Tears of an Orphan

Indra sat alone in his personal quarters aboard the Shinko, it had been a few weeks since his new training started due to the deal he cut with Lance. However a section of that deal bothered him…the part where he needed to be more open with people and his team especially. Now he wasn’t about to go spilling his guts to his men like it was nothing, it’s simply something he couldn’t and wouldn’t do. So instead he decided to tell a newer member of Tekkadan…Vizla the Commander of the Zaku girls unit.

With that decision in mind Indra set out some drinks and quickly sent a message over Tekkadan’s personal comms for Vizla to meet him at his room, whenever she felt like it.

Walking down the upper-level crew-deck corridors of the Shinko, Vizsla recently received a personal call from Indra, asking her to pop by to his personal quarters for a drink and talk. A much-needed talk if she says so herself given how reclusive he has been as of late.

Despite the best efforts of the Paramilitary mascot; Akira, the boss didn’t budge to the bubbly boy’s word. Something that worried him where he asked her if she could talk some sense into him. She agreed.

Standing in front of the door to Indra’s quarters, she proceeded to politely knock it. “Boss, you in there? Its Vizsla.”

Shortly after Vizla knocked the door slid open revealing a very tired looking Indra “Yeah…I’m here, sorry come inside and have a seat…I was still getting some stuff ready”

Indra then quietly stepped to the side before rubbing the back of his head. It was rare to see him this tired looking or even this polite

Seeing him this docile was rather off-putting, to say the least given how passive-aggressive he usually was. Hence she had a concerned look written on her face as the man gave berth for her to enter his quarters.

Upon entering, she notices a bottle of brandy sitting on a table along with a pair of whisky glass.

“You wanted to talk boss?”

He waited a moment before closing the door behind Vizsla, he then stood still for a moment before going to take a seat in one of the nearby chairs in the room

“Oh yeah…yeah I wanted to talk to you about somethings…kinda apart of my new orders or…well… deal I made I guess”

“Deal?” Vizsla asks the teenager before taking a seat that Indra offered to her. “What kind of deal?”

“Let’s just say I got into a bit of trouble…bad trouble in a sense. Lance told helped me fix it but in exchange…I needed to be more open with folks…and stupid shit like that”

“I can see why.” Vizsla idly commented, staring at the teenager with hidden concern. “You think it’s for the best in the long run?”

He quietly leaned into his chair before letting out a sigh. “In honesty…I don’t think it’ll help me but if he says it will…then I’ll try it to the best of my abilities…”

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