Society? (Open Ended)

This takes place a day after the events of New Lands (Open Ended) and Injuries That They Themselves Procure (Open, Sickbay, Nimbus) showing the interactions of Verniy, Zwei, Barfleur and Teruzuki who are still recovering from their spliced trip to their new environments, social workers, and the Universe technologies along with the current society.


“Uuuuuuughhhh…” A dissatisfied voice moaned in annoyance emanating from the large hump of the blanket covering a large king size bed custom. The sound of the blanket shifting meant that the four occupants of the bed were slowly rousing up awake to the annoying beeping noise belonging to the Holo Com built into the drawer to their right. A hand stretches out from a small opening of the blanket reaching out to the Holo-screen displayed on the table’s wooden surface.

With a tired motion, her fingers gingerly touch the smooth glass-like surface of the Holo-screen and with a single motion to the left side of the screen shuts off the annoying alarm plaguing their ears.

With the alarm gone, a sense of silence and peace returned to the darkroom again as the four married occupants snuggled into the warmth and comfort of each other’s embrace and the soft blanket covering them, smoldering the young girls with renewed warmth making the girls fall fast asleep again in 08 00 of the early morning.

Indra walked down the hall towards the Girls room very quietly. He had “properly” dressed himself up, a skin tight shirt and his signature Tekkadan jacket, he had a green satchel bag with him as well carrying apology gifts for the girls, Suzanne and amber recommended he do it as a sign of good faith. After a bit of walking he arrived and knocked

The moment he knocked the door which reverberate amoungst the room walls did little to stir the married couple in their first deep sleep in a long time and still remained fast asleep under the cover of their blanket.

The four did nothing but snuggled welcoming into each other in their sleep furthermore granting a deep sense of peace and comfort.

Indra sighed partly mad at himself for attempting this crap but it was…well it was what he had todo. He paused from a moment before drawing his gun and banging it against the door before holstering it and waiting

For the ease of RP, we’re going to sync this up with other things going on in-game on the server. So Lance is missing already and Indra and Ciara have talked, it’s a bit of fudge, but that way I can jump in here to before it gets too formal.

Ciara appears besides Indra, wearing exactly what he originally said he liked her in, with the addition of the jacket that she wears everywhere. She looks at Indra, “What’s wrong Boss, you seem nervous?” While she uses the word Boss as he said she could, the way she says it is with more reverence and respect than one normally uses such an informal term. “Unless you’re worried you’ll have to shoot them?”

“I’m not nervous…I’m not worried…and no I won’t have to shoot them…just…feel weird being this nice you know?” He says with a sigh as he keeps pounding on the door “if they don’t fucking open up though I’m gonna leave and tell amber this was a waste of time!”

Ciara looks at him, “I understand,” she says and gives him a little kiss on the cheek before she says, “I’ll just check on them…” and vanishes. Ciara looks into the room without appearing inside the room, roaming around via the sensors looking at what’s going on. After a few moments, she lights up the COM panels in white and plays band music exceptionally loudly throughout the entire apartment.

To turn it off, they will have to do a small matching puzzle, to make sure they don’t go back to sleep. Then, Cirara appears beside Indra again – and he can hear the music playing loudly inside; “They’ll get up soon.”

Let’s just say that the AIs plan wasn’t so well thought out for her as doing such a prank or waking them up with something very loud like this on children forced to survive in a hostile environment usually leads to them responding to it as a hostile action and respond in kind.

Just as the music blared loudly as if a siren was going off and the lights going on a tad bit to bright for them to actually adjust comfortably. To others this maybe a huge annoyance that would pissed them off. But, to the stalkers? This was a sign of attack happening, an alert of one happening and their bodies and minds reacted to it accordingly like they were trained too back at home.

In an instant the music blared loudly and the lights of the room coming on, the four swiftly separate from each other’s embrace and out from their bed scrambling for their weapons layed out neatly near their own position.

The plan was simple. In the event of an attack to their room, Zwei and Verniy would take and holed up in the bathroom and quickly fortify with whatever funiture they could find while Teruzuki and Barfleur will stay behind and hold off the attackers from entering the room using the main entrance which was the only way in and out as a chokepoint. Within a few couple of seconds, the four collected their own respective weapons. Verniy and Zwei armed with a pistols while Barfleur wielded her M110 and Teruzuki armed herself with the Ultimax 100.

The German and Russo Jap dash across the room to the bathroom while Barfleur overturned a coffee table using it as cover, Teruzuki was quick to set up a MG nest using the bed as stable ground. With their defensive position set up within seconds, weapons pointed to the main entrance of their apartment and with little hesitation the layed down rifle and machine gun upon the thin metal door.

