The Meme Journeys of Lance Thomas and James. (the

Star Trek Voyager Adventures of Lance Thomas Jr.
by Katja The Banana
Jr. rememberd the abuse he suffered AS a child.
His parents NEVER loved him, Lance Thomas knew. Always telling him off for anything he did.
And THAT would continue until one day, Fleet Admiral THOMAS’S PARENTS were killed in a car accident. He was then forced to live with his uncle and aunt.
They forced HIM to LIVE IN the basement. And every night he would cry himself to sleep as no one in the WORLD loved him.
Jr. was also FORCED to do all the WORK around the house. But still it wasn’t ENOUGH to deserve his uncle and AUNTS love. And SO soon, they send him TO a orphanage.
Admiral Thomas didn’t think LIFE could get worse, but there he learned that life still had more horror in store for him.
Because the orphanage turned out to be really a secret front for a highly criminal organisation! And they put all the children there to work IN their factories and their mines AND Lance Thomas TOO was set to work. Despite the horror of the orphanage, HE was finally in a place where others WERE treated just as badly as he WAS. Hopefully, finally Lance Thomas could make some real friends, he thought.
But that thought TOO turned to merely a fantasy. As the kids soon SAW that Lance Thomas was not like them. Jr. was special. And the kids hated him for it And so EVERY night, when the kids WOULD RETURN from the factories and mines, they would force LANCE Thomas to work more. Or to do their beds. Or to clean the showers AND the TOILETS.
And WHENEVER something would go wrong, the KIDS SAID to the GUARDS: “Lance Thomas did it!” and the guards, who also hated Admiral Thomas for being so special, believed them and hurt ADMIRAL Thomas.

And so Admiral Thomas thought that no ONE in the world would love HIM. Until one day, A organisation of superheroes attacked THE criminals and freed all the KIDS.
AND they also freed Lance Thomas!

And they said: “Don’t worry, kid, we’ll take care of you.”
“We’ll train YOU and you’ll become a part of the family!”

Or will he?

(A/N yeah lol I know canon IS differently, BUT THIS is MY story!)
We now turn out headlights to full beam in order to GAZE forward though the mists of TIME.
THE light FROM THEM reflects off, not a deer, but a scene 10 years from now - 1 decade into the future
Lance Thomas enters the scene, but WHATS this? Captain Confoscbo IS there too.

“Do you remember that thing that happened 10 years ago? The one that seemed like it would split us apart forever, but instead brought us CLOSER then ever? That brought us…to each-other?”

“The time with the Lance liked THE bully’s sister and was afraid beating the fuck outa her brother would alienate her, so he TOOK it for longer than he should.?” “YES!”
“OH, yes right”

“Its hard to believe what HAPPENED isn’t it? What happened and what it led TO”
“YES my SWEETNESS” said Captain Confoscbo, giving Fleet Admiral thomas a kiss “Now that I have REMEMBERED it AGAIN I will never FORGET it.”
“It WAS pretty life changing.”

So we now dim our headlights and REVERSE drive back to THE presence, the mists closing back around the FUTURE and the camera of our MIND drawing back to the world we know of as THE now

LANCE Thomas was then taken in by a super secret ORGANISATION, called Government. FOR a while, it looked like Lance Thomas was JUST at home. Lance Thomas got to train with all THE OTHER SECRET superheroes. He WAS trained in all SORTS of things, ranging from Chemistry to USING the Musket The other recruits didn’t want TO socialise with LANCE Thomas. They hated him for how quickly Jr. mastered the throwing sticks and how well trained Lance Thomas was in compare to the others. What LANCE Thomas neglected to tell THEM was THAT the only reason why he was so good, was because of Admiral Thomas s horrible childhood
One day, Admiral Thomas was called forward.
Admiral Thomas had just succesfully accomplished the most difficult part of his TRAINING. So good, Lance THOMAS had beaten the previous high score!
FLEET Admiral thomas knew that now that HE had BEATEN the previous high score, he was sure to get A place on the greatest team THE WORLD had ever seen.
So Lance Thomas WENT TO him commander-in-chief, Damien. But when Fleet Admiral THOMAS got THERE, suddenly there WAS more THAN Damien. There WERE also others.

