State of the Game / Party Like it's 1520

The Event

On January 6th, 2384 starting at approximately 7:55pm local time, all forces in the Schatten Star System began loosing contact with locations outside the system. The event began with Starbase Pandora, first noticed by Nimbus Base which initiated an immediate Condition 3 alert throughout the system. This continued, only 10 minutes later contact was lost with Starbase Tranquility as well as a number of Serenity Concord vessels and other outposts. Further, several Starfleet and other allied locations were also cut off. Soon, about half the fleet was unable to be reached as well as the Romulan Star Empire, Klingon Empire, Starfleet Command, Bajor, and finally the Cardassian Union went dark.

Fleet Admiral Thomas left Nimbus and took command of the Galatine. Meanwhile, Nimbus received a garbled radio communication from Starbase Pandora, indicating a possible temporal wave. Admiral Thomas ordered all vessels to emergency deploy immediately and on the advice of his chief engineer, Captain Dalton had the Jedi Knight Reman sit in the control interface chair and lift the Nimbus City Ship off Soteria and into orbit.

The Escape

Fleet Admiral Thomas initiated Thera Protocol and ordered all Solas Tempus vessels to meet at Integro Base, Sol Sytem, the year 1520 (local Earth reckoning). While the Drakon beamed all remaining personnel off of Soteria, the Infinity Wave breeched the system barrier and began sweeping through the Schatten Star System. On the orders of Fleet Admiral Thomas, Serenity Station used its TDE to begin jumping vessels which did not possess a temporal drive to the prearranged coordinates within the Sol System in 1520. Since this was done with some haste, vessels would appear all over the star system. All Solas Tempus vessels were jumped in this method, via their own Dimensional Fold Drive, or some variation on Hyperdrive. The Avali frigate, Iksander, used its wormhole drive to make the jump as well. Finally, after Nimbus and the other vessels had left, the Galatine beamed as many people aboard from Serenity Station and the Umbral Shipyards and jumped out of the system before the wave was able to hit.

The Arrival

As planned, in the year 1520 and in the Terran Star System (Sol System), the Solas Tempus forces arrived via their various methods. Since the time period is quite on an interstellar scale it was prearranged that in the event of activation of Theta Protocol, this time and location be used. All vessels arrived low on fuel, and Captain Leo was able to retake command of the STV Epoch and thanks to the jumping of the Fabber Vulcan by Serenity Station, the vessel was fully repaired within 3 hours time. The New Hope and Cabur sent out scouting parties to look for sources of deuterium fuel.

All vessels gathered at the location of Nimbus, as it appeared in a stable high orbit around Saturn. The Aavali frigate began to gather up ice from the rings of Saturn to use as fuel and the Epoch found deuterium in Jupiter and began to work on ways of harvesting the critical fuel. All vessels were somewhat low on fuel, Nimbus was at the lowest of any of them and has to maintain the city shield in order to maintain atmosphere. Though the computer there was able to remodulate the shield to allow vessels with properly configured shields and deflectors to pass through the city shield as well as transporter beams.

So far a fair number of other Solas Tempus ships have arrived in the star system and have begun searching for reliable sources of fuel and ways to convert deuterium into antimatter without one of the major antimatter fueling distribution centers of the 24th century.

Return of Sal D’Amico

The Lilith, which had departed several weeks ago, was completely unaware of any of this going on and spent its time attempting to find the, presumed lost or captured Admiral D’Amico. Finding him and his ship, the Olam hiding without power inside the nebula around a pulsar, Captain Akazuli was able to rescue him. Though the ship could not be recovered and had to be tractored into the neutron star to avoid temporal contamination of 2071. Upon attempting to return, the Lilith found it could not contact Pandora and the Pandoric Interface was completely offline. This lead to the ship contacting Integro Base in their local time frame, which would have data on the last transmissions of Starbase Pandora for their own time frame. This indicated that Theta Protocol had been initiated. The Lilith then time-jumped to 1520 to join the rest of the fleet.

Results of Mining / Harvesting Operations

The rings of Saturn contain a high amount of water-ice and thus the Avali are able to harvest the water they need from the rings. Deuterium is more difficult, the largest supply (by far) is within the cores of Jupiter and Saturn. Both planets have the problem of the intense heat and pressure created by the gravity and weight of the layers above them. Jupiter itself is known to have an incredibly turbulent and dangerous atmosphere. Saturn shares the same problem, though being smaller its atmosphere presents less of an issue.

Further probes will find that another potential source of both water and deuterium (a particular isotope of Hydrogen for those that do not know) would be Uranus and Neptune. Being significantly smaller than either Saturn or Jupiter, those may be easier to harvest from.

Leo and the crew of the Epoch find within their databanks how to modify their transporter emitters to serve as extractors for the deuterium from Jupiter and this is the least likely of any of the planets to have a noticeable drop in mass from fueling the fleet. The modifications to the transporter will take about 2 days to complete and test. Once done, the entire fleet’s collective deuterium reserves can be replenished within about a week.

The problem of power should be solved, however, not the problem of using FTL or high energy consumption systems. While all the vessels (including Nimbus) have fusion generators which run off of just deuterium, they all will require antimatter to fuel their star drives and the matter/antimatter reactors. Antimatter production is difficult, to say the least and the problem has not yet been solved. The Galatine and Shadow River can both produce small quantities of Antimatter given that they are Galaxy Class starships and have small antimatter producers built in for emergencies. Still, this is not a viable solution for the entire fleet.