The Greatest Show-woman (Open-ended)

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Olivia Lee Elise. The name is beginning to resonate throughout the country, especially its underbelly. The under-underbelly, where the supernaturals reside. Supernatural powers aren’t known in the world of the normal, anything close to it is the scene of David Copperfield and party tricks: “magicians” and “magic” amongst the streets of casino-infested cities and a lucky kid’s backyard during their birthday. But this Olivia character is becoming a celebrity throughout the entirety of the United States, as a magician, but one that no one would expect to happen.
To the masses, she just does simple tricks of making things and people invisible, even making them pop back into sight at a different spot. Impressive, and through very special effects with a high production value she has quickly become famous throughout Hollywood. But through the lens of televisions, supernaturals are seeing what is really going on: a spirit-like entity entering and leaving their sights of the silver screen, touching what she acts to be making invisible herself, leading many to believe immediately that whatever the rather unique-looking ghost was, that’s what’s causing the tricks she’s pulling off–turning an orange into a firework festival, or catching someone from a deadly fall and having them appear in a nearby box–carnival tricks that look like they were highly CG-edited scenes of a movie. No one expected how magical her shows would be.
Everyone loved her, and she was dubbed the Devil of Magic as her performer name, through a deformity in her skull that makes her look like she has 2 short stubs of growing horns. But that’s only about her fans, others aren’t so happy with what she’s doing. Mainly the supernatural underbelly as a whole. Olivia and her management team advertise her shows as “supernatural”, “a new era of magic”, and “real with no special effects”. But no one of the normal world is dumb enough to believe in magic, so they just brushed it off as Hollywood talk to make their system of things seem like a booming paradise. She was pushing her luck in all reality, and the big boys of the supernatural world weren’t having any of it before long, especially since it was clear she knew of how thin of ice she was on, but didn’t care.
One day, as Olivia was packing up her things to be chauffeured across the state of California, she was instead met with a mob, offering an ultimatum. She either give up her performances and quit risking the supernatural world with her advertising, or she dies by the commands of the high-ups. She accepts the deal, and they come to an agreement, where they take the logical guess that she stops since they agreed on it. But, she carelessly makes another performance that dazzles the audience in Las Vegas.
She was now sentenced to death by the underworld society. A small group of supernaturals were sent to her mansion to take her and anyone who stood in their way out. But fate had other plans for the hitman, as they were the pray that night. No one knows how that happened, especially since she is clearly seen with only human bodyguards, no special powers or enhancements. Nothing. Could what she used to perform on stage really be used to kill? TV didn’t make it seem so, it only seemed like it could do special effects, but then again it was only TV, and anything beyond normal isn’t to be underestimated.
And so the hunt for the Devil of Magic was on, yet they couldn’t get her during a performance, too much security in too high of an radius made it impossible to take her out long-ranged. And to cause a scene, well, the underworld would accomplish what they didn’t want to do. But not matter how many assassins or groups of assassins went to take care of her, she always got out one way or another.

The Saevae was quiet, but that was because everyone there was watching the news, not because it was empty. Joseline was a part of this, being the first time she watched something digitally with such intent. She was a supernatural too, so the problem with the Devil of Magic was just as much of a concern of her’s as it was for everyone else across the country. She didn’t even touch her food.

Eito was beside Joseline in full battle garb with its hood and mask up. He had been tasked by kaito to watch over her Incase of any of any incidents, of course however he had two summoning cards for kaito just in case

Aldous was in the bar for once, having saved up enough money to basically buy an entire cow to eat. He was only semi paying attention to the news. He was an outlier in the supernatural community but as long as he didn’t cause too much of a ruckus no one cared what he did. He did however write down her name and memorize her face in the off chance he bumped into her he could turn her in for money.

Another few people occupy the bar: The bartender, Vance, was around, and watches the news on the screen he had set up beforehand while idly polishing a glass. Cliché bartender move.
His gf wasn’t around, but Karl, the bull of a bouncer engaged in whispered conversation with Vance’s friend, a red-haired psionicist by the name of Aiden Lane.
Lastly, in a remote corner of the bar, the furthest possible point from anyone, the dhampir hitman Silas “Slicer” Frey sips his bloody mary. The drink, that is, no female accompanied him.

