The fate of the Mark X Information Assistants (XIA's)

For some time now, the XIA’s (Mark X information Assistants) has been up in the air. New construction has been on hold pending the Serenity Concord’s Senate to pass a resolution on the status of the devices as life forms or tools. This was done on January 9th of 2384 where the Senate establishes a new agency, the Turing Agency, which is in charge of enforcing the laws regarding the creation and treatment of artificial entities.

The law outlines how an entity is defined as sentient and thus entitled to the rights reserved for all sentient beings.

Future of the XIA’s

The XIA units collectively decided on their own future. Once the Senate passed the ALFE Act, the XIA’s were asked to form a caucus to represent their interests with the Senate. It then followed that they had the legal right to create more of their own kind. Since they were all programed to serve Solas Tempus, they decided that they would continue to perform that function though since they were all given the right to choose, none of them are required to do so.

It was decided by the XIA’s that they would like to perform a more pivotal role and with the consent of the admiralty of Solas Tempus it was further decided that the XIA’s could produce units specifically designed to be a command-assistant on board Solas Tempus starships, stations, and other facilities and ships. Though it’s unlikely a shuttle or runabout would require one it is not out of the realm of possibility. Much in the way that an officer can be made the commander of a fighter, ship, or shuttle, a XIA can be assigned to such installations. Such units will respond to the name of the vessel or station itself and act as a computer-person interface and point of automation until such time as they wish to break off such an arrangement.

XIA’s can also be considered officers, enlisted, or not enlist at all and pursue other avenues. Though it should be noted that Solas Tempus is considered to be the most friendly toward AI rights of most any organization even within the Serenity Concord.

OOC Note

The game is not going to really get into details about these definitions since they are things that, in reality, the world is still trying to define and there is no definition that does not have the potential for abuse. Thus for the purpose of game-play we will assume a fair and well-rounded process for identifying sentient beings, since we also assume that this government is functional, fair, and follows the will of the people within its domain.