The Baker Case - Plot Notes

This plot deals with a case Trevor Arnell is working for the Chicago branch of the Out of Aces Detective Agency.

The case involves Gerald Baker who was held in custody by the police and not allowed to seek treatment for his PTSD after an arrest. While they were transporting him, he became very agitated, tried to escape, and was shot. Now he claimed that he had PTSD from being kidnapped, tired up, tortured, and then left out to die. His family claims that he advised the police of this and they did not believe him and kept him chained up. The family insists this is what forced him to try to escape, saying he was having a flashback. The police are saying the incident didn’t happen at all and thus they are not liable for a made-up story.

Trevor has been hired to investigate and find the details of the abduction and prove it actually occurred.