Stories from other side (Still WiP)

Part 1: Home

Reach training facility
Dreams, everything start from them. They are beginning and end, they tell us what we plan, what we want or who we are. without dreams humans would be empty, other, maybe stagnant, development of science would never happen, development of flying, Artificial Intelligence, military and interstellar travel wouldn’t happen if one person with dream wouldn’t show up.
dreams are elementar part of being human.
But sometimes… dream lead to catastrophe.
Dr. Halsey expected that something like this can happen, but didn’t expect list to be that long
Halsey looked at HUD showing on glass observing as many spartans lifesigns turn into flatline… too many
dead kids
death caused by her idea for ideal soldier
for Spartans of current time
her dream of stopping war
-How many? -she asked with trembling voice
-over 70% Doctor Halsey -her personal AI assistant answered with emotionless voice generated by speaker build in to holo piedestal
Dr. Halsey blinked, she expected much lesser number. she actually hoped that this will end better than she expected and she felt guilty of death of children that trusted she, but knew it is for greater good. But what is that all about you may wonder, well let’s start from begining.

Chapter 1

Reach, 17 years ago
2 people, man and woman in civilian clothes looked over children on playground. they were standing in shadow near building. this wasn’t safest area of city ussualy avoided by people living in other places, 2 people observing small kids wasn’t really concern to many civils, hell this wasn’t uncommon for shady people to observer kids here,. But LT Jonas and Sgr Randall had reason to be there, they were observing kid, just like others. but she was other, she was chosen. and both of them weren’t sure if that’s good for her or not.

-She seem to enjoy herself, are we beginning yet? or wait looking as suspicious as possible to blend in crowd? - sergeant randall was inpatient person. but knew how to do her job well, and had talent for playing roles, which was really handy i current situation

Jonas looked over civils and shook head
-Too many, let’s wait a bit, but ping squad two to get ready

Randall nodded and poked microphone. on few blocks away, squad of 4 marines changed ammo to rubber bullets. all of them were ready. they didn’t like their mission, but they were soldiers, they are going to do it, best they can.

half of hour later Jonas nodded to Randal and pulled socom SMG that he kept hidden under jacket, Randall twisted handgun on her finger. they both had rubber bullets loaded. they are going to make show at same time 4 person marine team entered square and waved to children, one of them took longer look at blond haired girl. She seemed to have great fun with friends, she might have been 8 year old, but still enjoyed company of younger kids, she looked slightly funny on playground with 4-5 year old companions.

Randal and Jonas opened fire at them, one of marines hit the deck, not moving, kids ran away. apart from one that took cover, after all Alicia was older, and more curious of some things, or maybe she was too scared to run? probably even she don’t know.

marines returned fire, team leader opened communication yelling single line few times “Shots fired! shots fired!”. shortly after pelican started approaching area. Jonas and Randal started falling back and fresh marine team went after them.

Sgt 1st class Johansson looked at girl and slowly approached her
-hey there cutie, you ok? - Johansson was careful, she didn’t wanted to scare kid after whole trouble they made, it would be… not liked by higher ups.

small girl would simply nod, looking at soldier, that Johanson didn’t knew is that Alicia was actually interested in army, and she also didn’t knew that this wasn’t last battle she gonna have today. sniper round cut young sergeant life short as marines changed mags and returned fire to real threat, terrorists landed in “borrowed” pelican and Alicia hide again, she looked over dead body of redhaired soldier, then picked up her sidearm, she was more of curious how it feel to have real gun in her hand, then she looked over fighting troopers, 2nd marine team from before arrived back and opened fire, one of them taking cover near alicia and taking gun from her hand.
this marine was LT 1st class, and his name tag would read simply “Dalton”, he smiled to girl
-hey this is not a toy, don’t touch guns, it’s dangerous
then he opened fire, terrorists slowly backed away, and Dalton moved to regroup team.

some private approached Alicia and took her hand promising to walk she home, he was young and friendly, and Alicia mother always told she to trust UNSC troopers. Young girl grabbed his hand and they walked away from playground… then everything turned black

Private lied
and consequences will be huge, for both of them, in future

Chapter 2
reach training facility

it was few years since she and other spartans arrived to this facility. Some already got used to army rigour others still fought it. some actually tried to escape but all apart two were captured, Spartans day always looked same for most part, wake up, breakfast shooting drills, classes, physical training then some free time, most spent it on hobbies like, ironically shooting, football or other sport, other were reading books, and some others were simply sitting on field and relaxing, Alicia was one of few that were doing all those things, though she was more toward reading books than sport or doing nothing. but even with that free time, spartans were bored. every day looked same.

