Team Sigma's Discussion (Team Sigma and Lance Thomas)

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Team Sigma, the temporal Operatives of the Schatten System discuss how to stop the Infinity wave aboard the STV Epoch.

Research showed that the Infinity wave was caused by a Trilithium torpedo, which wiped out Earth.
Time and effort showed that the torpedos were invented by a certain Dr. Sauron, yet, Fleet Admiral Thomas hinted that Onyx got a hand on the warheads independently from Sauron on their own accords.
It’s now up to the team to decide whether to ensure that Sauron is dead or to deal with Onyx directly.

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Neo speaks his mind.
“Regarding the situation in my view, it is indeed more likely that they’ve developed the warheads independently from Dr. Sauron. Vlad makes a good point again, it is better to destroy the source than the ships, as the plans remain intact. As far as I see, the plans are out of reach at this point, aren’t they?”

Lance speaks up after a bit, “Well we can do both. The immediate threat is the destruction of the star, Sol. Even Onyx is not foolish enough to send two teams to the same time period with the same mission, the chances of there being a problem are doubled. I see no evidence that this is a decoy, so I think we need to stop the immediate threat and use the mission to gather intel for a 2nd mission to stop the production of said missiles.”

Vlad nods in agreement, “yeah if we can capture one of the ships or at least get their data it would make the investigation a whole lot easier. At least then we would have a better lead than what scant clues we have now.”

Neo nods.
“Then it’s settled. We’ll first off stop the destruction of Sol. Within this mission, we’ll attempt to gather Intel on the origin of the used warheads and afterwards Deal with the origin if possible. Any further comments or questions of any sort?”