Ruin of Worlds - Plot Introduction

When Nul’Aiana was dragged out of her universe by what she believed to be a splice according to what she heard, she still had one clear memory of the event. A colossally big entity, big enough as a planet and with its own gravitational pull, and with a large yellow eye, was seen through the rift. One that had their tentacle-like limbs go through the opposite direction into that universe. A loud and deep cry was heard, shaking every cell in Aiana’s body, being something she have never forgotten.

Now, this memory seem to be nothing but just that. A memory. Buried underneath many others. That was, until three days ago. A subspace message was sent from the farthest edge of the Beta Quadrant. By the time it arrived, it was already too late to respond but it sent a warning. A creature so large that it could not be seen, except for its limbs, started attacking an advanced outpost on Morad III. It was chaos breaking loose. The sky turned dark, the planet was getting cold, fast winds and hurricanes, lightnings everywhere and giant tentacles of the same length as a building of a thousand floors, destroying everything around them. The planet growing unstable, on the verge of being destroyed by the environmental torments caused by the disturbances caused by the tentacles. No one knew where these tentacles came from as there was no creature they could identify. Sensors also didn’t detect anything useful enough for analysis, other than how gaps in space, with quantum signature different from our own. Thousands of those gaps, like rips in the fabric of reality.

Once this message arrived to Solas Tempus headquarters, the best minds already started working on the data. Morad III was lost. Given the time a subspace message takes from there to here, that planet was already long gone. And it also happened to be one of the outposts that would have received a Stargate link terminal in a few weeks, as its location was of interest for Solas Tempus. But despite this tragic fate, it was not time to mourn for sixty thousand lives, not while this threat is still out there. With the little information given through the subspace message, the scientists started filling the gaps. Those rips carried a signature, one that could be tracked by deep space sensors. All sensors would need to be deployed for this task, including starships, so they can sweep for other areas out of reach by stationary sensors. If those rips open again somewhere, they can be detected.