Morgan bounced tennis ball on her palm, then tossed it at Joshua,it bounce of his head as he sigh
-yeah i know you are bored, but why i am hurt by this?
-you fit Acceptable casualties description -Morgan responded to josh fast, they both chuckled

military training wasn’t easy, or funny. few spartans were in sickbay after small fights,or accidents at shooting range, but day after day young troopers were getting better and better, not knowing how big will be their role in future. they trained in marksmanship, Hidden ops, sneaking, observation, and what’s most important, patience.
they were often having medical test, and some of marines that were guarding them seemed slightly surprised about number of those, but didn’t say anything.
Spartans were young but no innocent, especially after drop into forest, where they spent day to find pelican… then literally take control over it, knocking out soldiers in civil uniforms next to it and leaving them behind. it took some time but all of them went back home
and for once chief Mendez seemed quite surprised seeing all of them hoping off Pelican without his man

2 years later, reach training facility
Alicia woke up few minutes before her alarm clock, she turned t off and sit up, it was 5 years since she woke up in this place, and she started to like training. it was hard but even being so young she knew at least few of those things gonna be really useful. she also enjoyed firing drills they had, that lieutenant she met in firefight was right, guns are dangerous, for both target and person wielding it. But now she knew how to handle them, she also learnt a lot about history and army in general. She got used to army rigour rather fast, especially early waking up. but still couldn’t get used to sleeping in same room with other 3 kids. she looked over her friends and smiled a bit than standed up and put clean uniform then fixed her short hair,she had urge to recolour them, but decided to do it maybe later. she had birthday as last of all spartans she knew, they all were 13 now.

few minutes later after rest of her ‘team’ got up & ready they went to mess hall and after breakfast cut short by Mendez yet again went to training. and after that in middle of day, instead for normal running exercises they were led into sort of laboratory and restrained to beds, Alicia winced as metal bands immobilized her hands and legs, then everything went dark…

and here we reach situation from beginning, over 70% of spartans II’s died during augmentation process which was meant to create super soldiers
brother, friends, sisters
kind of family
everything they had and will have forever is memories of them, that will be bright in mind and heart. they will fight for them, with all enemy, even f they don’t know that yet

Alicia woke up few hours later, weak and dizzy, she look up into eyes of doctor looking at she, doctor nodded and someone help her stand up, and led her to bunk, Rogal was already there, resting on bed, Alicia landed on her own, she didn’t knew that so many of her friends lost lives today. But after getting to feel better she knew something changed, but it all was explained later at morning.
they were augmented now, and their real raining just begun
and it was much harder than they expected
but they made it, and receive their ‘symbol’
Mjolnir mark 4 armors. simple armors made of Titanium alloy, heavy, but comfortable,it felt like second home

Chapter 3

month before Harvest contact

Shit, this wasn’t supposed to end like that
alicia looked around herself and helped marine stand up, then fired at insurgent snipers
they weren’t kids anymore, but still together, real team, from beginning to end, but not much really changed after day of augmentation, or as some called it ‘fuckin purge’

-We are kinda trapped here Echo 4-2! -Jason yelled into com
-Protector is on way hold on spartan team 1-4 - Echo 4-2 ‘the protector’ answered calmly, spartans and support team was trapped after destroying insurgents installation, even spartans couldn’t break through so they were sitting ducks until Evac arrive, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t done more, area was quite full of destroyed innies vehicles and stolen tanks, Morgan was sitting in captured ‘hog turret spraying innies to help them keep heads down but they were slowly running out of ammo. but that doesn’t mean innies win

no, when spartans run out of ammo, innies will hope it was otherwise

Rogal took cover behind they ex-transport. this wasn’t greatest day.

sudden explosion, and darkness again, no pain though, Visor comes back to life but faceplate seem to be damaged, from hit of HEAP round, rather rare ammunition in normal guns, but if it was any larger caliber than 7.62 she would be already most likely dead.
pelican fly overhead, and open fire from missiles pods,then turn around letting rear gunner spray innies before landing, Alicia started putting injured marines on board while other covered she, after that she patted Morgan and motioned to gunship. they climbed in and still shooting took off, going toward fading sun… pelican shook as rocket hit it but didn’t started falling down

maybe this day wasn’t as bad as it seemed, they still had one place to visit here, but they gonna rearm and refuel first, and maybe nap a bit, hell, they earned it

