Take Puppy to Work

Right now I’m sitting on my couch typing at the computer, while my puppy tries to get my attention. He’s pawing my hand gently, sitting on my leg and staring at my fingers as they type. His very presence is both de-stressing and makes me smile.

How awesome would it be if we could all take our dogs to work? Have a problem customer, look over at the cute pug face and have no choice but to smile.

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I love that idea :grinning:

It would make my day a lot better. Alas I’m sure that someone would have a problem with it and complain to corporate.

People can find problem wih everything, and they will, unfortunately

I wanna take me corgi to work ^-^

(when I get a corgi)

Why a Corgi? Pugs are way cuter!

nuuuu corgi!! I love corgi’s

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