gentle breeze.
May this abundance of years go past, I hope that one day, I may see you again, In my dreams, even if I see you in my nightmares… I’d be happy…

Just to see the Moon Sovereign once more.

TL;DR = The moon goddess grew cold due to being shunned away, Because all slept through her precious night, when all felt at they’re very best. Due to this, she became uncontrollable, and was sent to another dimension, a whole other world, with most of her power locked away. Her sister felt foolish because she caused her sister to be this way, she was always in the spotlight while her younger sister was never thought of or mentioned.

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