2 hours later

4 pods hit ground, they were halted quite a bit by parachutes and engines causing impact to be less loud
actually how the hell can be pod crashing into ground silent? anyway, they still landed few clicks away from innies so should be fine

-We missed LZ Jason, i thought you are navigator? - Morgan muttered exiting pod
-i thought about you, can’t let you be tired or you gonna be grumpy - Jason answered sarcastically rejoining Alicia and Rogal that landed 150 meters away. area was foggy so they couldn’t see each other, they only knew because of tactical option and transponders

-finished your sweet time? -Alicia asked as they approached
-Very funny -Morgan rolled eyes - Sitrep
-they seem to not notice our landing, like it is some terribly written plot against our team by higher ups
both chuckle then move out into treeline. they moved slowly in silence, scouting area in front of them, their armor gave some protection against mines and stuff, but nether of them wanted to test it in practise, after all murphy laws are still meaning something

half hour later they found first innies, 2 of them were patrolling area near checkpoint, Alicia and morgan nodded and diverted, Approaching enemy from behind alicia slowly raised to full standing position before holding Innie mouth and stabbing he into back, after making sure he is dead she placed he on ground, making he look like he is sleeping, then she rejoined morgan and rest of team, they continued forward using terrain as advantage, it seemed like yesterday when Spartans were dropped by Mendez into forest, same instincts were working now

after while spartans rappelled down cliff and spread out to do their objectives.
Alicia hide near bunker entrance and put DMR away, unholstering weapon she used rarely, silenced Magnum, she also had SMG in socom variant but her opinion about it… let’s say it isn’t greatest. she waited for Rogal to cut power.

exactly minute later base turned dark, and alicia opened unlocked door to bunker entering it and dropping small package near door, no one is escaping from here, she walked carefully through corridors, backstabbing few innies on way, and shooting one of them at moment he noticed she, she looked at clock

-5 minutes

she speeded up and finally arrive to bigger room, one she needed to clear.
-3 minutes Alicia -Morgan said over com
alicia sighed and entered room backstabbing closest enemy and throwing knife at radio destroying it, then she fired at few innies from magnum, she took cover and headshotted another one, when spring clicked saying that ammo ran out from mag she unholstered SMG and simply sprayed remaining innies

-2 minutes
-God damnit morgan, i have clock if you forgot

she ran to closest terminal and wiped security footage then started downloading data from server, so far everything was according to plan, she didn’t doubted enemy reinforcements are on way

-i know you don’t need to be reminded but it’s 1.5 minute till exfil time

Alicia grabbed data card and dashed out of bunker, she met up with team and they dashed into jungle

1 minute later charges exploded in base, killing few captured ‘hogs and scorpions, and destroying ammo cache. Spartans had luck and managed to exfil without firefight for once, and no one knew they were there.
or so they thinked

Chapter 3

month after Contact harvest, planet ▊▊▊▊▊

Pelican entered atmosphere and spartans looked around themselves, they had new fancy Mjolnir mart 5, even better armor, and shields some even had AI like Morgan, fancy stuff, and one hell of an update
-Ok team, listen up, we’re going to investigate covenant activity peak in that area. we need to stay out of radar as long as possible so keep your fingers of trigger. especially you Alicia -Morgan smirked
Morgan, spartan-038, only spartan with armor painted in gold-red colour, with small inscription on helmet “everything is dust”, she checked her MA5 mag
-Will do Sarge -Alicia answered with smirk
Pilot looked from cockpit
-30 seconds spartans, let the god be with you
-We don’t need no God -Jason answered shortly
Pelican landed and Spartans exit it, they instantly go to more hidden position and changed tac-com to short range com mode, they prefered to avoid detection as long as possible
-how far to target zone? -asked Rogal
-few kliks, about hour on sneaky walking
morgan answered fast
they started moving in formation, Morgan at beginning, then Alicia, Jason and Rogal