What they showed on the television about Olivia wasn’t anything beyond one of her many spectacular shows to anyone who wasn’t a supernatural. It might as well be a movie with too many special effects in it to even be considered real. Joseline watched it in awe of her performance, but also with the still growing fear of the supernatural being exposed to the public entirely. She was completely confused on how someone could be so careless.
While this happened, Karl saw a figure come down the stairs towards the bar’s entrance. A man in all black with his face covered by a ski mask, one where every bit of his skin was covered and only his eyes were shown. He stops in front of Karl staring forward instead of up at the bouncer, as if the bouncer didn’t exist. He stands still for a moment, then finally looks up at Karl. His eyes didn’t reveal anything, they were just eyes staring at him, awaiting permission to come in.

Karl stood up as soon as he heard steps approaching the entrance.
The massive man looks down, and then up again.
Karl steps aside.
“Welcome to the Saevae, Stranger. Remember, strict no-violence on these grounds.”
Karl’s voice rumbles low, not loud enough to disturb any conversation but the bouncer’s tone gets the point across.
Don’t fuck with us, or you will get fucked.

While Karl welcomed the man to the Saevae, he just stood still in the same position, with the only different is his head turning to the side to look at Karl. What the bouncer didn’t know, however, was that beyond his peripheral vision, an exact copy of the covered up man walked very quickly into the bar, almost as if he was sliding across the floor. Then, like a magic show, more and more copies of the clone separated from its figure, and they all moved just as quickly as the original clone. There was one clone for each person in the bar, and when each of them came to everyone individually, they all placed a single flier in front of them on their tables.

As they all handed out their paper, just as quickly as the clones dashed into the place they all turned around and reformed into the one entity, the man in front of Karl. The original man stood in front of the bouncer the entire time, and still only stared at him without saying a word. He then reaches into his jacket and pulls out a flier himself, and offers it to Karl. Despite how ominous and creepy he looked before, with the paper in his hands he looked like a kid out on a fundraiser.

Eito stood up slowly lightning sparking from his hand as he stared at the clones then the man when they all reformed back into one. He didn’t like this whole situation one bit

Aiden leaned back, the flier would have to be placed in front of him on the table. He would look at it and eventually sense any effects of psionic kind.

Slicer in the far corner was equally distrusting and does not touch the flier. He just looks at it from beneath his cloak and continues sipping his Bloddy Mary.

Vance, the black-haired bartender was a pretty capable magician himself. Eventually, he would have sensed the clones appearing, and set down the glass to have his hands free.
He mustered a frown while he looks at the flier.

The being did not move. First alarm sign, Karl spends a brief glance over his shoulder.
Can’t be sure enough that your friends aren’t slaughtered behind your back.
As the bouncer noticed the clones, he let his neck crack.
“You shouldn’t really be playing se games.”
Karl spoke to the figure, and straight up denies the flier. His German accent starts coming through.
“I’ll get my share.”

A small noise of static comes from inside the figure’s cloak, “The woman on your TV,” the figure finally says, his voice altered to hide what he sounded like, “must be stopped. I have only given out invitations for anyone willing to protect the supernatural world’s secrecy from the public” and with that he drops the flier in front of Karl and turns around. He begins to walk away.

Joseline looks around to see if anyone else went to touch the fliers, not wanting to touch it herself if no one else does. ”Couldn’t he do it a bit less suspiciously?” she thinks to herself as she would soon spot Eito from looking around the Saevae. “Eito?”

There would be nothing magical or supernatural about the fliers, just with a fancy black border with a stamp at the top of a black star with a half circle over the top of it. A simple and bland logo. It read
”Olivia Lee Elise. The Devil of Magic is her stage name. She poses a threat to revealing the supernatural to the public, and must be stopped. If you are brave enough to attempt to stop her, come to this address.
She is a massive threat not to be taken lightly. You may not survive.”
Below all of it was the address mentioned

Vance isn’t pleased by that approach at all.
“Alright, everyone. I’d like to make clear that this visit wasn’t of the Supernatural administration of Chicago, at least, not that I know of. To me, this is a request from an independent, unknown organization. I think it’s kinda suspicious to take the approach they chose. Nonetheless, they’re right. Miss Elise is definitely a threat to the invisibility of the Supernatural World, and she needs to be dealt with. How about we’re visiting one of her performances? Tickets are on me.”

Vance’s sight wanders through the room.

A shadowy figure approaches Vance, wearing a mostly black Cloths, invluding a trench coat and hood, with a white mask underneath. The Shadow man smiles under his mask. “I’m in, and you won’t need to buy me a ticket, so no cost for you”

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