The Enigma of 0X-07

// This was some character development stuff that I wanted to do for 0X-07, namely showing his ability to consume and adapt technology into himself, which would have to be observed in action for new discoveries to be made.

0X, the Bio-mech hybrid symbiote was roaming the halls of the station, it was an average day for him, scanning things, and being followed by Romulan guards, with plasma rifles. He often times wanted to eat their rifles, or almost any other piece of technology to learn about it… but he resisted and tried to ignore their presence. He would spend time thinking a lot lately, and attempting to make his own adaptions to himself to better allow him to survive more environments.

A man in a science uniform approached 0X with a clipboard in hand, “Oh, there you are.” he came to a stop near, “Hello there, I was hoping I’d catch up with you.”

0X turns around and faces the man, the two Romulan guards pause, before moving to the sides. 0X watches all of this for a moment. “Why is that?” he asked through a self developed speaker on his chassis which produces a robotic voice, as he hasn’t really chosen other vocal tones for himself at this point.

“Well, um…” the man nods at the Romulans, “You are more than welcome to observe as well.” then back to 0X, “We wondered if you’d be willing to let us observe you as you consume some technologies?”

“I see… I suppose I can do that, it’s not like I’ll be doing anything else.” 0X says, choosing to follow the man, as the Romulans appear irritated but they don’t vocalize it.

The scientist is rather apologetic, not being the most diplomatic person he shows some excitement and exuberance now at the prospect… Leading 0X through the city to one of the science labs, they find about 4 other scientists working in the lab each with their own kinds of scanning equipment and several different kinds of technologies which are laid out and ready.

0X follows curiously, when he sees the technologies he curcled them, being exceptionally vurious about them.

“You are really letting this… parasite consume technologies?” One of the Romulan guards protest strongly.

The scientist who leads the team is not diplomatic at all, but she is vulcan, “To call this being a parasite is wholly inaccurate on your part, I do wish that if you cannot control your urge to emotional outbursts, that they be accurate.” Then she looks at 0X, “So, we have a number of technological devices here, none are very high tech but they have a variety of purposes. With your permission we would like to scan you as you consume them. It would be helpful if you consumed them slowly and let us know more about how you do this, how it feels to do this, and what you think about while you are doing it.” She’s every bit Vulcan, matter of fact, clear, concise.

That seems to irritate the Romulans even more but they remain silent. 0X looks at the Vulcan woman, intrigued by her directness and appearance, but just as interested in the technologies they have in front of him…“You can scan me sure… and I’ll try to be slow about it it’s honestly slower the bigger the technology is, but we can try… what exactly are these devices you have for me?”

The Vulcan scientist nods, “I am Doctor Unnur.” she seemed to go by Doctor even though her uniform she is a Commander. Her gold uniform indicates she’s in the sciences and research division. She goes to the table, "Now, I will admit that none of these devices are the latest versions, in the interest of security we have decided to first study how you process the consumption of a device rather than the capabilities of your ability to integrate technology into yourself. She points to the various things as she names them, “Tricorder, Handheld Communicator, Dermal Regenerator, Model Tractor Beam” there are a few others there, they are engineering components but not complete devices. A couple of power couplers of different kinds, some isolinear chips, and a bioneural gel pack. All of it is at least 10 years out of date.

“that’s, understandable” He floats over and looks over the different devices before picking up the Dermal Regenerator and grasps it with his front legs, and brings it close to his mouth. “I’m assuming the Admiralty is okay with this?” He asks before proceeding.

She nods, “Yes, our experiments have been fully sanctioned and authorized. That model is about a decade or so old.” that was probably consistent with what was there. They scan intently watching monitors and holding tricoders from different positions and angles as X0 does his thing.

He nods and begins putting the device into his mouth, and a fluid of nanites begin flowing onto the surface of the device, first they seem to analyze the materials and construction of the device, before they begin to break the device down to the mollecular level, every bit of the device after that point is analyzed further, allowing a form of blueprint to be formed in the process, one that copies the device and technology to the finest detail.

She discuss things quietly amongst themselves as data is collected, “Fascinating.” the lead says, “While you’re doing this, how do you figure out how to integrate that technology into your own makeup from the information you gather?”

Of course, now X0 would have an excellent understanding of how a dermal regenerator worked, for medical devices it was pretty simple.

He finishes consuming the device before responding. “I calculate the uses of such technology and analyze how such could be integrated into my systems, for my benefit and also this is based off of the nature of the device. For such a device here, serves a primarily medical purpose, so I could integrate into the ends of my claws, allowing the center of the claw to use such technology, my other forms may have similar alterations, but the location would be different.”

He shows his claws which seem to have adapted a similar end to the dermal regenerator, without compromising the claws, enabling him to have some basic first aid capabilities.

“I can also simply not adapt that technology into myself for a time if I see no current use for it but then adapt it in later, or use it for specific forms and circumstances”

“May we do some detailed scans of your claws?” the lead asks politely. If he ascents they proceed to do some very detailed tricorder scans of the claw, “Interesting, so are all of your adaptations present at all times, or do you change parts of your body to have the adaptations that you find useful.”

“you may” 0X says as he extends the claws to allow them to do so. after they are finished and the second question is asked he responds. “yes, technically all consumed technologies are present at all times, but I can choose which adaptions are constructed and used at any given point in time, I can also deconstruct those adapted technologies if I see them as not being needed for the time being.” He shows this my causing the dermal regenerators on his claws to slowly disappear and return to as they were before.

The scans indicate that there is adapted technology from the dermal regenerator in the center of the claw, but they also detect traces of nanites enhancing the abilities of that technology and acting as a control circuit to prevent damage to the new technology or to himself from his micro-Singularity core he got from the romulans, the scans also show that the claw and connected arm, is segmented, allowing it to be quite flexable, while being made out of a material which shares similar properties to polyalloy.

They nod and are quite quiet as they scan, “How did you initiate the microsingularity?” the can detect it powering his body, “A microsingularity, I can’t imagine that it was easy to do considering how dangerous it is to generate.” She’s being matter-of-fact about the statement, no bewilderment or other emotions to disrupt her calm and even tone, “Even the Romulan reactors are far bigger than the one you’ve created.”

“I know… I ate part of one”

“disabled the ship, luckily we got it under control before the ship was destroyed… stupid parasite!” The Romulan guard speaks up

The Vulcan turns to the Romulans, “The code of conduct on this station is very clear, the pejorative term of paracite in the tone you used indicates that you are using it in its capacity as a racial slur, I did not anticipate such behaviors still permeated the Romulan Star Empire. Please follow the code of conduct, while you are allowed to accompany this being, I am permitted to remove you from my laboratory, something I will do if you cannot respect the common customs of civil conduct.”

Then she looks at 0X-07, “So, how did you contain the gravitational energy of the reactor core once you breeched it?”