3 hours later, Peak 456

spartans were lying in snow, observing Covenant excavating site, Morgan record everything
-what you think they digging? sand castles? -jason chuckle
-shut up Jason -Rogal respond chuckling
-bearing 387, incoming three Wraiths -Alicia report lying few meters ago, observing road, Spartans instantly cut chatter and observed tanks if they will aim at their position, but all wraiths just parked. spartans were sitting ducks here for 2 hours now
-everything clear here now -Alicia added.
spartans exhale. they don’t need to blow stuff yet.
-hey Morgan, look at that dig site, do you see sort of temple door as well? -Jason asked
-yeah, probably one of those gods
-inbound, 4 banshee… -plasma fire is heard- THEY KNOW ABOUT US -Alicia yelled into microphone, rolling away from lane of fire
-Rogal, Jason, light them up
both spartans fired at wraith tanks destroying them then spray covenant forces with MA5s, needles fire went close to Jason helmet, scratching paint of it
-TOO CLOSE -he yelled- we might want to get away!
-Delta team to “Freedom” come in -morgan told into microphone
-Freedom here -answered duty officer
-requesting immediate extraction, Area is Hot i say again, Area is hot
-Pelican inbound ETA 5 minutes, sending Landing zone location
-we’ll be there, Delta move out
Spartans broke from combat, Jason wrecked banshee just before his shield flickered and fallen
alicia pulled he and whole team ran to LZ
pelican flew overhead with Loud thud as it begins to land, marines team jumped out and secured LZ, soon after spartans arrived and took off with marines, they didn’t knew that pair of banshees is following them as they ascend…
and they were closing in on Pelican…

Darknes… silence… pain
is it really going to end like that?
some muffled voices
fading away…
into nothingness
it seem to be long, hours, days, months year, but it happen fast, minutes, seconds
suddenly light, and another helmet become visible, something unhearable
maybe there’s another day for me to die

Planet ▊▊▊▊▊, 4 hours after mission started, Pelican crash site

Morgan take helmet off crouching next to alicia, and injecting she biofoam after removing fragment of Titanium that pierced armor at one of joint points, Alicia groan as pain sting when biofoam stop bleeding
marines and rest of Delta team take defencive positions
-wh…what happened - alicia ask after her heartbeat calm
-banshees took us down -Morgan answer fast- one marine dead, two injured. we was scared we lost you as well
-not that easy to get rid of me -Alicia chuckle, then groan standing up and picking her trusty DMR- does that mean i can go trigger happy?
Morgan chuckled - yes
Alicia and morgan join rest of forces, she still in pain take position, and open fire, few marines managed to dig shallow trenches so UNSC had cover from incoming covenants. they just needed to hold them off until Freedom get back to orbit

127 minutes until UNSC freedom enter orbit

UNSC forces started shooting, raining death upon alien forces, they didn’t care if aliens dropped armament and surrendered, or fought, they rained death upon them splatting ground with blood. they had a lot of ammo and time, they gave all they had to them. Blood, plasma, rounds, grenades, rockets.
terrain pelican crashed was good for defence, valley with two entrances, one blocked by wreck of ship, other under fire. but it also was trap when ammo end. soldiers lived by moment, didn’t thought about escaping, they didn’t had to, if ammo run out, or they stop shooting they will all die anyway.
few marines started to… sing
-I stand here right beside you, Tonight we’re fighting for our lives, Let me hear your battle cry,Your battle cry, We are the ones who will never be broken, With our final breath, We’ll fight to the death, We are soldiers, we are soldiers, We are the ones who will not go unspoken, No, we will not sleep, We are not sheep, We are soldiers, we are soldiers, You can’t erase us
You’ll just have to face us

60 minutes until Freedom enter orbit

fight raged on, covenants opposed our marines and spartans. They fought back, but ammo is slowly running out, there are victims on both sides, still no matter how miraculously that sound Covenant army have them much more.
plasma mortar struck ground sending group of marines into hell kingdom, morgan and Jason looked at each other, Rogal still fortified position. this was battle to death, but it seem covenant brought heavy guns, they both nodded and morgan dashed, she looked like red-gold demon when she used jump pack to exit valley of death, and disappeared. She went to turn tide of battle back in UNSC favour

20 minutes until Freedom enter orbit

for some time not plasma mortar struck covenant position but suddenly it went silent. shortly after that Morgan fallen into valley in CQC combat with elite Major, Jason opened fire just before elite impaled spartan with energy sword
suddenly communication channel went online
-static …dom, come static team
-UNSC Freedom say again
-UNSC Freedom to Delta static in, ETA 20 minutes
at this point static filled channel
Jason suddenly flew into pelican wreck, four hunters using shields as cover entered valley and walked toward UNSC positions, marines couldn’t hit them, four spartans looked at each other. they all smirked under helmet and they knew that. they dashed forward and full speed and primed grenades they jumped over hunters shield and throwed grenades into their backs, they exploded killing hunters, but shattering spartan shields as well. they dashed back to UNSC lines, having plasma fire at their back, Alicia trip over crossing line, Jason tripped on Alicia body. They both laughed and stood up, then return fire

