The Hunter and the Archer

It was August 1944, The allies had been successful in their D-day assault and had begun to retake France from the nazis. An increasingly desperate Hitler turned to supernatural weapons to win against mounting odds.

In a chateau in france was a platoon of SS soldiers and some wehrmacht machine gun squads entrenched and ready to defend. In the lower levels of the castle a wunderwaffe was being readied. A test to see whether it could halt the advance of the allies.

As the allied troops got closer an iron maiden was brought out to the courtyard and just left there. The cautious allied soldiers avoided it for fear that it was full of explosives. However when dusk came and the fighting died down they would start to notice scratching coming from the sealed iron maiden.

// @Red_the_heretic

The Captain of the small airborne division present at the battle had heard rumors from some of the other troopers about the strange noises and headed to investigate

As the last bits of sunlight faded away the scratches gave way to low inhuman growling and the creaking of steel. Soon the creaking was accompanied by the sound of metal scraping on stone as the iron maiden was opened. The growling stopped but now from the darkness within the iron maiden a set of faintly glowing eyes could be seen. Then as things truly became dark the eyes vanished.

The captain stepped back as some of his men ran to his side, they weapons drawn and aimed at the eyes but as the last light of the day faded it caused them lost track of the beast which made the men panic

They would feel a gust of wind and a few moments later the pained yell of a soldier. The soldier was one of the sentries of the allied camp. His yell was halted with the sound of bones snapping and something falling onto the ground.

The men quick ran over towards the screams, one soldier splits off from the group for a flank if possible

The men would encounter a grizzly scene. The mangled body of a man on the ground with a small thin humanoid on top sucking his blood. The vampire looked shriveled and decayed like a cadaver.

The men stopped in their tracks, a few fall sick and back off while the rest raise their guns and open fire

The vampire regenerates as quickly as the soldiers can harm him. He rushes at one of the soldiers firing, mouth open and full of sharp teeth aiming to bite at the soldier’s neck.

the beast is able to reach the man making the other soldiers turn their attention and fire before scattering

He remains on the soldier he attacked, draining him of his blood before looking around for another victim. He looked more fresh now, like a corpse that’s only been rotting for a few days.

A single figure emerged from the darkness his eyes glowing blood red “Hey beasts, your fights with me now”

The vampire growled and bared his fangs at the figure approaching him with such audacity. But it didn’t care for confrontation when it had prey nearby. He would charge the figure but back off at the last minute to keep pursuing the soldiers.

The figure held firm, when the beasts backed off to chase the other soldiers he teleported infront of him to stop him “With me beast”

The vampire nimbly avoids him again, this time splattering blood onto him before continuing on his hunt. He used blood and runes to block him from teleporting for a while.

The figure growls and dashes after the beast, he quickly raises his gun and fires off a few rounds before drawing his knife and throwing it

In the time the figure took to dash after him, the vampire had killed another soldier and was in the process of draining him of his blood. As the vampire fed he would be restored to a more normal looking state.

The man howled like a wolf before rushing the beasts and going to tackle him before attempting to pummel his face

The vampire smirks and tosses the body he drained at the figure before jumping out of the way.

The body flies through the man before he continues his chase after the beast. He quickly draws kunai and chuckles them at the beast