Submission 1 for the Villain thing

So, my second thought for a villain that would certainly make a long lasting threat and not just a short term one would be an Imperial Admiral. (Instead of my original idea of a Covenant Fleetmaster, who would just blow up a planet and gtfo. Plus, he would never recruit help, unlike a competent Admiral.) His motive would be revenge for the destruction of the Death Star and the Executor class used by Onyx. And, of course, he knows he cannot merely invade Solus Tempus systems, after all if they can take out the Death Star they can certainly destroy an Imperial II. He would use more covert operations, hit and runs, remaining relatively unseen until he was absolutely positive that ST was permanently crippled, then move in for the kill. I have a feeling he won’t be accepted but Cy wanted to see it so here goes.

  • Player ID: @Buckethead#3038
  • Character Name: Enus Vallan
  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
    Height / Weight: 5’10"/190 lbs
    Hair / Eye Color: Blonde/Blue
    Age / DoB: 36/June 8th
    Place of Birth: Coruscant
  • Universe of Origin: StarWars
  • Occupation: Imperial Admiral
  • Rank / Skill Level: Admiral
  • Body Type: Average
  • Personality: Distant and thoughtful, but he cares for his crew and close companions. He is very calm, even in stressful situations, which makes him an excellent Admiral.
    Special Skills: He is incredibly intelligent, and a quick thinker.
    Special Abilities:
    Background: Even childhood on Coruscant is almost as busy as the speeder traffic filling the skies of the metropolis world. Enus was put in the Imperial Academy at the extremely early age of 10 by his parents, to get a head start in his path towards his predetermined career of an Imperial Navy officer. He showed exceptional thinking skills during his 10 years of Academy training, and once he graduated he was put as a Lieutenant aboard an Arquintens, the Conqueror. From there, he climbed the ladder to the rank of Admiral, getting command of the 18th fleet, and it’s flagship, the Serpent. He then worked extensively against the Rebels before splicing into the universe of Blazing Umbra, around the time of the attack on the Death Star by Solus Tempus forces. It’s destruction marked the organization as nothing more than well equipped Rebels, the destruction of the Star Dreadnought further proving this fact to him. He offered his assistance to Onyx, but plans on making his own, smaller scale campaign against Solus Tempus on his own accord.
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Alright Bucket, this is our villain for Blazing Umbra. I like the idea, and I’d like to discuss this with your further when you’re available.

Oh boy, well we can discuss it here I guess. I’ll be back soon anyways.

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