The Human Side of Things - Negotiations

Admiral Thomas had sent a convoy of vessels through the gate prior to the Infinity Wave showing up, the vessels would have some time before the Wave would be detected on the other side of the gate.

OOC: In other words, this happens prior to the Wave and the subsequent jumps.

The convoy was a Nebula Class starship STV Sparrow along with two escorts; the STV Star Opal and the STV Gladius. The trio of ships crossed the gate and remained in a tight formation but with weapons running offline, though shields were up. They stopped midway through the solar system and signaled that they were here on a diplomatic mission and waiting for a response.

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OOC: The gate leads to the Epsilon Eridanis system, not the Solar system, fyi.

They are met with three other gates spread out among the relatively empty area, three large asteroids, all about 10km in diameter. These asteroids are surrounded by bullet shaped vessels, and next to the ships is what appears to be a very large field of wreckage, still being salvaged by small drones flying to and fro. The convoy would recive a reply from, of all places, one of the large asteroids. They were cleared to dock with the Thermopylae, and two small, transport sized vessels, also bullet shaped, formed up ahead of the ships, to lead them towards the fleet. The transports, however, are not leading them towards a ship, but one of the asteroids, which slowly turns around to reveal a 2km long door in the asteroid, that is opening, and a carving of a Spartan Hoplite’s helmet above the door, with the word ‘Thermopylae’ beneath the engraving.

The lead ship, the STV Sparrow, moves forward while the other two vessels flank it and take up more strategic positions. They do not intend to dock, the Nebula Class starship though, responds… Her Captain, Alexandria Henderson, politely says, “Thank you, we are following your escorts in.” and she has the helm shadow the movements while tactical tracks all vessels nearby. The Sparrow slows to maneuvering thrusters only as it approaches the door and her pilot takes her in (assuming she’s meant to Dock inside and that the ship will fit).

There a 20 ships of varying sizes visible outside of the asteroids, with more of the transports coming in and out of the asteroids, moving between them. As the Thermoplyae continues to turn and the door finally opens completely, it reveals the completely hollow inside of the rock. Four large spires reaching from the inner walls of the asteroid all the way to the middle, ending in four large metal plates, grav plates, and a ship held between the plates that resembles Vulcan, but this one’s name is Granadica, and it definitely looks older. At the bottom of the area, there is a glass looking dome reflecting a bright white light throughout the asteroid. There are five large hangars built into the hollow inside of the asteroid, each one looks to be capable of holding ten of the larger ships outside, more than capable of holding the Sparrow. The transports begin to lead them towards the hangar that is closest to the large city built into the walls, near the hangar. There’s even a little resort visible.

The two escorts stay outside the asteroid while the Sparrow completes it’s docking maneuver. Once in place and things are settled, her Captain sends a signal asking for protocols to disembark, if there were any customs they needed to observe, an outline of local laws, the kinds of things you’d need to know in a first contact situation like this. She has brought a few things from their own universe to give as gifts, since most cultures had some kind of gift exchange or gifts as payment tradition in place when beginning negotiations for a treaty.

She also made the offer for them to meet on the Sparrow rather than elsewhere, if that suited their needs better.

The Sparrow is met with two more shuttles hovering in the bay, making sure the docking goes smoothly. They are sent the outline, which basically said to send your highest ranking official, and they would send theirs. Marines in pressure suits enter the floor of the bay, totalling thirty or so. There is already a heavy cannon in there, on a tripod, manned by two marines.

They say that the Thermopylae has plenty of secure shield rooms for meetings like this.

The Captain disembarks then, following instructions, being in her nicely pressed dress uniform (not going to describe it b/c I don’t know what it would look like yet) and goes with 2 security officers, one STS and one TACCOM. The crew of the ship makes notes about the marines and the cannon, some people discuss if this might be a trap, but the Captain puts a stop to this real quick. Following all instructions the Captain and her security head to meet with the head of state at the Themoylae.

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The marines cast glances at eachother but don’t seem to be saying anything. The door to the hangar opens, and two people in US Navy uniforms step in, one looks American, the other looks like he came from Brazil. They are both bearing the markings of Admiral. The pair approach the Captain, two of the marines moving to follow them.

The Brazilian looking Admiral extends his hand, and speaks. “Hello there, welcome to the Thermopylae. I am Admiral José Angelés, and this is Admiral Jacob Keeley.” He has very fluent English.

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The Captain extends her hand and shakes both mens hands, “I am Captain Henderson.” she says with a smile, “It’s good to meet you. I have to say, you have a hell of a setup here.” she motions to her security officers, “I do hope that my security detail is welcome as well? And my assistant.” she introduces him (name to be decided later).

