Storyline: Desert Phone Booth

So, I’ve posted about this on the server but I wanted to also post it here to give people more of a chance to comment and a better way to look up notes if I need to.

Here is the basic idea:

Based on the actual Mojave Phonebooth I want to do a story where a phone booth appears one day relatively out of nowhere. It works perfectly and provides a needed resource for some community. For the purposes of RP we will assume that there is little or no cell coverage, might even place it rather than 2020 but maybe like 1990 or something, when cell coverage was nearly non-existant in rural areas.

The mainstay of the initial plot is going to be that a person who lives in some desert community is going to be down on his/her luck. Poverty is a real problem, especially in a desert, and I’d like there to be some kind of drug element as well – perhaps not on the part of the PC but on a family member or other loved one. The point of this is that the PC is going to be native to the timeline at the time of the call when all this starts. Now, @Dasfier has submitted a character that would be a Splice, I hadn’t really considered that option but I’m not entirely opposed to it.

I would like to see what other people have in mind. The splice character from Das would certainly have some serious potential to give the other PC’s a run for their money though.

Onyx is going to be attempting to manipulate the past by using people from the past to make changes. In the storyline’s larger context, this will create smaller ripples in the timeline and be harder for Solas Tempus to track than people coming from the future.

Where the story will start is with the phone booth itself and the PC receiving a phone call. I’m not opposed to people playing other characters who know the PC, perhaps even help with the tasks that the PC is set to do. That is all fine. Since this takes place in the past, I’m also open for AS characters to take part in the RP, depending on the year we set it in. I’m sure there are desert areas which very little or no cell reception that a phone booth could be useful for, and if not we can fudge it.

So, I’d really like comments, ideas, constructive critism, etc.

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