Sands of Time Slip Through Your Fingers (Open Ended)

The USS Genesis was on a standard exploratory patrol out beyond the rim of explored space. She was headed for an anomaly detected by a stellar observatory operated by Serenity Concord, which showed the anomaly had an extremely high output of temporal energy, it appeared one day forming out of - apparently - nowhere. It would take a while for the Genesis to arrive, having been pulled away from Starbase Pandora to investigate. Captain Baxter was called to the bridge as they detected another ship near the anomaly, closing in he dropped the NX Class Starship out of warp, decelerating rapidly.

Ok, anyone want to show up in a ship around this anomaly? Could be literally anyone.

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Exiting the ‘Drift’ would be Vlad’s BMC Mauler fighter called “Winter’s Fury”. Vlad wanted some time to clear his head after what had happened with his brother and investigating a temporal anomaly seemed like a good way to distract himself He would maneuver the ship to get a better view of the anomaly, if possible.

((how the BMC Mauler looks like))

That’s perfectly fine.

The Genesis was unaware of anyone else in the area, the NX vessel came up along side the smaller ship and opened hailing frequencies… “Winter’s Fury, this is the USS Genesis, do you read?” Came the deep male voice of Captain Baxter. His voice is calm, easy, and friendly. The Genesis kept a good distance away from the other vessel, making sure it had plenty of room to maneuver. No sense in giving the impression of hostility.

Vlad responds to the Genesis’ hailing “USS Genesis this is Ensign Vladimir Zima pilot of ‘winter’s fury’ I read you”. He had expected some sort of ship to investigate. Things like this were rarely over looked by ST. He kept his fighter on the same path waiting for a response from the Genesis.

The man’s voice came over the COM in return, “Well, nice to see a friendly face out this far. We weren’t aware someone else had been sent. However, we’re happy for the help, looks like you beat us out here. Have you discovered anything?”

Note, I haven’t made anything up yet for the anomaly, so feel free to pull shit outa your ass for it if you want.

Vlad responds “I Have only arrived here about an hour before you arrived. As far as my sensors indicate there seems to be pockets of temporal fluctuations surrounding the anomaly. I would advise we stay clear from those, don’t want to be frozen in time or worse”

Captain Braxton confirms this with his with his science officer, “Agreed, the Genesis won’t be able to maneuver in closer, can you ship maneuver closer safely?” he asks. “If you wish to beam aboard, we have no shuttle bay, but we can beam you aboard briefly to discuss a plan.”

“Can do” Vlad maneuvers his fighter away from the anomalies and engages the autopilot to keep it on a parallel course with the Genesis and avoid any more anomalies “Ready to be beamed aboard at your discretion”

Captain Braxton heads down to the transporter room and gives a nod to the Engineer, beaming Vlad aboard. The Captain extends a hand, “Welcome aboard the Genesis.” In contrast to other Solas Tempus vessel or stations, this one was obviously not built for comfort it was clearly a military vessel with few creature comforts. “I am Captain Braxton.”

Vlad shakes his hands “Well met Captain Braxton” he notices the the utilitarian design “I see the Genesis has a focus on operational effectiveness. Where shall we discuss the plan of action?”

Braxton nods, “Of course, follow me.” and he heads off. While they walk through the ship the Captain is friendly enough, saluting and saying hello to various crew members. Vlad would quickly note how many security personnel are on board, both TACCOM and TEMPCOM compose most of the crew from what he can see. Braxton says very little in the way of what had to be done until he gets to the bridge, he gives some nods and then takes Vlad back to the situation room at the rear of the bridge. There is one of the science officers there who appears to be working with the sensor data they have, it is displayed on a screen at the end of the room and more information involving the ships course and current operations are displayed on the table console in the center of the room.

“Thank you for your patience, I’ve learned to keep operational details to myself until things are settled and decided.” he gestures to the screen, “Do you have experience with anomalies like this?” he asks, he had not read the man’s file and at this point it was easier to just ask.

Images are in #media-content of the bridge and situation room.

Vlad doens’t say much during the trip there. He is not very good with socializing anyhow. He does take notice of the high amount of TACCOM and TEMPCOM personnel but to him it seems logical for a vessel engineered for war. “A wise policy” Vlad says to Braxton’s first remark, as a former revolutionary he understood the need to withhold information from those that do not need it. “To be frank I don’t any experience with anomalies like this”

Braxton nods at this and then taps the table’s console which zooms in from a general plot of their course with various stats like fuel consumption and other normal things, to a more details scan of the area. “Well, anomalies like this seldom just appear for no reason, so I think we would try to get a scan of the center of the anomaly, try to understand what is sustaining it.” he then looks to the science officer in the room, “Any headway on determining what kind of temporal energy it’s putting off?”

The officer just turns, “It appears to be mostly putting out streams of tachyon particles and some other more exotic forms of subspace radiation. The exact mix varies, but it would be nearly impossible for a person to survive close to the anomaly.”

Braxton nodded, “Consult with Engineering, see if we could modify the shielding on a shuttle pod to get close enough.” And with that order, the officer left. Braxton then turned to Vlad, “How much punishment can your ship take?"

Vlad nods at Braxton’s comment, he couldn’t really add anything to what he said. “The ship was designed as a space superiority fighter able to take out vessels of its same size and much larger warships. Its safe to say that it will take a good deal of punishment before its systems fail”

“Do you believe you can scan the anomaly closer? Help us determine its purpose?” Braxton asked simply. He wasn’t a man of many words, though words came easily to him. In a time like this he preferred to be direct and to the point, at least, until the tension had to be broken.

“I may not be the best pilot” Vlad says thinking of Tal “but i can get the job done” Vlad says. He saw the direct language Braxton was using and was glad for it. He had known too many people with ‘silver’ tongues from his home universe.

Braxton nodded, “Does your vessel have a full sensor suite on it? I"m sorry, I’m not very familiar with its design.” It was a simple question, but the Captain did hope it didn’t sound like he was insulting the man’s ship, he wasn’t. Just wanted to make sure that the guy had enough equipment to do the job. It wasn’t every an Ok thing to send someone onto a mission without checking for the proper equipment. This might sound like a duh kind of moment, but he was always surprised when his subordinates or other Captain’s even did this. It was like setting someone up to fail.

“It doesn’t have the full suite on it, it only has a few retrofits to make it usable. The ship is from a splice and i didn’t allow the engineers enough time to completely fit the ship with a full sensor array.” Vlad responds in a neutral tone. He does think that it might have been better to have waited a bit more, but he was desperate for a distraction.

Captain Braxton thinks a bit, “Well, we are in a bit of a crunch, does your ship have any hard points to connect mission-specific equipment?” He pauses and then taps a few things on the console, “If it does, we can probably fit on a modified sensor array from a Class A probe, or if you have launcher capabilities, we can load one into your launch system and you can fire one directly into the anomaly.”

Vlad thinks “The craft has a launcher for tactical nuclear missiles. One of the missiles could easily be modified to carry a probe. Otherwise the flamethrower can be removed easily to allow a temporary sensor array to be fitted onto the ship”