3 minutes until Freedom reach orbit

fight seemed to take days, constant fire, death and blood and guts spitting make time go slower. Spartans were drained, only few marines remained. they fought for their lives, for family and race. even small victory counted much in war. it was just moment until extraction arrive
just few minutes
Alicia squeeze trigger… but all her DMR give is cold sound of spring hitting empty chamber
that was her last magazine
other spartans had same issue, ammo ended
They stood up at same moment and put their guns away than unholstered knifes
-come at me bro - muttered morgan addressing covenants

10 seconds to USS Freedom arrival

marines, that were still having ammo fired other just didn’t look over cover
to constant staccato of rounds, and wheeze of plasma and needlers joined sound of slashing. spartans didn’t gave up. end of ammo was last thing covenant wanted from spartans, their anger, filled air, Alicia armor covered by blood after shield shattered.
suddenly something flew overhead and line of marines cried with joy, that was sabre interceptor…
soon after pelican come into view and landed. medics jumped out same with marines team. they repealed rest of covenants
alicia leaned on wall of valley, she didn’t felt good, but who would after getting impaled by metal pieces
medic ran to she and patched up with better skill than "if it don’t help slap more biofoam"
after everyone was patched up at least barelly they entered pelican and escorted by interceptors flew to Freedom, as they boarded it ship entered slipspace toward next planet… then it went back home

Chapter 4

backwater planet emplacement of Top Secret research facility, month after scout mission

it was some time since last interesting mission, and seeing that this one seem boring as well Alicia kinda just stared into window, her team wasn’t in combat for month, they were just investigating camps. she slowly exhaled and take book in hand. then ship shaked and alarm blazed, she instantly grabbed DMR and put helmet on, PA was blazing decompression alert, but something for once felt odd
ship just exited shipyard after general remont, there should be no leaks
she know it might be nothing and she over react, but that backhead feeling was telling to check it out.

she took shorter way through maintenance corridors, and climbed ladder down to cargo bay, under her heavy boots lader groaned but hold as she climbed down, deck by deck, crossing by crossing, corridors were meant to hold engineers, they weren’t meant for easy going way, but to conserve space, spartan was barely fitting them. but she didn’t minded some scratched paint, she wanted to be there fast.

finally she approached doorway, and entered cargo bay… and discover that against all alerts it was pressurised, she pulled her socom magnum from holster and turned low light mode then started creeping around bay, even at war with covenants there were reports of insurgents attacking ships, and no one knew how they were managing to regroup without alerting security
until now

Alicia noticed group of man in space suits and with SMGs, they clearly didn’t looked military, having civilian clothes go over suits collars. she slowly pulled knife as one of them walked away from group toward crate, he was unarmed and probably planning to get MA5 from weapon stash, she sneaked on man as he dived into guns and pulled he over boxes stabbing into throat holding his mouth to stop yell. she then whistled luring other innie closer and he into back, then cutting his neck, holding his mouth, after that, seeing only 6 more she pulled out magnum and fired at first enemy
shoots triggered alarm. security still needed time to get here, but at least was aware.
same to innies that fortified their position, thinking their friend accidentally shoot, not expecting spartan on their back.

Marine team entered bay, straight into firing lane, some manage to take cover as spartan activated cloak and moved toward closest inni, snapping his neck, his day wasn’t as good as her

she then decloaked and threw knife into another one, hitting he in neck, securty killing next few, last one throwed sticky grenade at she, explosion throw she away and knocked out, just before he was mowed down by 6 MA5’s, innies chosen wrong ship to attack today.

she woke up few hours later, with giant headache and chest pain, but it would make sense, after all bombs aren’t supposed to explode on human, week later she finally exited sickbay feeling good enough to argue with doc about that, she learned they are going to reach