Lance Thomas said: "What’s GOING on? “DON’T worry,” captain Damien said. “It’s all going to be all right.” But Lance Thomas knew THIS HAD to be a trap! That much he HAD learned from his horrible childhood Quickly Fleet Admiral thomas kicked the table into Damien’s chest. Siv tried to stop him but Fleet Admiral THOMAS was too QUICK and took a gun from the WALL (there were like loads of GUNS and other weapons displayed on the wall).
“I won’t let you do this to me,” Lance Thomas said GRAVELY. “I will be free!” The others didn’t want to RISK BEING shot. And Lance Thomas took the FILE FROM the desk that had his name on it. And then Lance Thomas ran. Away FROM GOVERNMENT and AWAY from the other recruits.
AND Fleet Admiral thomas was right not TO TRUST them! For WHEN HE LOOKED in the file, it turned OUT they were planning on SELLING Lance Thomas out to James Backstair! But what was Lance Thomas to do now? ALL alone in this world, WHO could Lance Thomas trust now? Stay turned!!!

Meanwhile, back IN THE future, LANCE Thomas and Drem were enjoying each-other.
As THE narrator, I will respect their privacy and NOT specify how- lets just say it involved wing dang doodles. Its CERTAINLY clear they were close.
Not just metaphorically but physically WITH their bodies as well.

Drem Confoscho was distracted though, thinking back to the past. We join her on her flashback, a flashback to our story in the present… - –
And now, with that, we once AGAIN turn OUR headbrains to the future, stepping forward DOWN the road of time AND walking for 10 years until we GET to THE place in time WHICH this takes place
Fleet Admiral thomas and Captain Confoscbo were just finishing. Out of respect for THEIR privacy I will not specify what they were just FINISHING.

“ARG…THAT was good sex” said Captain Confoscbo.
“yes, yes it was” said FLEET Admiral thomas.
"You SEEMED a little distracted near THE end though. NOT your normal energetic SELF "yes…sorry about that. I was thinking back to a DECADE ago, when I first realized my feelings FOR you even though I didn’t know IT at the time Its what opened my eyes to what I FELT all along. The missing jigsaw piece to my heart in which YOU were the key to unlock
"And our love GREW together from that moment TO blossom into the great tree that IT is TODAY
“I love you Admiral Thomas my IRRESISTIBLENESS”.
“I love you TOO Drem Confoscho -my better half. And they smiled the smile of LOVERS at EACH-OTHER, as WE fade out INTO the sunset Admiral Thomas sat down ON the pavement. It was raining loudly and PEOPLE were hurrying down towards home, of course ignoring his sobbing
The world HAD BEEN unusually cruel to Fleet Admiral thomas. First his horrific childhood WHERE he was treated like nothing more than a slave. Then THE disappointing time at the Government. It all BECAME a bit too much for Jr., so he put on his iphone player and listened to the soothing TUNES, like Like A Virgin AND A WHOLE New World . THEN all the sudden, footstepts approached Admiral Thomas but he didn’t hear it BECAUSE OF the music Lance Thomas then looked up and looked at a mysterious figure wearing a LONG rain coat
“Whats wrong, kiddo,” said the mysterious stranger “I’m fed up with LIFE,” said LANCE Thomas. I’m SO good at everything, BUT EVERYONE hates me for IT. I can’t keep going anymore.”
And then with the SOFTEST voice, Lance Thomas spoke the darkest TRUTH: "I DON’T want to live ANYMORE.
The stranger laughed loudly, "ohhohohoh, don’t WORRY dear Jr… LIFE will turn out better for you. “How DO you know,” Lance THOMAS asked “Because the WORLD hates ME too,” the stranger said and WITH one swoop the stranger removed his coat. IT was James Backstair
“OMG,” Admiral Thomas said outraged “Calm down, young one,” James BACKSTAIR said. “I too am misunderstood.”

“Oh, I suppose THAT oculd BE true,” SAID Admiral Thomas “Now, come with me,” James Backstair said and reached out for Fleet Admiral thomas. “Let me take CARE of u. We’re sole mates, you AND I. The world is AGAINST us, but together we can fight for our FREEDOM!”
“FOR FREEDOM!” Lance Thomas said as he accepted School Bully Jamess hand
And together they went off. Admiral THOMAS was finally happy.

(Story Created by: Some weird fanfic site Katja found via FanFiction.Net)

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