Sanctificetur Nomen Tuum (Open Ended)

Franciszka had to deal with progressively worse symptoms of drug withdrawal. Hallucinations and bad mood swings started her off but as the week went on things got worse. Cramps, sweating and shivering as well as bouts of depression and lethargy. She would alternate between all those symptoms throughout the whole week and when the symptoms subsided she started feeling better. She had more clarity and started acting more like how she did before splicing in. She also noticed that her formerly white and pure wings were the same color as her hair now. Still it was better now, before she felt her head hazy but now that was gone. Being that she essentially locked herself in her apartment during the worst of the symptoms she decides to go out to the tavern to eat some food. She doesn’t quite understand why this happened to her but she does remember that the Vatican priests mentioned that bad things would happen to those that stopped eating the mana from heaven.

Apollyon and two of the Angelos sons, alex and Tobi were with him. They say in the corner like always and were talking and eating. Apollyon noticed Franciszka but decided not to bother her

She sits eating her food slowly. She was thinking about her time in her world with more clarity. She started remembering a few details that could be a bit suspicious but she really can’t say for sure since she is no longer there. Food tastes better now though so it was a plus, she looks around at who was there and sees Apollyon as well. She only nods when she sees him however.

Apollyon stared back slightly worried about her as he stood up and walked over sitting besides her and staring again

She had focused on her food again. Funny she never remembered so much variety in polish food but this was really really good. She should probably thank Finnegan for the meal. As she drinks her apple cider she notices Apollyon staring at her now. “Uh… Hey there why are you staring at me?” Her voice is a lot softer and gentler than before and even her face gestures are more subdued and kind.

Are you okay

He asks softly, he wasn’t wearing his helmet today and had a strange look of triedness in his eyes as he looked at her

She looks back looking better than before. She smiles politely back at him not wanting to tell him about the tired look he has. Inside she feels very guilty since she suspects she might be the reason why he looks like that. “Uh yeah I am fine today”

Are you sure…you seem different then the last time I saw you

Apollyon says as he looks down a bit before looking back at her and smiling softly

She sighs in relief that he smiled at her. At least she hasn’t fucked things up that badly. “Well I am actually feeling better than i have since i got here.” she pauses and looks at her wings “I can understand why you came to that conclusion, my wings are of a different color.”

Indeed that is why I asked…you remind me of the living saints back at home and I got worried…

Living saints, well she can understand the saint part but not the living part. Aren’t all saints still living in God’s kingdom? Maybe not with his realm. Still she was a bit curious “Excuse me but what are the living saints?”

Living saints are extraordinary servants of the emperor, having died and been revived many times…

“Oh okay so your emperor is like god then” She says nodding and taking another drink of her apple cider

The emperor isn’t a god my friend…he never was or will be

Apollyon says as he looks down slightly

“Well in the way that you described the living saints he certainly seems that way”

Well he’s not trust me my friend

She sighs “well alright but he certainly sounds like it”

I know he does, it has been mentioned many times before

She nods “I will drop the subject then”

Thank you my friend…I appreciate that