The 5 Million Year Journey (Open Ended)

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Getting inside the hibernation pod, she waited for her turn for launch, granted, by the time she would’ve launched, she should already asleep. Carefully, she pondered about where she will end up. Will she end up in deep space? Doomed to float for eternity? Will she end up falling into a Black Hole? Will she be found by an Alien race?

These thoughts ran through her head as the capsule was loaded into the launch area. However, she wasn’t asleep. She was fully conscious.


The sudden acceleration momentarily flushed all the blood down to her torso, before returning to normal. From the tiny window, she could see the station slowly get smaller and smaller eventually disappearing as she entered the outer area of the wormhole. It was as if she was looking at a sphere from the inside, the view on the left of the window was flat, while the view on the right was curving.

The capsule shook as it entered the bulk of the wormhole, the vibration was severe, from her view, it was like flying through a giant cylinder, ‘valleys’ of ‘stars’ littered her view and even some galaxies looked like they were 2 Dimensional images plastered on an uneven piece of rock.

30 seconds later, the vibration stopped, and she was now in completely new, unexplored space.

Turning on her watch, she left a message to anyone who happened to find her:

[This is Eva Lanister. If anyone out there happened to find me in this capsule…I’ll be in your care. What, or Why am I in a capsule is information you are better off not knowing.]

With that, she discarded her watch, activating the electromagnet on the rear and sticking it on the floor.

Resting her head on the hibernation bed, a warm liquid water-like substance slowly flooded the inside, envrloping her. Opening her mouth, she inhaled the substance into her lungs. Closing her eyes, she went to sleep.

5 million years later. 4 months from the present time.

The capsule, having passed the Barrier in a little less than 4 months, and taking well over 30 years to reach the inner Schatten System comoletely unnoticed, would wake up. The navigation computer was damaged, not being able to detect any specific Gravitational Fields. The emergency beacon was non-functional, nor was any method of communication to the outside world.

Nontheless, the capsule would fire up its Plasma Thrusters, slowing down the capsule into an orbit around the single Gravitational Body it could detect. The home star of the Schatten System.

Its occupant was still alive, but asleep. Having been asleep for the past five and a half million years. Having retained the same body as when she first departed her home Galaxy.

The outside of the capsule had shown a bit of wear and tear, tiny craters pock marked the external structure, but the capsule was still functioning.

It was only a matter of time until someone found her…

[A/N: The part where someone finds her capsule floating in deep space would take place 4 months after her capsule has settled in an orbit around the star, just a heads up]

4 months passed… It was 4 months before a fighter patrol saw the strange reading. There was enough junk floating around out there so that it might be nothing but the sensors pinged on refined metals, something that they shouldn’t see out here. All the fighter did was report it though. A few hours later a vessel approached… It was a combat vessel, if anyone was able to see it the hull markings would reveal it to be the STV Angel of Io. Slowing down the ship made an intensive scan of the pod as it came to a relative stop about 250 km away.

Just as the Angel of Io arrived near the pod, Tekkadan’s vanguard unit flew past them and towards the pod. They then took up a defensive perimeter as Indra arrived in Barbatos with the rest of Tekkadan’s battle fleet, more mobile suits then launched from their carrier ships and hovered around the area. As this happened the Angel of Io would revive a hail from Tekkadan’s Command ship

The scan would detect life signs, it wasn’t weak, but it wasn’t strong either. As if someone inside the pod was resting.

Needless the say the scan would reveal a few other pieces of information. Such as damage to the pods’ external sensors, the semi-functioning Anti-Matter Reactor, the non-functioning Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator, the plasma engines, systems and subsystems, and its contents. Life support systems were still active, albeit at minimum power consumption, as it was only supporting one life form.

The Angel of Io continued to track the pod as Charlotte told the COM officer to open a channel to the Tekkadan ship. “Captain Lewis of the Angel of Io, I see you’ve established a perimeter. Be advised I show a potentially damaged matter/antimatter reactor and power systems.” She looks at the operations officer and gives a nod. The Angel of Io establishes a data-link to the Tekkadan command ship to share it’s sensor feed.