Admiral Keeley smiled, letting out a chuckle. “Nice to meet you Captain. Hell of a set up indeed, wait till you meet the guy who planned all this.” He says with a distinct Brooklyn accent. “You’re guys can come along, sure.”

She perhaps shouldn’t be, but she’s wary of this situation. Still, her face shows a smile as she looks around, “Thank you for your kindness.” she says with a respectful nod, “I must say we were surprised to find the … What is it you call it? A fabbe? … just show up and that gate you use is quite impressive.”

“Yeah, we were pretty wary to let Vernon just give you guys one of our Fabbers, but he said it would be a good idea, and he hasn’t led us wrong yet.” Jacob said, nodding as he adjusted his cap. “He seems to understand interstellar politics better than everyone.”

The marines in the room watched with interest, the transparent visors showing a few excited faces.

“Perhaps we should move to a Shield Room?” The Brazilian Admiral suggested. “Since we will be negotiating, I suppose.”

She nods, “Please, lead the way,” and once they are in the room, she continues to observe, “What, is your military status?” Her own guards smile and nod at the marines, seeing if the can share a standard military kind of mutual respect, see how that goes. Part of their job was to engage the locals in conversation, and guard their Captain.

The corridors of the battlestation were metal, well lit, and packed with civilians and soldiers alike. The Marines seemed nice enough, most returning the nods.

The Admirals turn to look at her. Keeley speeks first. “I’m the current commander of the Troy, and her fleet.”

“And I command the Thermopylae, the station we are in currently.” Admiral Angelés answers. The room is painted black with a table in the center, a holoprojector on the table.

She introducers herself again to both nodding, before finally saying, “You have an impressive facility, however, are you at war? I’m sorry to be so blunt about it, but usually we have more baseline information than we currently do.” she smiles at them both then, looking around the table, but waiting for everyone to be seated first, since this is their space and she didn’t want to be rude. Her guards move to the corners of the room, and stay relatively quiet, but they are observant - as anyone else observant would notice. She continues then, her point, “We are at peace in our universe, but of course that does not preclude the idea of an alliance, but before we get to that, I would be very curious to know more about you and your people. Clearly Earth in this reality took a vastly different course than Earth where I am from.”

They seat themselves, and Admiral Keeley answers.

“We aren’t at war, we were about 6 months ago. That’s what all this wreckage floating about the system is from.”

“That and some less successful attempts to make more Troy classes with asteroids of insufficient size,” Admiral Angelés added with a chuckle.

Two marines stood guard by the door, their weapons holstered, arms folded. One of them was leaning against the wall.

Everything seemed to be about what one would expect and as everyone sat down, her guards let themselves at ease a bit as well, matching the general feel of the room. For herself, she waits a little bit before talking and then says, “I’m sure you have questions about the people on the other side of the gate?” she seems to be open to answering them.

“Yeah, we do. One thing I want to know is how secure your end of the gate is. You know, every time one of these gates shows up we have to rearrange our military to defend them, and sometimes it’s nice to have a person on the other end of the gate who can defend themselves.” Keeley starts, clasping his hands and resting them on the table.

She nodded, “Well that sounds like a good place to start things.” she smiles and then gets down to business opening up her attaché case and pulling out some PADD’s to hand out to those present, “We are a military force, our government is newly formed in fact and is called the Serenity Concord. We operate a sizable military force on the other side of the gate will well trained regular members of the military forces.” she said well trained and regular to separate what she was talking about from a militia style such as Bajor had. “We are more than capable of defending our side of the gate.” The PADD’s had information on the forces in the Schatten system but not outside it and the details were light in places, as far as exact placements and exact capabilities of the starships in question. “As a first step, my superiors have authorized me to give you the protocols and access codes for our communications network called BlueNet.” The PADD’s also had information on that, “We would even be willing to entertain the idea of placing one of our computer hub’s on this side of the gate.”

“Interesting…” Keeley said, looking all this over.

“We wouldn’t mind a computer hub on this side.” Angelés nods. “And since we gave you Vulcan you can already access the Hypernet.”

As he finishes this sentence, the door slides open again and a middle aged man with brown hair, and hazel eyes in a suit appears in the doorway, muttering as he steps in. The door closes behind him.

“Hey, sorry, sorry I’m late. I got held up, someone thought I wasn’t who I said I was. Took like, forever to convince him that all I did was shave my beard.” He shakes his head, going over to the table and sitting down.