Ship in Distress RP

For the From the Limits of Our Abilities RP, I would like to see who else might want to participate. In particular @AscendingCanadian, to see if your other character might want to join in but also @t0l since you’re back around to see if you wanted to have Silvie or Tal join in? Certainly not require at all.

Also a general call to everyone @Looking4RP, to see if anyone wants to also join in? @timot1066, if you’re free I can see one or more of yours being interested. Also, @Left4Cake, I know you haven’t RPed in a while and that you’re busy with stuff, but I wouldn’t mind seeing your computer pair, the operator and his PET? Also, @darktrooper501, this might be a good opportunity for the Dwend, I don’t know if you have the time but I wouldn’t mind seeing them join in.

Finally, @Haladur, if you wanted to toss Ranuni and his pack in somehow, I certainly wouldn’t mind, I would enjoy RPing with them again. I can really narrate it so that anyone can join who might want to. Also, @Cyber, you’ve got a number of characters so feel free to toss someone into the ring.

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