Tekkadan Initiation

Indra had just finished up a meeting with his commanding officer Amber and his Captains, Aki and Kenshin.

The meeting was about the many recent additions to the Tekkadan squad, Indra wanted everyone to just get to know each other on their own but Aki and amber forced him to call a meeting with the whole squad as a sort of initiation

The door to the meeting room slides open with a hiss with Vizsla followed by her appointed right-hand man/woman having been called up by the leaders of Tekkedan for discussion of the future use of her men in their little ragtag group of MS pilots.

“You called?”

Indra stood before them with Akira and Kenshin at his sides, he had decided to dress “properly” for once and wore his skin tight pilot shirt underneath his coat

“Yeah…I did, look higher ups said I gotta have you and your men get to know my boys and all that jazz”

Wearing their Zaku armor, the two MS girls held their Zaku I helmet in between their left arm as they listen to what Indra had to say, filling them in on what’s to happen.

“Understandable,” Vizsla agreed. Understanding the need of the activity.

“Think of it as an initiation of sorts…but anyways basically we’ll have a small meet and greet, tours, maybe some test, then we’ll get you properly settled in”

He then paused and looked them over
“And get some Tekkadan logos on you”

“Sounds simple actually,” She cheekily commented with a smile, seemingly looking forward for the drills ahead and meeting her new comrades though the thought of them being child soldiers put a bitter taste in her mouth but nonetheless, she stowed those feelings away as they showed signs of competence.

“Shall we get started?” The Zaku asks. “My men are busy lounging around in the hangar mind you.”

“And my boys are busy repairing the mobile suits and dicking around…tell your men to meet us in the Shinkos mobile suit bay and we’ll Get everything started”

“Gotcha,” Vizsla would then do a subtle nod to her second in command, who in turn understood what she mean’t later pressing her fingers to her ear softly muttering some words.

“Shall we?” She suggested.

Indra nodded as he tapped his comms and tells his men to ready up in an almost insulting way before motioning for Aki and Ken to follow

From there on, the two Zaku MS girls followed their new boss, walking through the many hallways and corridors of the Tekkedan ship en route to one of the MS Hangar bays.

Indra remained quiet as he walked down the halls towards the hangar bay, in all honestly being a leader to people besides the boys of tekkadan just felt weird to him but he wouldn’t let it bother him.

After about three minutes he leads the ms girls into the mobile suit bay where his men where all waiting and still screwing around

While Indra’s boys were busy fooling around, near them was a pile of stacked crates where the feminine figures cladding in Mobile Suit armor reminiscent to a Zaku I stood there waiting for their leader.

Indra growled as he took off his coat and threw it to the ground “Oi ya lazy shits! Form up and act proper! We have a meeting!”

He roared as the boys all stopped what they were doing and lined up shoulder to shoulder

Turns out at the same time, Vizsla did the exact same thing shouting in unison with the muscular boy at her subordinates.

“Why are you not in attention! Where’s your Zeon pride! You girls don’t seriously mind being one up by a bunch of kids!?”

“No ma’am!!!”

The other Zakus were quick on their feet, getting into formation within seconds and perform a quick Zeon salute.


Indra glanced at Vizsla and chuckles a bit before turning to his men again

“Ya hear that?! Ya just got one fucking upped by some fucking girls! I expected better from Tekkadan!” He then paused and made a hand gesture making his two second in commands to return to his side

“So here’s my sorry excuse for a private security group”

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