Solas Tempus Marines - Ideas

So it has already been said that the marines have to have cybernetic implants. The list of the standard implants is found here…

So, some other ideas have come to my mind.

Since they are augmented already, and this is required for their armor, I wonder if it wouldn’t break people too much to have them use Light Sabers. Real Marines in the US, IIRC, have an actual saber as part of the dress uniform. I’ve always liked light sabers, and since the magic system is getting to be codified better I wonder if it wouldn’t be too much to have them able to and trained to use the light saber.

That is the Solas Tempus version of a light saber, one notices that it requires a bound Solar Crystal to operate, which makes sense given the lore of light sabers from Star Wars. now, I’ve said that a Solar Crystal is an incredibly rare thing, which makes me wonder about how to have enough light sabers for lots of marines to be running around with them, and then I remembered something someone said about some kind of a quest to find a Kyber Crystal in the Star Wars universe. That got me thinking that perhaps a similar thing might be required? I don’t know, that could move the Marines closer to Jedi than Marines so I’m not sure it is a good idea.

The whole idea stemmed from looking into logos for the Marines and thinking of a shield with swords behind it, and that kind of turned into a shield with a light saber behind it, both in front of the imperial eagle from 40k - since Apollyon and Nig are training the Marines with Mike. The armor is from Halo, the logo takes inspiration from 40k… I don’t know, would love to get some commentary.

There are a number of images in the Keybase as well, too many to post here. If anyone has ideas for logo’s please post them in #media-content.

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