The Ground Walks with Time in a Box (open ended)

It had been the day after Thad had been discharged from the sickbay. Despite the best medicine and medical technology that the doctors of Nimbus could muster it was not enough to cure him of a malady that was magical in nature. That coupled with the lack of advanced medical facilities from their world meant Thad was doomed. The prognosis from the doctors was at most three months before his death.

He walked along the outer part of the station making an airplane with his hand as he walked. He wasn’t paying much attention to where he was going. He really just was thinking about his life so far, he stopped crying during his stay at the sickbay.

One of the XIA’s flew right into Thad’s head by accident, “Oh my, I’m so sorry!” she shouts. Then she has to fly around Thad’s head a bit to not keep flying into him, “Ooff.” she looks at him. She’s got faintly blue but white-pale hair with nearly matching skin.

He stares at her for a little “sorry miss I didn’t see you flying there?” he keeps staring at her then turns as if she would dissappear once he looked back at her but when she still existed he says “So I guess you aren’t a hallucination then.”

She looks at him, “Oh, Oh no, I’m not. I took your vitals in sick bay though!” she smiles, “We didn’t talk, but I kept an eye on you like I did the other patients.”

“you took my vitals? I didn’t see you… Oh right sorry I forget how things work here.” he sighs then looks out at station “so I guess you know about my condition then, I mean everyone on the captainsl’s ship knows I guess so it isn’t that big of a secret.”

She nods, “Oh, don’t worry. Had you not guessed that I knew, I’d never have even told you that I knew. I won’t tell anyone, and neither will anyone else!” she smiles at him… “I hope you know, we’d never do that to you. It’s not up to us who you tell or who you don’t.”

“Yeah i kinda guessed that. Glad to see at least my instincts are still working.” he laughs at himself a little “Anyway miss i was explained why you can’t tell anyone. Its kinda nice having that privacy, so different from home.” he pauses to ponder for a little bit “Miss not to keep you from your duties but do you know who i would have to talk to in order to have a last will made for me?”

“Oh…” she thinks, “Oh… I’m not sure I do, if you’re a citizen of the Concord, any lawyer on the station can do it. Well, any lawyer anywhere can do it, but if you’re not… If I recall, you’re not a citizen, are you? Well, you’d have to do it however your people do such things.” she looks apologetic, “I don’t know, really. You could become a citizen, if you’re not one.”

He thinks for a bit while frowning. “I guess I didn’t think that through really, but I don’t have any assets that are fully mine… I will be honest I want to make a request as to how my remains will be handled that is not approved by my people.”

She nods, “Well, for that, I think you should petition to become a citizen of the Concord. Then you’d be legally protected here, and your rights could be honored. If, I may ask, what is it you want done? Oh, I know this is an incredibly personal question, so it’s ok if you don’t want to say.” she smiles again at him, cheery, but serious.

“I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered when I die. I lived my whole life in a Box, I don’t want to spend death in one.”

“I can understand that.” she smiles at him, “Why would your people be against such a thing?” she asks curiously.

“We have old sacred traditions for the last rites of the dead. What I am requesting would be considered selfish to my people. I don’t really care anymore though, I guess I changed after I was told how much longer I had.”

She nods, “Well, to have legal teeth, you’d have to become a citizen of the Concord, then your will would have the force of our laws. Beyond that, do you not trust you Captain to honor your wishes, selfish though he might think they be? Here, ones last request is often honored with a sense of intense duty, the last wishes of the dead are seen as sacred.”

“Honestly i really don’t, he really doesn’t have a backbone. Besides last requests aren’t taken as seriously for commoners as they are for nobles.” He looks up to the sky then smiles “Heh, well thanks for the help miss.”

She nods, “Oh, I don’t mind!” she says happily, “I like helping, and talking. If you, want to talk more, you can just call me and I’ll be happy to meet you. Medical, things, can be difficult to overcome.”

“I like that but I wouldn’t really talk about medical things. Maybe some philosophy but nothing medical. Since you offered to talk and may I have your name miss?”

She nods, “Oh! Yes of course, I am Torunn, it is good to meet you!” she seems happy in a very pure-hearted sort of way." she goes to extend her tiny hand and then laughs, “I just realized, I don’t know how what someone of my size does to greet someone of your size, my hand is far too tiny to shake!” She laughs at this, “Yes, that is an odd thought, isn’t it?”

“I guess in this case a simple exchange of bows would suffice Miss Torunn.” Thad bows. “Pleasure to meet you miss.”

She makes a bow that actually floats her down a few centimeters and then back up, “I like that! I like that a lot.” she smiles at him wider, “I haven’t met a lot of people who like to talk about things, but then I keep myself busy.” she says with a smile, “I would love to talk to you about, well, anything!” She seems a bit, innocent, but super happy to be talking to someone.