Shattered by David Wade Hagar

Silence stretches across the room,
Broken by a the urgent sound of a phone,
His voice was disturbed,
He could barely talk,
I knew at once the day this would be.

Alone in my home,
My ears heard the news.
Panic sweeps past my eyes,
Stars obscure the daylight.
Vision restored,
There was a job to do.

Dark purpose solidified,
Like iron will,
Giving me strength.

Adrenaline pumping,
Hands shaking,
Call my boss,
No work this day.

I feel the fractures,
Hairline cracks,
Deep breath,
Shaky breath,
Keep it together,
There was a job to do.

I know what is coming,
Been there before,
Call in my people,
They will be needed,
My armor is breeched,
I know my heart bleeds.

Numbness sets in,
Only facts remain,
This will cost me,
Must be done.

Tears won’t come,
I won’t let them,
Cannot feel,
Cannot stop,
Must do this,
Tunnel vision,
This is all there is.

Comfort him,
I know what it’s like,
To deal with it alone,
Cannot allow,
Will not allow,
Will do what is right.

See her face,
Dead eyes look into me,
Their piecing stare is gone.


All the gods,
In all the worlds,
In all the universe,
Cruelty upon cruelty,
Give her back,
You cannot have her,
She’s already gone.

The cracks widen,
It won’t last much longer.
Finite time,
Comfort him,
Help him,
Hold him.

Look at her for the last time,
Heart weakly pumping,
Can feel the layers chipping away,
Tell her she can finally rest,
I will take care of it from here,
There is a job to do.
I will do it,
For her.
For me.

One last light in this now dark world.
Flared with the last of my strength.

My porcelain cracks,
Shatters like glass,
On the ground,
Floodgates open.

There is no voice,
No cry,
No noise,
No act,


Nothing will vent this agony,
Part of my soul is dead.

My heart is broken,
Bloodied bits laying jagged and sharp.

Must get up,
Must move on.
Will move on.

She would never forgive me if I didn’t.

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