Running Like Clockwork

Mastema stared at his ceiling thinking on what happened with Joseline and Mathew. He needed a way to project his power and defend them without revealing himself to other fallen. The quickest but not easiest method would be to take over his gang and help it grow. The problem was that Robert was seen as a wannabe, never good enough to actually be someone. By the will of fate, namely himself, he now had a reputation as a killer, albeit an unstable one, but it was something. He also thought on what enterprises would allow him to maximize his powers without calling attention to them. He settled on drug trafficking as the best choice, it had a large enough profit margin to allow rapid expansion and at the same time it allowed for him to use his powers to protect it without it being obvious.

Next hurdle was to find a way to get the gang to fall in line, they were disorganized and undisciplined but trustworthy. Something that was in short supply in the criminal underworld. He could also form his own gang but it would set back his plans. The only option he could think of for a resolution without using his powers was to break away from the gang with his own crew. It would be tricky to pull off but it had to be done. This was the most expedient and safest path. That night he slept and gathered his strength.

Next morning he met up with the crew he was in, there where a total of three of them. The head of the crew was a guy named Johnny, his two other foot soldiers were Sammy and Tony. With Robert they were a four man team, the only good organizational technique used by them. The four man team meant that every crew could split up to cover more territory without becoming too vulnerable. Next was the hard part, convincing them to let him pull a crime by himself.

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