Stellar Horizon Arrives

At the appointed time, the Jump Gate opens up where it sits orbiting Soteria and out of the blue vortex emerges a small tow vessel, pulling with it via tow-lines, STV Stellar Horizon. Once within the system and the Jump Gate closes, the tug releases the tow lines and uses a tractor beam to stop the vessel, pushing it into a stable orbit. The command-crew would be the first to board the vessel, which had power but it’s engines were dark due to passing through Hyperspace, where Warp Drive would have crippled the ship. Since the ship had only a small skeleton crew aboard to monitor the ships systems, they were doing checks and the like. The ships XIA, Kyria, was already aboard

The command crew (@stellar-horizon) would already be on a Type 7 Shuttle heading to the ship, the main shuttle bay doors were opening as the shuttle approached. Sylvie was at the helm of the shuttle as Kyria waited in the bay, so small there was no she was visible from the approaching shuttle. The small skeleton crew that was monitoring the vessel during transport was still there, but preparing the disembark themselves.

This would be the first look any of the command crew had at their new ship.

Bucket looked over the ship curiously. He hadn’t spent much time on a vessel native to this universe. This will be interesting, he thinks as he watches the Stellar Horizon grow closer.

Five would stand in rear of shuttlecraft, she would give look over people inside before reurning to staring at basically air

meanwhile Alema would look over starship alongside bucket, she did spend some time on Protector when Megan agreed to help her learn how starship controls work. still she wanted to give look to ship that was supposed to be her home for quite some time.

Amy looks out at the ship from one of the windows on the shuttle. Even though she had lived and trained around ships for most of her life, the chance to crew a brand new one was a treat. She smiled in an organic honest way for the first time in what had to have been too long, instead of one only to cover her true emotions to those she was decieving

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Shiros give a glace over at ship, in her head shes very curious as to what they will see while aboard but she pretents to not be only slightly intrested, trying to keep an tough gal diminer.

Vlad inspects the ship more closely than the others with his engineering background. He want to make sure his ship is in its best shape after all. He is very nervous at this change in pace for him but he doesn’t let it show as he knows he will be the ship’s pillar of strength. He nods at the skeleton crew as he walks to the bridge.

The shuttle bay doors stay open while the shuttle comes in for a landing, when it gets close enough the ship locks a tractor beam on the shuttle to gently pull it in. At this point they can see their XIA floating there, the bay doors begin to close once the ship is inside, the door to the shuttle opens up and she’s there, smiling, “Welcome aboard the Stellar Horizon.”

It is clearly a new ship, the shuttle bay is small but not cramped, not a single speck of dirt or dust is anywhere. She’s in good shape, new, two Workbee’s sit to either side of the main landing pad, docked, the small utility vessels for moving cargo were secured in the proper way. Not a lot in the shuttle bay, but Kyria smiled at everyone saying, “Please, let me lead you to the bridge.”

Bucket remained quiet, kind of off to the side from everyone else. After all, he still assumed being Chief of Medical wasn’t really all that important, so he just followed everyone.

Alema would walk out of shuttle and nod to XIA welcomingly. She stayed silent while waiting for others to head to bridge, Five would follow her.

Shiro steps off taking a look around as she follows

Finding herself with an odd sudden urge to fix her hair, Amy brushed a streak of hair behind her ear as she followed the rest of the crew

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In the corner of the shuttle bay’s seating, a woman in what looks to be metal armor, with a blue scheme, and a monocle on her right eye was reading through some papers stapled together. Linda could have read it all on her PADD, but like always, she simply wasn’t too used to the technology, given how her planet was. She was barely able to remember to use the communicator when she had to.
When the shuttle landed, Linda looked to the ramp as it opened up, and folded her papers back to where it was the top-stapled paper on the top and te bottom-stapled paper on the bottom. She followed out, grabbing her rapier and sheathe which was next to her seat and strapping it onto her belt before following everyone out, being last in line. Like everyone else at the welcoming statement, Linda would stay silent, holing her papers in her left hand and her right hand adjusting her monocle slightly.

Vlad nods at Kyria “please do” He would follow calmly and almost as if without worry. Having learned long ago to hide his feelings.