Chapter 5

UNSC frigate “freedom”,Reach orbit, -6000 before fall of reach

Alicia hit wall, creating small dent in it, she shake head and take stance again
-is that all you can do? - she ask smirking
-of course not -answered Rogal then attempted to spin kick alicia, she jump away
-oh come on, end with kid play, we’re training for real. that isn’t killing house anymore ya know?
-oh, of course it isn’t killing house, it’s killing bungalow- respond Rogal after short chuckle. they knew each other for quite long time now. they both knew how much each of them can take, from outside spartans might look emotionless and stoic, but toward someone they trust it was completely otherwise.
Alicia punch Rogal into faceplate throwing he into floor, CQC training in armor wasn’t as comfortable and easy as outside it, but gave better result
-Oh come on, girl is better than you? -new voice come from entrance
-shut up -Rogal chuckled- it’s not normal girl
-we both have same augmentation Rogal -alicia stated helping he stand up
-sure sure - Rogal turn to figure in door- what’s up Jason?
-not much, and i don’t need to ask you since apparently you aren’t feeling good allowing lass to kick your ass - jason answered with smug straight from anime girl
all 3 spartans chuckle then high five, same as Alicia and Rogal knew each other, Jason even after all that time was mystery, that no one wanted to discover. nonetheless he was good friend one you know you can depend on
-shut yer arse - Rogal gave Jason cold stare
-not before you -Jason answered with eyebrow wiggle
-that’s most gayest comment you made since week ago -Alicia cut in
-oh for sure. -Jason smirked- so, since reach is technically safe heaven for now you guys think we get some R&R?
-not likely -alicia shake head
-no chances -Rogal half shrug
spartans chuckle, they don’t really get free time, not like they need it, it just would be nice to have some more time for stuff apart from training and battles and since it’s actually unlike covenant would find Reach that would be ideal time

UNSC frigate “freedom”,Reach orbit, -3000 before fall of reach

alicia and Morgan, casually play cards, Morgan was only spartan with repainted armor, it was painted in gold-red colour and oh helmet had inscription saying “everything is dust” meanwhile Jason and Rogal played some tabletop war game
-i’m attacking grid A7 with marines team -Jason told rolling dice
-I am fortifying that position! -yelled Rogal
-Could you both shut up for once? there’s reason why tabletop simulators are, ya know electronic -said Morgan
-party pooper! -told Jason and Rogal at same time, Alicia chuckle and morgan simply sigh
-see? she got it! -jason motion to Alicia
-keep me out of that you three -Alicia answered still chuckling

UNSC frigate “freedom”,Reach orbit, -0005 before fall of reach

-Attention -yelled one of spartans
Spartan team instantly standed at attention, as entering officer looked upon anonymus, same looking armor-wise soldiers he smiled a bit
-At ease spartans.
spartans dropped salute
-ten minutes ago unknown ships exited slipspace. they are at least few hours of way until they get in range but Admiral believe Covenants found Reach. and as we can’t confirm that all assets are preparing without official alert yet
-0002 to fall of Reach

-can’t we send reacon to unknown ships sir? -Morgan asked officer

-0001.5 to fall of Reach

-Admiral don’t agree. says that’s too dangerous

-0000.5 to fall of reach

-I se… -Morgan was interrupted by alarm
-ACTION STATIONS ACTION STATIONS, CONDITION ONE, COVENANT SHIPS DETECTED, THIS IS NOT A DRILL -PA system blazed all around ship, Spartans grabbed their gear and moved to bridge with officer. as they arrived there, they saw madness. crew members taking positions they left after arriving, officers shouting orders
-Arm Archer missiles
-Missiles armed and ready
-Load mac Cannon, Heavy round
-charging, 10% rising at rate 5% per minute
-firing archer missiles
-good hit with archers
Spartans looked at each other, battle wasn’t lost yet, they knew that. but covenants found UNSC with pants down, Captain of ship walked to spartans
-Spartans, good to see you up and running
-Captain, what’s the situation?
-Covenants got us with pants down, that’s the situation. Orbital MAC cannons are shredding them so far, but we need to make sure civvies don’t destroy generators. all teams has assigned targets. your is generator Kachiro. Lock and Load, it’s time to end that party
-SIR YES SIR -spartans yelled in unison. they turned and run to hangar passing few crewmembers on way
the hour all was scared about happend, Reach is key to inner colonies

15 minutes after battle of Reach beginned

spartan run into hangar and notice group of marines, they’re sergeant in front, cigarette in his mouth
-Ladies and Gentlemans. This is real war, not a thing for shitnuggets like you. you are worth NOTHING for me before you survive first contact with covenants. IS THAT CLEAR
-SIR YES SIR -marines respond in unison
-Hell right it is. and you can consider yourself LUCKY because we’re going in with fire support from our beloved spartans. I EXPECT NOTHING BUT FIGHT TO THE END IS THAT CLEAR?
-now, let’s kick some alien asses
after that marines shouted loud “HOORAH” and boarded pelicans with spartans. it slowly left hangar bay and start flying toward planet, spartans and marines look ach each others, gave few thumb up, Alicia and marine marksman gave high-five to each other. Pelican dropship rocked as it passed first atmosphere layers going to designated landing zone. Marines and Spartans checked their ammo and explosives
on marines and spartan tac-com admiral said:
-Ground teams, be advised, multiple covenant dropships and fighters passed through our defence line into atmosphere, LZs might be hot
Pelican landed and dropped hog armed with chaingun, marines and spartans jumped off board and started going with hog to Kachiro generator.
Delta team private comlink woke to life
-you think they gonna glass reach? -Jason sounded genuinely worried
-I don’t think so, what about you Rogal? -answered Morgan
-Hey Alicia you’re from Reach don’t you? -Rogal asked to change topic
-yeah, wh… - one of marines got hit by needler- contact!
spartans and marines took cover, Chaingun sprayed area team was shoot from
-i see 10… scratch that, 17 hostiles -jason reported
spartans and marines continued shooting, few more marines die, one get heavy injured, but covenants fall back, spartans and remaining marines hurried to kachiro, jason opened com channel
-Spartan Delta team to Kachiro, be advised, we’re coming from bearing 345
-Roger That Deltas, we really need assistance, recon report that covenants are gathering north of us
-our ETA 10 minutes -Jason respond and close channel

