Stellar Horizon - Chapter 1 Notes

What has gone before…

1st Mission - May of 2385

The ship is assigned to go through Janus Gate and seek out and find the fuel and materials for building Stargates.

Basic Information Thus Far

  • Society’s entertainment is dominated by reality TV type programming.
  • Pre-warp, but have subspace and transporters.
  • Capitalistic society with subversive elements pointing toward a socialist approach.
  • Large amounts of socioeconomic disparity.
  • Pollution heavy in industrialized areas which are walled off making it very difficult to escape.
  • World government is achieved with countries as nation-states which some amount of autonomy.

Star System Information

Star Type:
1.27 Solar Masses
Habitable Worlds:
2Strot-4, Strot-5
Primary World:
Strot-4 also called Cevunia
Other Features:
Asteroid BeltBetween Strot-2 and Strot-3

The star system features 12 planets total, 2 of which are naturally class M, though Strot-4 (also called Cevunia) is the primary world where life developed. Originally 2 races with Strot-5 (then called Thobeon) was populated by the Hiebo. Around 500 or so years ago, the Senfu people (native to Cevunia) launched an unprovoked nuclear strike on the world inducing a nuclear winter. In the following 25-30 years after the nuclear attack using early ion powered space craft the Senfu colonized and captured survivors, few survive in the main of society on either world but Senfu living in industrial areas tend to have a higher proportion of DNA from captured Hiebo who were forced to work in industrial zones.

Strot-5 is now called Ivion by the Senfu and aside from a smattering of archeological artifacts which remain, most evidence of the Hiebo has been destroyed. The public perception is that the Hiebo were weak and while they did not deserve their fate, they were on the track to extinction on their own. Little information remains about the Hiebo but what does remain suggests that they were war-like to each other and refused the benevolent assistance of the Senfu, even threatening to invade Cevunia themselves – which triggered the attack.

An asteroid belt sits between the 2nd and 3rd planets, it is rich in minerals and heavily mined by the Senfu, as are many of the outer planets. Out beyond Ivion, the plants are gas-giants of various sizes, though most of a large number of moons where various outposts exist of industrial or military nature, though a smaller number are scientific they are run by the military in conjunction with private corporations.

Important Story Information

The system is rich in naquadah but the Senfu lack the technological capabilities to extract it safely, though they are aware of its existence they do not use it as a fuel source but do occasionally use it as an explosive core for military weapons of mass destruction. It is not highly valuable because it is ill suited for mining (their extraction techniques tend to cause the substance to soak up too much energy and explode or cause other equipment failures), but it is highly restricted as a dangerous substance.

People Information - Senfu

Cevunia and Ivion
Representative Republic
Economic System:
Reptilian Bipedal

Race / Gender

The Senfu people are a bipedal reptilian race with physical characteristics similar to other humanoids. They have two eyes, nose, mouth, walking on 2-legs with two arms, hands etc. Their face has two large eyes which vary in color from pale orange to deep red (bright red eyes are very rare and culturally associated with positions of power and authority). Their eyes are particularly well adapted for low-light and underwater vision. Skin color tends to be green, but can also have brown, grey, and even blue tones (though blue tones are very rare and associated with affluent society). Their skin is covered in extremely fine scales which are generally soft to the touch, the center of their forehead as a ridge as does the space above their eyes.

As a species they are amphibious and possess nictitating membranes that allow them to see for very long distances underwater. Their hearing is also generally better than humans and exceptional underwater. While they can breath underwater through their skin, the water needs to have an especially high oxygen content to do so comfortably and most natural water does not. Culturally many affluent members of the society have pools with special oxygenators to allow them to breath and swim underwater, something that is seen to be the height of decadence by many in lower levels of society.

Physically they also have feet with 3 large and very strong toes, each one tipped in a claw that needs to be regularly groomed to walk comfortably. Their hands have 3 fingers and an opposable thumb, their thumb is considerably longer than a human thumb equal in length to the fingers in most cases. Their fingers are also claw-tipped and like their toes require regular grooming to keep at a comfortable (and socially acceptable) length. Their bodies are naturally well toned and have a greater muscle density to humans on average also tending to be heavier and slightly taller than most humans. As a child and before puberty, most have short tails and most pronounced ridge that continues from the forehead, back, and down the spine. The tail usually falls off upon entering adulthood and the bone ridges become less pronounced. Still having a tail into adulthood is culturally seen as being a sign of being under developed even though it has no scientific backing for that conclusion. This rare occurrence can make it difficult to find work in affluent areas but is far less of a burden (and more common) in industrial areas.

