Serenity Concord Territory Layout

These notes give a rough idea of how the Serenity Concord’s space is laid out for reference. These are not set in stone and may change, for gaming purposes I wish to leave it officially open (this is why it is not on the Wiki).

Largely due to the Operation Flintlock storyline, as well as a few others, Serenity Concord space has been set to sit relatively close to Romulan and Federation space. There are absolutely no official star maps for Star Trek as a base material, though there are many variations. I should also note here that sectors are absolutely freaking HUGE. It isn’t too much to say that had I done this before, I could have contained everything needed in one sector had still had a lot of space to spare.

Star Trek canon makes a point of never actually saying how big a sector is. We only have a vague idea based on screen graphics present during shows. These indicates a sector could be

The Concord’s central system is the Markab Star System which is in the Epsilon Tatva Sector‎, this directly boarders the Federation and is 6 sectors away from Romulan Space.

Romulan Empire & the Concord

Between Epsilon Tatva and the Romulan Star Empire there is (in order):

The above sectors also run parallel to Federation space, roughly.

Beeria Sector

There are 4 sectors currently written up in some way that connect with the Beeria Sector.

Unclaimed Space

From what is written right now, connecting to the Las Miranonine Sector‎ is Delta Nadacan Sector‎ (also unclaimed), Ataraddon Sector‎ (also unclaimed), and Wonara Sector (Romulan Space).

Romulan-Federation Neutral Zone

The Neutral Zone is a prominent feature of Star Trek canon, here it sits adjacent to the Las Miranonine Sector‎, Delta Nadacan Sector‎, and Ataraddon Sector‎.

Updated all specified distances on the Wiki to meet with this rough layout.

Updated with sketch of the current sector layout, will update over time.