65 minutes since battle of reach start

spartans and marines enter kachiro, and took position, team clown, Rogal of course couldn’t miss occasion and yelled over short range com
marines and spartans laughed

90 minutes after battle started

Alicia look in given direction, and smug smile appear on her helmet covered face, she took comfortable position and opened fire with other marksmen and snipers, chainguns and rest of marines joined as soon as covenants entered their range. plasma bolts and bullets were flying all around, heavy Anti-Tank rounds hit enemy tank once or twice before getting blowed away by plasma, marines and spartans were pulling long fight, marines giving their lives for idea, for other humans lives, for what they believed were repelling covenant wave after wave, but enemy numbers seem infinite, while marines were slowly decreasing, UNSC line of defence start breaking, soldiers falling back to next positions, all 'hogs destroyed soldiers rained death upon many enemies, blood and bodies of soldiers of both sides were filling area, com channels mostly silent
everyone was concentrated
no one wanted to loses that battle
they forgot past, they didn’t thought about future
they lived at this exact moment
-look out, banshees bearing 561
-i got them
one of few soldiers with homing SPNKRs shoot down banshee, it rolled downwards hitting one of Wraith making it explode. Red-gold storm was fighting of few covenants that broke perimeter. Battle seemed long, but in reality it was much shorter, half hour of constant firefight and still counting, but no matter how big losses they had, covenants were still pushing forward, they didn’t stopped when last of their tanks were destroyed, they instead get more angered, more furious, as they assaulted UNSC position breaking through, remaining defenders fallen back to last line of defence, generator room itself. covenants chased them, spartans, engaged them at hand to hand combat.
One of elites throwed Alicia at wall, she hit it with loud thud creating small dent, she stood up and half shrug
-is that all you got? -she told smirking under helmet
Elite roars and dashed as she, Alicia pulled knife and stabbed elite into neck and throwed bleeding body away, Morgan easily distinguishable by gold-red armour, covered by Rogal behind fortified position was patching up Jason.
alicia snap fingers, and dashed at next elite pinning he to wall and shooting his head away with her trusty M6C, then throw frag grenade at group of grunts, she didn’t noticed elite that pinned she to wall, but Rogal diverted his attention for long enough to she break free and pine elite to wall, Rogal dashed to help she seeing next elite going toward Alicia, but both she and Elite she engaged in CQC disappeared in blink of light
-Where the fuck is she? -Rogal asked confused
-I DON’T KNOW -answer marine, slightly deafened by firefight
other marine yelled
suddenly com channel from UNSC Freedom opened
-All teams, we’re pulling you out, we see big group of covenant going toward you, get to Evac Zone ASAP
Rogal shake head
-I’m not going without Alicia even if Admiral himself gave that order
-In matter of fact he did Spartan-062, now get to the Pelican
short moment of silence fallen, then Morgan looked at Rogal
-We’ll be back for she, don’t worry, now let’s get fuck away from here
he silently nod, they will have time to get back, one generator lost don’t mean they lost entire battle. he morgan and Jason went to evac zone with marines fire team… as they lifted up he looked down at facility, morgan seeing that put arm on his arm. they didn’t need words to communicate, they knew each other too long
surviving marine element was small,4 soldiers -sergeant they met earlier, one corporal, private marksman that Alicia high-fived and injured Anti-Tank trooper
battle still was going on
UNSC gonna win
or Covenant will pay big price for that victory

Part 2: Blazing Umbra Stories

2 minutes after disappearance from Reach

Alicia looked around after finishing off Elite that warped with she
nope, this isn’t Generator room and she doubted this Reach, looked more like tavern, not like war torn planet. where the hell is she?
and what more important, where the fuck are covenants and her team?
-where the fuck i am… -she thinked loud
-Blazing umbra station, your home away from home -Deep german voice answered, Alicia turned around shouldering her DMR
-who the hell are you?
-Duke Blitz - person answered leaning on wall - i think i saw this armor earlier too, one of other people here have it too
-interesting… you mentioned Blazing umbra station, never heard of it during my service in UNSC, and how the hell i moved here from reach? - Alicia was still suspicious, but who wouldn’t be after being kinda transported in unknown place.