They have 2 genders, masculine and feminine. Females tend to be a bit heavier with wider hips and have a brighter coloring. Females also tend to have a higher muscle density in their abdomen where as males tend to have a higher muscle density in their hands and feet. Males also tend to be taller and lankier.

Culturally, they are matriarchal in nature, with females tending toward most positions of power and authority. Men are generally in support positions, though many do have positions of power it retains some social stigma of acceptability. In the family, the woman has children which the male (usually the elder brother) cares for. Women look for males who have the most unique coloring and tend to be more attracted to signs of physical prowess dealing heavily with upper body strength and endurance. Physically men with a pronounced forehead ridge are considered to be most attractive and women with more pronounced eye-ridges are similarly considered to be the most attracted. Men tend to look for women who have bright colors, especially attractive are brightly colored or uniquely colored eyes. Physically women who can perform well in sports such as wrestling and other conflict-oriented activities are seen as attractive.

Government Behavior / Outlook

The Senfu governments tends to “talk softly but carry a big stick”, that is, they are excellent negotiators and drive hard bargains, however, they tend to get what they want by force if necessary. They are generally not duplicitous so long as they are in agreement on most key points and so long as they are happy with arrangements. However, when the tides turn they will often use force quickly and unflinchingly – they still do not lie well in negotiations as a general rule, prone to threats (even if they cannot carry them out, they usually fully intend to). That being said, the government can wield truth and half-truths like a weapon with tact and skill given enough time and the proper circumstances.

People Behavior / Outlook

Individually the Senfu people are generally decent hard working people, their beliefs can differ wildly but they are arrogant (especially in affluent areas) to the point of hubris with a large amount of pride in the structures which they have grown accustomed to. They have very strongly ordered world views (though less so in industrial areas). Most will deal honestly with their own kind or those they strongly identify with. However, there is a general feeling of “I matter” in the world culture where they tend to get what they want and keep a strong eye out for personal gain.

People Information - Hiebo

Native to Ivion
Economic System:
Reptilian Bipedal

Expanding on Probe Data (Reasons for Findings)

Signals operating for entertainment contain feedback signals which are responsible for a complex interchange between home-based technologies and gathered data, all computerized devices offer state-surveillance capabilities. This is transmitted through mandatory “subscriptions” to “independent” entertainment and news programming, while it is factual and even documented (and publicly available) that this occurs, most of the population does not understand why anyone would mind or even what it really means or how it is used. This is a key point, if anyone asks it is like a joke of everything is watched, but if asked further about it no one really understands what is really going on even though they could if properly educated about it.

Education / Segregation / State Sponsored Oppression

Education is entirely state run and is the basis for segregation of industrial sectors from the more affluent areas of the world. Within industrial areas education is entirely streamlined to go from basic education into workforce with little choice. Government touts rare cases of a person doing well enough to get out of that life, but this is hardly the norm. General propaganda line is that these people are less intelligent but that the government is helping them by providing them education, jobs, food, clothing, and medical care. All of these “perks” are conditioned upon the position within the industrial hierarchy which also means that work violations of any kind can endanger the well being of entire families.

Penalties for violations within the industrial labor system are dealt with harshly, this is justified through a careful social agenda that industrial workers are more prone to violence; this is so systemic that many people living in the industrial zones believe this to be ultimately true and thus they make it true through their behaviors.

Affluent Beliefs

Most of the affluent individuals fully believe that they are good people who want to help others. Many donate to private funds to help the industrial areas and a smattering of other causes. When push comes to shove, however, the unspoken of truth is that the affluent want to stay that way and they would love for industrial peoples to have more choices so long as it does not harm them or is not near them. Much like people want nuclear power, as long as it is in someone else’s town.

This is sponsored by the media and state run media outlets who actively participate in carefully constructed entertainment campaigns which specifically choose people from industrial areas to star on programs of all types which support the general views for which the government wants people to believe. Likewise affluent areas sponsor entertainment programs for industrial areas which are crafted for the same end goals.

Secret / Not Secret

The entire civilization itself runs off of the incredible fact – there is no actual conspiracy. Rather, there are goals, these goals are pushed by individual entities working off similar (though not always the same) playbooks at the same time. The ruling / affluent classes often do not realize that they are marginalizing groups while the marginalized and oppressed groups often see it as a full on conspiracy which then antagonizes the affluent / ruling classes.