So You're Going to Save the Universe

The elite team, @Team-Sigma, had been dispatched on the Lilith to stop the Infinity Wave before it has a chance to propagate throughout the timeline. The battle ship had managed to weaken the shields of the Onyx vessel, Umak, she was a Galaxy Class starship that possessed a powerful Trilithium weapon and the information on where / how Onyx developed the technology. Their mission was simple; obtain as much information as possible about the weapon itself and where / when it was developed. Then neutralize the weapon by any means necessary.

Having damaged the Umak significantly, the team beamed over to the destroyed and evacuated bridge to attempt to access the computer systems. While Tal Ravis was maintaining a defensive perimeter, Vladimir Zima had found a working console on the rear stations of the bridge, and Neo Akazuli had gone over to see what would be done with the console while the Lilith was left to deal with the damaged Umak.

It was a sure bet that soon the crew of the Umak would regain control over the ships systems and begin to again fight. For now, they had a short span to gain computer information.

Now, the computer console that Neo and Vlad were at was damaged, but functional. The screen was flickering in and out but they could operate it. Searching for further information revealed that such information was restricted and encrypted. The console could not retrieve the data without being authenticated. However, it was possible to find out which section of the main computer core of the saucer section the information was physically stored.

Neo, of course, gets the location of the physical storage of the data, which he’d share with his compagnions. He starts making his way towards the storage.

Vlad had taken a mess of wires and misc parts from the broken consoles into one of his empty pouches. Never now when you have to repair something and spares are nice. Vlad would be on Neo’s left flank with his plasma rifle at low ready as they make way to the data storage room. Ready for the welcoming party that was sure to come.

The information is physically stored in the port side computer core on Deck 10. They will need to decent 10 decks along the center of the saucer to get to it.

Neo would lead his group there, of course cautiously and ready to fight off any security detail dispatched to delay their progression.

The bridge is badly damaged, this requires using the access crawlway behind the science station to get into the ships Jefferies Tubes. It is small and cramped, not enough room to stand up or barely even sit up, so everyone must crawl on their hands and knee’s through the tunnels. Only able to stand up at junctions where they can split off in different directions. Lucky the team would have the design specifications - assuming no one altered the layout significantly. The main computer core’s highest deck is just a few decks down before they can get into that room. So far, they see several emergency force fields are up and damage to the power systems and conduits. Approaching a deeded junction, they see that the path they need is emanating significant amounts of heat from the hatch to the next tunnel.

Through the scanners implemented into his helmet, which are the same as from a multi-optic eye, Neo tries to determine the possible amount of damage taken by the emitted heat.
If it’s not that bad at all, he’d continue through the dangerous zone, if it is dangerous to enter the area, he’d look up the deck plans and calculate an alternative route.

The heat is quite intense, it is also putting off low levels of radiation. Nothing dangerous yet, but if he has pattern matching for sensors, it would indicate it is a plasma fire, probably from insulation burning from damaged conduits behind the hatch. There are ways around, but are very long and could pose other threats. The group needs to decide how to handle it.

Neo, after having discussed with his team, attempts to find the source of the plasma fire, the circuits so to speak, and determines by which means they could be shut down.

Tal would have put his primary weapon down in favor of his Mateba, which, in such close quarters, would probably done more harm than good to him by means of overpressure wave, and continued to hold a defensive position in case anyone came crawling through the tunnel.

The group had limited time available and the fire still raged on. Knowledge of such matters was, helpfully, provided by the XIA unit assigned to the Lilith, who sent information to their HUD’s detailing options. They had multiple avenues to attack this problem. They could attempt to go around, and schematics appeared helpfully showing it was quite a long way to go around, but possible to do. Additionally, causes of the plasma fire were provided - burning insulation fueled by plasma from the ships EPS grid was the most common which meant that the fire had to be put out by depriving it of either oxygen or fuel. As a side note, the XIA also confirmed that the ships own fire suppression system was offline and that environmental controls were on manual.

HUD’s would show an overlay over the nearby conduits with different places to go to do each. Down one side-hatch was the local environmental control bus, not very useful other than to control environment systems in that section - it could not disable everyone on the ship for instance. Down another hatch was a potential to close off the plasma flow to that section of the ship, this was a bit more complicated of a procedure as the plasma grid was obviously damaged, however, it had the advantage of leaving life support in the section intact.

Vlad considered the options then looked at the others. “we can just snuff the fire out, I mean everyone here had a sealed exosuit with oxygen no?” Obviously he was going for the simplest fix to save the most time possible.

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"Sure we have."
He’d go down the hatch for the local environmental bus, and tries to snuff the fire out, given that the bus is just a panel in the hatch and not a separate room.
If it is a separate room indeed, he’d first off attempt to determine if there are any enemies around.

The bus is down an adjacent access crawlway, but the hatch opens easily and they get to the control bus, it is however protected by magnetic locks. The access hatch won’t come off of the bus panel.

First, Neo would look for a way to disable the magnets, like cutting cables or something like that.
If that’s not possible, he’d attempt to overload the power circuit supplying the magnets by using a taser.

The magnetic locks are keyed to an access panel, without the correct code the panel will not signal an unlock. However, if pulls the key pad off, the isolinear chips and power conduits are in a familiar configuration, similar design to what Solas Tempus uses. The main power to the locks is not visible, but the power to the key pad is.

Neo attempts to find how to cut the power to the locks via the cables to the keypad, and after short tinkering, he’d be successful and switch off the lock.
Anyway, he’d expect it to pop, or any stronger reaction. That’s why he moves cautiously, and retreat as soon as it pops/explodes.
After the worst passed, Neo would say through the comms to his squad members:

"Switch on oxygen supply now."
After everyone did that, he’d do his stuff and effectively snuffing the fire out.

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OOC: Just to be clear, can we all say who is actually in the access tunnel with Neo and who is waiting at the junction that has the door with the plasma fire behind it?

The lock explodes in a very minor blast, knocking the panel off of the environmental controls exlpoding them to be worked on.

Vlad was waiting at the junction when he received Neo’s orders. He seals his suit and switches on his oxygen supply before looking back at the plasma fire to see if it is snuffed out.

Neo presses the necessary buttons to snuff out the fire.