Alongside Linda the very tall spartan Asmodius walks wordlessly. He inspects what part of the ship he sees trying to get an idea of how to use the ship in a variety of situations.

There is something to be said for the “new ship” feel, though one could not really smell it in reality, it was still a term. While still in the shuttle bay, Kyria then tells Five of Ten, “Main engineering is two decks below us on Deck 7.”

Moving down the corridor to the turbo-lift and up to Deck 3, she points out to Bucket, “Sickbay and the two main science labs are on this deck.” The lift continues however, as it goes through Deck 2, “Primary and secondary transporter rooms are here, along with most of the Officer’s quarters.” Finally it gets to Deck 1. Stepping off it doesn’t go directly to the bridge, but rather to the corridor, gesturing around, “Captain and First Officer’s quarters, offices for both are on Deck 2, Conference room is down the hall here.” and then she smiles and leads them to the bridge, the doors swish open and the skeleton transportation crew had already vacated to check the last of the systems before departing. The bridge was lit up and all displays were working. Flying in she lets everyone take a look.

Sorry the first version I posted wasn’t correct, this one is.

One might notice that this bridge is too big for the blueprints on the wiki. One assumes that during the refit Deck 1 is adjusted to make room for this bridge.

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Bucket takes note of Five of Ten and decides he needs to figure out what she is and how he would treat injuries on a creature such as herself. He’d never heard of Borg, so for now he mentally refers to her as the half-droid. He manages to keep track of the various decks as their tour continues.

Shiro keeps looking around taking in the layout to make sure she remebers where everything is.

Once on the bridge, Kyria points out what everyone probably knows about their stations already, given that the command crew had been given specifications some time before to study and become familiar with. The command chair was obvious, so she directs Alema (@ks0908) to the pilots station (left side of the diagram at the front) and then Amy (@timot1066) to the Operations position next to Amy’s station. Once they take the seats the controls come alive with their preferred control arrangements. She directs Asmodius (@darktrooper501) to the security and tactical station directly behind the command seat, Five of Ten would get directed to the engineering station, to the left of Five’s tactical position and finally, the XO’s station to Five’s right directing Shiro (@Left4Cake) there.

Following this brief description of the layout of the bridge, she continues, “In the rear you have the central navigational display table, it is tied into the Transdimensional Beacon control as well as all other communications, long range sensor, and associated systems. It also has a direct connection to the Astrometrics Lab on Deck 7. The lab on Deck 7 will be able to provide the ship with a collated and processed idea of where we are, where we are going, and any important information sensors detect. I myself will attempt to combine that information with other ship board information to provide recommendations and information during missions.”

She then looks at Five, “The main engineering station on the bridge is there, but at the rear we have a full master systems display, identical to the one in Engineering with a direct connection to engineering, this way you can stay on the bridge and directly control the core and most engineering functions even during an emergency.”

Then she looks at Vlad, “Captain Zima, transporter room reports that our crew have about finished beaming aboard the ship and we should be fully operational within the next half an hour.” A noise on the bridge sounds from the Tactical console, when looked at it shows that they are receiving a hailing signal from Nimbus.

Vlad nods and smiles at Kyria heading over to the command chair and sits down, getting a feel for it. All his life he was a simple worker, someone to be exploited and thrown away if he was injured or became sick. Now he was the captain of a starship but as awesome as he felt he also still felt pretty nervous about this whole ordeal. He looks to Asmodius who was getting himself comfortable with the Tactical station and said “Mr. Asmodius put the hail onscreen” Asmodius nods and does as instructed.

Asmodius himself was not very worried about this mission and his mind was a million miles away thinking on what happened to him in Reach. Despite his pondering he was still able to perform his job and put the hail on screen as per the orders of the captain.

Alema would nod to Kyria before walking to her position, she would turn around chair then sit turning to to it and smile looking at controls.

Five would nod “that’s a efficient system” after that quick note ex-borg would to her position looking at displays on enginering console, leaving MSD alone for now

Shiro takes a seat at her station and looks around the room at the rest of the stations trying to keep from accidentally show a bit of childish grin for a moment