The Dramatic Undead Chemist (Vin/Itza)

(When this first message is sent, there will be an RP already taking place on Soteria. This RP takes place after that)
Vin comes out of his room from the events with the fungus creature that took place yesterday. It seems battle for Vin is coming back to haunt him, just like how battle had always been around the corner on his planet when he was in his war with Zawa and his military, the Shadow Militia. It seems as though he chose a fighting career as the right one, since it was if his fighting spirit would be awake forever, and could never be put to rest, at least for an extended period of time. He had thought these thoughts last night but quickly got rid of them as he went to sleep. As usual, Vin’s armor and katanas were almost as reflective as mirrors. It was a complete mystery how they end up like that every time Vin comes out of his room. He could have done it himself, but he always seemed like he gets 8 hours of sleep every night, so it was hard to believe he is able to do both of those while also living a life on the station within 24 hours. He walks the hallways to Itza’s workshop, and sees that it’s open, with Itza inside. He knocks on the wall next to the door frame
"Hello there Itza. Do you mind if I enter and ask you about something?"

Itza turns to Vin, she was soldering a circuitboard. “what do you want to know?” She had been acting weirdly since rescuing Vlad but only Mastema knew what exactly had happened to her. She goes back to soldering “don’t worry i will be paying attention, just want to finish this”

*Vin takes what she said as her allowing him to enter. He walks in and takes all of his katanas off of his belt, leaning them all against a wall near one of the workshop’s benches. At the same time he was walking to said bench and once they were all against the wall, he sat down pretty much right after. The katanas are neatly and symmetrically leaned against the wall, with the blades touching the floor and the hilts touching the wall. All of the numbered katanas are in order from left to right, obviously starting with 1 on the far left end and 20 on the far right end. That was just how Vin had likes it, and he mastered doing to the point where he doesn’t need to focus on it to put them in that order. He turns to Itza once he had sat down, his back hunched forward and not leaned against anything, his arms also being layed down on his legs
"I need to ask you something about Flask. I already know you are aware about his disappearance, so I’ll just get straight to the point. I have heard from Flask before he left about you being able to go to this, I would assume, separate reality called the Dreaming. I had also heard that it’s similar to normal reality, but it can be bent based on a Fae’s imagination. Objects such as doors can appear out of nowhere to rooms that never existed, and living creatures can be created in the dreaming from drawings or paintings. He essentially said that it was a reality formed by a living creature’s creativity. If I am wrong about anything, please do correct me appropriately, and I apologize if I had believed any misinformation"

As she is soldering “You are not incorrect about anything, except me being able to go there. After what happened I am unable to go into the dreaming anymore. Not like it matters, i can see everyone’s imaginations all the time now. I can see the beautiful, the grotesque, the truth of things, and the madness behind it all” She finishes “So what does any of this have to do with Flask and his disappearance? You don’t intend to go into the dreaming to get him back?”

Vin’s face turns mildly shocked from what Itza had said. Not that she had guessed his thoughts, he saw that coming from a mile away. It was the fact that she couldn’t go to the Dreaming anymore that shocked him, and when she had said that she couldn’t, Vin’s face became mildly shocked at that instant, but he let her finish speaking. Once she was done he responded
"Oh… I am sorry for your lost ability, yet the trade for it does sound like it was worth it. And yes I was wondering if there was anyway to track down Flask via the Dreaming. Flask told me that doors appear to different places out of nowhere, and while I am aware that the physical body needs to stay where it is and that the Dreaming doesn’t effect te body’s position in any way, I was thinking that we could at least track his location down and head there once we come back to the real world. However I see that that is no longer an option, given your current state of being. If there is still a way to try and track down Flask, then please tell me. If not, then I shall take my leave"

“Well thinking about it, i could probably make a machine that forces open a portal to the dreaming. As for finding Flask’s location i don’t think you would be able to, this dreaming is unique to this universe and not connected to anything else. I could still build it if you wanna check might even be fun, otherwise maybe ask the demon. Sorry i can help out, i don’t know how to build a device that tunnels to other universes.” She places the board in a drawer “Anything else? Need me to build something?” Her expression hasn’t changed from that of slightly bored the entire time Vin has seen her.

Vin smiles and gets out of his seat, standing now in front of the chair he was sitting in
"Well firstly I am sure you wouldn’t have to worry about creating splices in any way. From what I have heard, Flask had only gone through a man-made portal to another world, not a splice. And although it could have been made from a different universe, I am positive that magic such as that doesn’t exist, at least from my knowledge on the history of magic. Secondly, I would appreciate it if you made a machine such as that. And as for his location, asking Mastema had never crossed my mind when I had decided to talk to you. I am sure I can work out a deal with him that won’t take too much off of my life away. And finally, no, there is no more I need to talk to you about, this information I have now is all I need.
However, if you do end up making the machine to travel to different places, I would be honored to do anything in return for your help to me. If there is anything you wish, I would be happy to oblige and carry out that duty, whatever it may be. If you need something of me now, then simply tell me and I shall get to it as soon as I can. If you can’t think of anythig right now, then just contact me. I’ll fill out your request then."