The Bridge of loss

Chapter 1
Pushing away… he fallen into darkness, silent seconds passed by, suddenly Sergant Ulgo felt pull as static line pulled his parachute on.

He slowly descended onto plains and after landing hidden his parachute, then pick-up his M1 Garand. He and his team were to secure beached for approaching friendly units, qnd prevent Germans from blowing up bridge. They were dropped in four difrent LZs, and had to meet up. He started to slowly walk south east to abbandoned building, where he and Private Lease, teams medic were to meet before going to main point.
It was cold, silent night. Moon was high up, giving glimmer of light while still allowing to remain concealed.
About 10 minutes of march Ulgo would slowly open door to building, when he suddenly heard voice
-hill - Ulgo would answer before entering building - you’re ok Lease?
-yes sarge -Lease would walk out from.behind counter, holding his M1 carabine
-lets go then

Both paratroopers would match out, going toward city, that according to intel was lightly guarded, suddenly they heard yelling in german and commotion occured, when Ulgo looked through binoculars he noticed one of his teammates being dragged onto city plaza, corporal Perez, explosives specialist officer.
Suddenly Perez would jump forward trying to run but was quickly gunned down with MG42 fire from nearby emplacement

-Damn Perez, i hope Michel’s alright
-he probably is lease, let’s keep going, carefully

As both troopers moved out they heard rumble in grass, they both aimed their rifles at source, just to notice Private first class Michel, muscle of team, crawl out with knife

-Sarge - he whispered getting up - good to see you
-Same Michel, you’re ok?
-yes sarge, just some scratches and bruises from crawling

Ulgo would nod before team moved out. As they approached town they saw few patrols. Managing to evade them they would slowly get to bridge and… Then when spotlight
landed on them

-Amerikanischer Soldat! Feuer MG42!

All 3 American paratroopers would take cover, while MG42 started spewing rounds at their position


Ulgo yelled while Firing his Garand During german gunners ammo belts changes
Suddenly object would land near US troops

An grenade
Michel would grab it in attempt to throw it away but it exploded…

Chapter 2
-Hey Captain, you think they still hold that bridge? -one of troopers asked

Sergant Randall looked down from tower of Sherman he sat on during way to city

-how the hell i am supposed to know Kenny? Do you think I’m some fairy?

Few Troopers would chuckle, then top hatch of tank would open

-Hey Randall, were entering city shortly, seems it’s si…

Rest of sentence would dissaper in loud explosion as leading sherman would light up from impact

-GET OFF TANKS - Randall yelled jumping off - Kenny, get able team and go from left, Taylor, Bravo team from right, rest with me and tanks!

-Aye cap - said Taylor - BETA TEAM, ON ME
-roger that captain - Kenny would say - ALPHA ON ME

Troopers would disperse following yheir commanders as Randal team would start going forward, finnaly opening fire at pak 40 crew that took sherman down and surrounding soldiers, shortly after they cleared thay position tanks would ride up

-Blackburn, climb on top and spot targets for guys inside with Lee, rest, we’re going through cafe, let’s go!

Two troopers would climb up Tank and taking cover behind it tower, spot targets such as MG positions for crew which eliminated those threats, while both assault teams that flamked hostiles eliminated remaining groups and approached bridge head, firing at few falling back troopers

-RALLY UP - Randal yelled getting his man together
-Ok guys, listen up, we need to wait for second team, so setup Defense positions. Blackburn, Taylor get 30 cals up to those windows, we’ll get them in cross fire, Shepard, Jenkins get two man and move PAKs so they can target bridge, Taylor, McCloskey get few man and setup mortars. Rest of you, setup sandbags and take cover.

Troopers rushed away unloading supplies of tanks and settings up defences, four troopers pushed two pak cannons into concealed positions near building and carried ammo boxes to fire at tanks, two more troopers ran to buildings with .30 cal machineguns, settings them in windows and putting ammo tapes in chambering rounds, one of soldier, with M1 garand that has scope attached would sit near small windows in building looking over other shore, ready to warn rest of team about counter attack

After sandbags were set, one of troopers placed last .30 on them, having clear view on bridge, troopers took cover in various building, behind sandbags and stone walls then waited

Suddenly sniper run to window that exited to courtyard
-COUNTERATACK! - he dashed to his position and started shooting at incoming krauts while few mortars that ranger team took started firing at other shore, Randal and his team would get ready firing at any krauts that managed to get past both MGs and sniper, holding their point in front of bridge.

Suddenly tank shell hit one of MGs position sending cloud of dust and rumble in air, destroyed .30 landing somewhere in water, then another one, and at same time Randal noticed majestic silethouse of Tiger tank on other shore that slowly rode onto bridge going across water

While Tank was about half way through bridge captured PAKs fired
Then again
Tiger shook, loud screech filled air as fire exited it ribbons from holes made be AP rounds. Enemy crew didn’t even had time to crawl out before being burned alive, rangers continuing their death rain on krauts advance
Air filled with rounds, gunpowder and blood smell everywhere, loud staccato of .30 cals and BARs accompanied by thompsons and occasional ping from garand

Randal squeezed trigger again… and nothing happened, he pulled magazine out and reach for another one, finding all holders empty, he dropped Thompson and picked up M1 carabine from dead soldier next to him then return to firing

Suddenly commotion, assault seemingly slowed, staccato of .30 cal’s then silence
After few minutes Randal stood up


Troopers dashed, few collecting screaming brothers in arms, covered in blood and dirt, few rounding up any weapeon and ammo one or two carried ammo boxes to .30s.
Suddenly one of German bodies moved, soldier aimed his M1 garand, but German covered his face, bleeding from side of head

-Hilfe, bitte, ich will nicht sterben, ich bitte dich, bring mich nicht um!

German was begging for his life, Kenny, private that had Garand aimed at him turned to group of rangers

-Johny! Come over here, give me a hand

Both rangers picked up their former enemy and carried him to first aid post

Randal picked up few M1 carabine magazines from box and put them on utility belt

Suddenly whistle, then explosion, then again, and again, US soldiers ran to cover, yelling filled air


Randal dashed behind sandbags, and check M1 carabine magasine if he have enough ammo for start, then after mortars stoped he pulled himself up and man 30 cal in front of bridge.
German Troopers appeared shortly after, he squeezed trigger, loud staccato of rounds leaving barell, ping of casings dropping to ground, sound of rifles and SMGs filled air
And yelling, both of morale lifting, but also painfull yells of troopers hit by rounds from both sides.

-Granate werfen!
One of Germans yelled throwing grenade at Randal position, he jumped away, seeing how .30 he used got destroyed, rangers started to slowly fall back… when suddenly building exploded, and another tiger crossed the bridge

-FALL BACK, FALL BACK -yelled Randal

Sudden whistle, engine sound, and then… two P-47 Thunderbolts fired at enemy infantry, cleansing bridge, behind rangers, roar as two Sherman Fireflies drive through building and fire their cannons at tiger, behind them, fresh US army troops

Randal laughed and reloaded his carabine, before turning to his tired teammates
-lets go! We don’t want them to take all glory!
Few troopers laughed, other silently reloaded, then they followed shermans to the bridge, entering it, and going across, shermans fired at MG42 positions, then their fifty call machine guns started shreading through Nazi infantry

-Zurückfallen! Zurückfallen! Rette dein Leben!

Germans started falling back under pressure of rested us army troops accompanied by tanks, and planes, the city was secured, for now.

-OK, setup defensive positions and roadblocks, get ready for counterattack!

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