“We are aware, our mobile suits did their own scans as soon as they arrived on site but thank you for sharing your feed,its appreciated.” Aki’s young voice said over the comms as Barbatos flew up close to the pod and stared at it quietly before motioning for some other mobile suits to come over before aki continued speaking “Also sorry for the intrusion on your scans as such but this is a matter our captain and command staff wanted to attend to personally considering what we do. If you have any issues with this we’re here to talk about them”

“We’re on the same side kids, I’ll hang back and monitor the situation.” She was rather unamused as the confrontational tone, could humans never leave such childish thins behind? They were on the same side and she hated territorialism, one of the reasons she preferred to keep her own company was that kind of childish behavior. The Angel of Io then slips back a bit, giving the mobile suits and their command ship more room. She kept monitoring the situation and opened a channel to Nimbus to report their findings. She sent half a dozen Teufel Probes (see below) which raced out toward the engagement. The Tekkadan command ship and mobile suits would get some very detailed scans and feeds from the pod and be able to see where the small probes were as they moved around. They now had very detailed scans and images of the outside of the probe.

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The scans by the probes and the mobile suits would be detect nothing new from the scans made by the Angel of Io. The same inactive life signs would be detected inside the capsule. There were no signs of a radiation leak to the inside of the capsule, however, the heatshield on the bottom was irradiated to nearly unsafe levels.

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“Thank you!” Aki said happily over the comms before turning it off and switching to Tekkadans personal communications

“They’re gonna hold back Indra, we’re gonna be unbothered by them for a bit besides more scanning I guess” Aki said in a far more serious tone than he did with the Angel of Io’s captain

“Understood, thanks aki. Have the boys in the bay get in their rad gear and in mobile workers we’re gonna bring this pod about and get whatever it is out of here.” Indras Barbatos then signaled over two other mobile suits “Guardian 3, guardian 4 carry this to the ship. Babarbatos claws would kill that person if I tried”

(It’s essentially an upscaled Dragon 2 Capsule. The actual cryogenic pod is inside)

As the bullet shaped capsule was brought into the Tekkadan Command Ship, the inside of the craft would light up, detecting artificial interference. There wasn’t anything serious, just an indication that whatever this thing was, it was still working.

Guardian 2 and 3 gently set the capsule down inside the main hangar of their ship before the Engineers in rad suits arrived in mobile workers to investigate the capsule. They took note when it lit up before going to find a way to crack it open.

The capsule was more or less a standard capsule similar to the ones from the Early Days of Spaceflight centuries ago. Sharing a similae cone-shape, it was 8m wide at the base and tapering down to 6.8m at the top, it stood at about 14.3m tall.

There were two exhaust ports on each side, the capsule came equipped with 8 plasma engines in 4 pairs. Openings for the reaction control thrusters were present in 8 clusters, four on the bottom, four on the top.

On the top of the capsule a simple blunt shaped shield, on the front was a doorway with a small sapphire window, giving anyone outside a small glimpse of what was inside. A moving panel was attached to the door, concealing the emergency lever.

The bottom of the capsule was nothing but black tiles for heatshielding.

Inside the capsule was a central cylindrical pillar, on both the sides of the pillar were white boxes, behind the pillar was a single grey box. The rest of the inside was white.

Indra came in for a landing nearby as the engineers noted the details of the capsule before going to toy withe moving panel on the door. At the same time a detachment of the Tekkadan marines came in to watch over the situation just in case whatever is inside wasn’t friendly

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As soon as a hand got close, the panel moved down, revealing a lever. No instructions were written, but it was obvious it was supposed to be pulled down.

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The engineers looked among each other once the panel moved as if getting confirmation from one another. After a minute or so one stepped forward and went to pull the lever down.

As soon as they pulled the lever down, the whole door assembly moved outwards before dropping to the floor with a loud thud. Weighing over 4 tons, the door left a small dent on the floor of the Command Ship.

Air gushed out from the capsule as the difference in air pressure between the capsule and the Command Ship became apparent. Stabilizing after a few seconds, the engineers and everyone else finally got a close look at the inside of the spacecraft.

The engineers stepped away once the assembly moved out and fell, the marines then rushed forward and raised their guns just in case. Barbatos rose at the same time and stared at the pod

“Yuu investigate inside, execute it if it’s hostile” Indra said over Barbatos PA system. Yuu then holstered his rifle and raised his pistol before going to look inside the pod

The pod was mostly empty, the central cylindrical pillar was large however, a small fogged up window was present on the pillar. There were no screens, indicators, nothing, on the central pillar. Just an empty rectangular window.

Yuu stepped inside slowly before approaching the the central pillar, he then tried looking through the rectangular window

The window was largely too fogged up to see through, a faint outline can be made out, but nothing else could be seen. Maybe he could try wiping his hand on the window to clear the fog?