Souls Templar Regroups

Originally published at: Souls Templar Regroups – Molten Aether News

The Souls Templar have begun to regroup after the insanity brought forth from the simultaneous eruptions of four peeks bordering the valley where the Rose Palace was located. What is clear is that they have suffered an incredible number of losses. What is unclear yet, however, is why there were not more losses. The palace was entirely covered in the molten rock from the bowels of Elder Soteria. There is much talk throughout the 10 Kingdoms that such an events indicates the Old Gods are upset with the Templar in some way. The Grand Mistress of the Templar has not indicated how so many did survive, tales from within the palace when the eruptions happened tell that most were unable to get out fast enough, those outside were killed instantly. The only thing to protect the inside were powerful wards of protection put on the palace long ago. The vast majority of those from the palace suffocated as the air ran too thin.

The Grand Mistress still has not identified the creature which rescued so many of them;While we are of course grateful to the gracious help provided us, if they wished to be known to the public, surely it is clear they would have made themselves known. I myself did speak to them in person, however, I feel that after being done such an honor it would be the height of treachery to speak of them with such familiarity without knowing why they wished to not be known. Rest assured we give this brave soul thanks for the efforts which has saved so many, even in the light of such loss, the Gods provide hope.

- Grand Mistress Lisa Thompson

Those close to the Mistress report that she may have even known this person for some time, described as part demon and part woman. There is talk that the cataclysm is a result of the Mistress’s liaison with a demonic creature, which has rendered her unholy. Growing unrest among the monarchs at such an idea has driven some to wonder if a woman is really the best choice to lead the group during such troubling times.