At same moment someone else enter tavern, someone she actually knew.
another spartan
-What is going on here? -Spartan asked. his voice and stance, she knew he fairly good
-not much, just trying to find out how much i fucked up to land near you mike - Alicia answered smirking under helmet
-oh god, that’s you again Alicia?
-we got winner, wassap?
Mike shaked head hearing his AI chuckle in helmet, he knew Alicia from training at reach. as well as he knew many other spartans, but she was first one he saw since at least warping here if not for longer.
-ah not much, just being security guard
-sounds much less interesting than fighting covvies
-you would be surprised, there are many interesting people arriving sometimes, including one elite
-ugh great
after while of talk they both walked away from tavern and went to sickbay, after short medical scan both spartans left talking about battle of reach, mike knowing what happened after it… stayed silent, not wanting to spoil that humans lost it to Alicia, at least yet.

Chapter 1
Blazing Umbra station/Nysa Facility on Soteria

months were slowly passing and at some point mike friends Death korps soldiers from other universe turned against Solas Tempus, who owned both space station and ground base named Nysa, they shelled base from tank. knowing mike is not around for moment alicia entered his bunk and stolen SPNKR with ammo and beamed down to planet behind enemy line, she turned optical camo on and sneaked onto hill from what she observed field, she looked at both Scorpion tanks she sighed, why the hell mike gave those guys so nice machine, she now need to turn them to scrap, she put DMR on ground and shoulder rocket launcher

it’s play time
she fired both lockets in launcher into first tank, after that she started reloading quickly, seeing infantry aiming at her position, she also put shields full front,
second time fire it shell at her position but miss, she return fire disabling it, but DKoK soldiers started getting to close, she put launcher on her back and pick up DMR shooting closest soldier into head, then observing like freaking universe rupture open throwing another one out
-you gotta be kidding me
she started to run opposite direction, under fire from lasguns, she turned shield full onto her back, actually preferring to stay alive longer than this day
running away she requested beaming back to station, always safer than with those madman on ground

Chapter 2

few months later
Alicia looked at mike then checked mag in DMR. they were on way to investigate unknown ship that entered system in Admiral’s ship. At moment they docked to it docking hatch and opened to it both spartans and security team jumped on board. corridors were dirty… and empty. as they slowly walked through them ship was groaning, like in after death convulsions, most of it was dusty making both spartans and security leave footsteps of heavy shoes. they noticed half opened door and took position
they opened it and jumped inside, faint blue light was coming from Stasis pod in corner, inside twi’lek female body, apart from that room was empty, after getting permission from admiral they ordered support team to transport pod onto his ship then moved forward into darkness, as they passed through corridors they found sort of torture room with few bodies in cages and spare parts lying everywhere, seemed like someone actually was taking care of this ship, they finally approached bridge, and entered it, there was another blue skinned twi’lek there, but she seemed other, cold, dark. she turned to face both spartans, Mike changed posture for second, like recognizing person, but returned to hold grip on his gun
-who the hell are you?
twi’lek would chuckle, but it wasn’t normal chuckle, it was dark, creepy chuckle, then turn saber on, crimson red blade would emerge from hilt filling room with weak light, the she would send lighting into one of spartans, pushing she into wall, Mike would open fire from phaser he holded at stun setting, which twi’lek would block with saber, he would roll to side and fire again, at same time Alicia would stand up and aim DMR at twi’lek firing rounds, at beginning enemy would keep up, but slowly becoming tired, she finally got hit by stun phaser falling onto durasteel deck. mike would exhale and look at Alicia who nodded to he, then picked up saber and weird pyramid shaped object, then beam back onto admiral ship.

(events are slighty changed, especially after universe change ones, because i wasn’t able to recall originals, and all this is WiP, so both parts might be changed, though i feel it’s ready to be posted at this point, topic will be updated over time with more text. hopefully you enjoy

DISCLAIMER:Parts from HALO universe are not fully lore friendly