The Misadventures of Buckethead

Chapter 1: Family Feud And A Long Trip

Alex banged on the front door of the home he used to live in angrily. Locked out again, his dad just wouldn’t quit, would he?

“Hey! Let me in!” He called out.

“I’m not having an Imperial in my home, you can sleep in the barracks!” His father said. ‘Rebel sympathizers really are scum.’ Alex thought, throwing his arms up in the air.

“Fine!” He said, stomping away from his house, and towards the barracks of the Naboo garrison. He walked into the barracks, and his friend looked at him.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you sleep at home, Daddy’s Boy?” His friend, TK-2569, or Velliks, asked, chuckling as he slid off the boots of his Imperial fatigues.

“I got kicked out. I’m bunking here, and then I’m requesting a transfer.” Alex grumbled, laying down in an empty bunk.

“That bad?” Velliks asked.

“Yeah, that bad.” Alex said into his pillow.

“Well, in that case, I’m transfering with you.” He replied. “Can’t let you have all the fun.” Alex chuckled.

“Thanks, man. At the very least, I won’t be alone on the ride to wherever we’re going. See you tomorrow.” Alex said, closing his eyes tiredly, not bothering to change his clothes.

“See ya.” Velliks replied.


“Sullust?!” Alex asked the Imperial transfer officer. “You’re sending us to the Outer Rim?!”

The pale officer peered at them from his desk. He looked like the epitome of an Imperial. Probably rich, too.

“Yes. You requested a transfer, and the Sullust garrison requested reinforcements. Your shuttle leaves to Gladiator Class ‘Inevitable Justice’ at 1500 Galactic Standard. Get going, Sergeant.” The officer said, looking back at his datapad. Alex swore and walked back to the barracks, carrying the transfer pads, and handing one to Velliks.

“Sullust.” He said, sighing. “They sent us to the most boring place in the galaxy.”

“Aw man. This is gonna suck.” Velliks facepalmed before putting on his helmet, already wearing the rest of his armor. “What time?”

“1500, we have four hours, let’s go.” Alex said, slipping on his own helmet and going to get his stuff from his bunk. His father had been kind enough to send his clothes, one datapad with pictures, and a poster to the garrison in a box.

He walked into the barracks, and stuffed everything into a duffel bag with a sigh. This was gonna be a long, boring trip. If only his father was a little more understanding. The Empire isn’t bad, why would the news lie? The Rebels are the ones blowing up bases and causing havoc. Whatever. He was moving to Sullust, and wouldn’t have to worry about his father being angry at him anymore. He began heading to the spaceport, and Velliks soon joined him.


After boarding the shuttle, and flying up to the ‘Inevitable Justice’, Alex, Velliks, and various other transfers, lined up in the hangar bay while an Imperial Navy Ensign adressed them on the protocol of the vessel in a monotone, droning voice that every Imperial officer seemed to have for some reason.

“…You eat at the given times, should you be seen in the messhall when you are not supposed to be, you will be punished. Your battalion will be assigned to section 4, deck 3. You are not to leave this section without a pass from your superior. Obviously, combat situations null most of these regulations…” Alex rolled his eyes under his helmet. Most boring briefing ever. Regulate this, refrain from that, be here at this time or else. He would remember it, sure, but he really didn’t want to. He just wanted to sleep the whole time.

Once the briefing was over, they filed the troopers off to their quarters. Two beds, one on each side of the room. Alex was lucky enough to be bunked with Velliks. He set his stuff down and sat down on his bed. This was gonna be a long trip.

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