Indra heard the music from inside and instantly scowled “Mothefucking shitballs!!!” He screamed out in pure anger, something he hadn’t done in a long time “Ciara what the hell did you do! Turn that shit off! Open the fucking door! And apologize to those girls damnit!!” He screamed as he drew his pistol and pulled out his body armor from his bag, quickly strapping it on Incase the girls got trigger happy

Ciara stutters, “But… I… But…” and she vanishes again… The music in the room stops and she takes a moment to override the door lock and it slides open. She can’t bring herself to appear again with Indra so angry at her, so a note appears floating in air, “Sorry.”

The moment the music stopped was the moment Barfleur and Teruzuki stop to reload their weapons. The two girls swiftly discard their empty magazines, replacing them with fresh ones followed up with the rack of their weapons bolt chambering a fresh round in the barrel. The two not even noticing the sign as they were to concern with the apparent threat they thought outside of their apartment.

“Clear!” Barfleur called out to Teruzuki who responded with sign language. Noting Teruzuki response, the British girl turned back to the room now ruined state. The walls riddled with bullet holes from stray rounds, other funitures like the sofas were torn to shreds and the door that had a large gaping hole in the middle.

Yet despite the amount of bullets thrown towards the entrance, their time in the zone also taught them that not everything can be so easily killed with just bullets. So as insurance, Barfleur communicates to Teruzuki who nods in response. Despite wearing their FROG BDU top and white panties only, Barfleur’s plan did little to deter them from their objective.

Even if it meant their death. So be it.

Grabbing a Flash and a Fragmentation Grenade, the Japanese brunette tosses the stun grenade to Barfleur who simply pulls the pin immediately after catching it and toss it at the last second. The Flashbang simply bounce off the carpeted floor and through the large hole of the door right at the exact time as the grenade went off in a bright flash and loud piercing bang.

Seeing it was her turn, Teruzuki, with the Mk 2 Pineapple Grenade did just the same like Barfleur, pulling the safety pin where the Fuze came flying out starting the countdown timer before detonation. At the moment it hit the 3rd second mark of the count down, Teruzuki swiftly throws it with all her might towards the door where its trajectory bounces the grenade into the wide open hole of the main entrance and to the corridor outside. A second later, an grenade explosion ensued afterwards.

“Hey you fucking stalker chicks! CHILL OUT!” Indra yelled loudly as he noticed the flash bang and dived for cover while pulling up his skull face mask. When the flash went off, Indra covered his head, he knew tactics like this and was bracing for whatever was to come next…which was a grenade “FUCKING WHORE!!!” He screamed as he scrambled to get away from the blast

With the Grenade already doing it’s job, Barfleur signals out to Teruzuki, telling the brunette she was going to check to see the coast was clear. Switching her M110 to the AS Val layed out with the rest of her weapons on a mat. Flicking the safety off, she dash across towards the ruined door and with a swift kick bringing the damaged door to floor.

Exiting the room, she checks her right first then to left where she then spotted the familiar form of Indra where she lowered her weapons followed up by a annoyed grunt. “Indra.”

“Sup…” he growled as he slowly stood up and holstered his pistol with a grunt “you guys always shoot at first sight when fucking music plays?”

“You mean loud blaring music in the event of a Mutant and Bandit attack?” Was Barfleur reply to the man. She checks behind again just to be sure no one was there to surprise them. “Are we under attack?”

“First time I’ve heard that…” Indra grumbled “no we’re not under attack…my fucking AI wasn’t thinking and turned on your music to wake you the fuck up”

“AI?” She parroted, her head tilted to her left showing her apparent confusion to the term. “What’s an AI? Some sort of Psychic mutan”

Now that got her wary, instinctively, she slightly raise her weapons at the ready to shoot down this ‘AI’ if needed cause the last time she seen something turn on by itself was due to a Poltergeist mutant nearby. And boy was it a bitch to kill.

“Yes AI and no it’s not some kinda mutant…it means artificial intelligence…advanced fuckin tech” he said with a growl as he shook his head “why the hell are ya raising yer gun” he asked placing his hand on his pistol just in case

“Better to be safe than sorry.” Barfleur replied curtly, slightly lowering her AS VAL rifle where the barrel pointed to the ground. Yet her instinct told her otherwise.

Indra dust himself off and sighs, checking his bag for damage “Can I come in…or are your wifes gonna blast me?”