Salvage Begins in Los Angeles

Originally published at: Salvage Begins in Los Angeles – Molten Aether News

In Los Angels, while the US Government has repeatedly stated that it believes a natural gas pocket was breeched during routine construction of an underground bunker facility, there are serious questions that have yet to be answered. Government officials have been unresponsive to further inquiries, however, first responders were finally allowed on scene to the site of the desert explosions which took place recently just outside the city. So far, no survivors have been found, the bodies recovered have been burned beyond recognition.

On site details are sketchy and the first responders have only been allowed to investigate the areas of the first basement level with other levels closed, supposedly for decontamination. It is unclear at this point how deep the facility goes, military personnel have been bringing out bodies in various states of being burned, though all of them are burned so bad that dental records will have to be used for identification.

Anomalous Effects

The anomalous effects in Los Angeles County that accompanied the explosion in the desert also appear to have abated, though it is estimated over 100 supernaturals or those with supernatural abilities were injured or killed during the unexplained event. Investigators from the local government who deal with supernatural events have begun to look into possible explanations, but so far have found nothing.