Royal Manticoran Navy ship and her crew [pt 1]

“Captain on the Bridge” voice announced as Jeniffer walked into HMS Manticore bridge, she nodded to everyone and approached captains chair

“Status report please”

“All systems except Propulsion and Warshawski sail are green, Hancock station estimates we will get propulsion back tomorow and Warshawski in about two hours whey they mount last Alpha node and compensator replacements. Gunnery is ready and all missiles storage bays are loaded. Heads as follow 60% X-ray, 30% EW, 10% Nuclear, in total 364 missiles”

“Good. Any issues with repair crews?”

“Only complaining about Warshawski sail repairs but it was handled by Hancock station themselves”

“Captain, incoming message from RMN. your hands only”

“Transfer to my ready room” Jeniffer nodded heading there

After entering ready room she locked down door and sat at her desk opening message

A grey haired man appeared on screen, TOP SECRET flashed in dark red before message started playing

“Captains, Commanders and Flag Officers of Royal Manticoran Navy. My name is John Elijah O’Rell. I’m Manticoran Navy Xenobiologist. This is a warning message that we encounted alien life during our expedition to unknown region of space. They attacked our science vessel and destroyed it after failing to establish comunication. As of this moment Bureau of Diplomatic Relations and Scientist consent is that only reason our ship was attacked is that they belived us to be hostile and we are working to decipher their language and engage in talks. If you encounted any ships from list attached to this list DO NOT ENGAGE, fall back immidiately. I repeat, DO NOT ENGAGE.”

Message would stop and propose replaying, Jenifer blinked and opened attached list looking over list, it didnt contain much information, probably composed from blackbox of destroyed ship, she started reading it and comparing data with ships of Peoples Republic of Haven which she thought is more likely to be culprit than Aliens.

Jenifer woke up in her ready room to sound of buzzer, looking at clock she realised it was afternoon next day already, she spent entire night watch going through data. She walked over and opened door to face her XO, John McCornak

“Captain, hancock station just finished assembling us and we are clear to leave dock to join 8th fleet.”

“Good” she said walking past him to captains chair

“Nav, bring us out. Plot solution to system edge and bring us to Basilisk junction”

“Aye Aye skipper, bringing us out.”

Ship slowly started floating out of spacedock and changing course. It accerataion increased untill it got to maximum of 510g.

few hours later nav announced

“Approaching edge of system”

“Standby Warshawski Sail”

“Warshawski sail standing ready”

“Engage sail”

“Aye Engaging sail”

The alpha nodes of ship impeller drive glowed brighter as it crossed into hyperspace. cutting weeks from travel time

“Transfer compleate, Estimated time to Tyler Star system 21 hours, after that we can transfer to basilisk, ETA from Tyler Star to Basilisk 15 hours” naviator announced

almost 21 hours later alarm blasted on bridge of Star Knight class vessel

Nav officer swifly started operating his console and brought ship out to normall space.

“We have arrived in Tyler Star system captain. it will take us about hour to transfer across”

“Captain we are reciving message”

“On speakers”

“This is Royal Manticoran Merchant Vessel Edinburg, we are under attack by pirates in Tyler Star system, we require immidiate assistance”

“Captain i found impeller signatures, about 15 light minutes into system, there does apear to be fight there”

“Nav, full militiary speed. Battlestations”

Alarm started wailing across ship as everyone started putting as lasers started powering on and missile tubes were loaded

“Target locked, we will be entering missile envelope in 2 minutes”

“Target pirate vessel, EW head and two lasers aim to disable”

“Aye aim to disable, EW head and two laser”

“Open channel to pirate vessel”

“Channel open”

“Pirate vessel, this is armed Royal Manticoran Navy Heavy Cruiser Elisabeth. You are ordered to power down your impeller drive and surrender. You have 2 minutes to comply”

As time passed ship entered missile range

“Missiles ready”


3 missiles left tubes heading to vessel, the pirate ship rotated and took it on its wedge before turning about to aim at cruiser and speeded up

“Energy envelope in 5 minutes, Greasers and Lasers standing by locked on”

“Firing missiles, all tubes”

Multiple missiles left tubes heading towards pirate, they responded with anti missile rockets taking down most of them, then laser clusters took few more

still about 10 missiles reached their target and laser warheads erupted out cutting deep into ship, it suddenly lost its impeller drive coming to stop rapidly by thrusters

“Send marines. two squads. Make them take two pinaccles”

Two small ships detached from Star Knight and flew fast towards immobilised pirate ship. Meanwhile freighter translated out of normal space towards manticore. 20 minuts later they returned with prisoners

As pirates were led into flight deck the Captain was already there, and so was her XO and 3 marines and few other officers She spoke to prisoners.

“Welcome aboard HMS Elisabeth ladies and gentelman. I have good and bad news for you. Good news? You will recive fair trial in accordance to Manticoran law. Bad news? Manticoran law states that piracy falls under Capital Punishment and that court can be assembled aboard starship by group of senior officers, I’m Lady Dame Captain Senior Grade Jennifer Lawrence and i am CO of this ship, This is my XO Lord Commander John McCornak, those are my chiefs of Engineering, Tactical and Inteligence departaments. As you may realised my marines pulled data off your ship while they were aboard and transmitted it over. Sergent?” She looked at marine

“Sir, Investigation of data aboard their ship lists multiple manticroan navy merchant vessels as captured, along ships of civilian commerce and other nation vessels. It is my belied that data proved beyond reasonable doubt that they engaged in act of piracy” Sergent responded after snapping to attention

“Commander, Lieutenants, you had time to look over data after it was transmitted by sergant while they were coming back, what is your verdict on charge of Piracy?”

All of officers responded guilty without moment of thinking

“And so is said. Do you wish to tell anything to defend yourself prisoners?”

Silence followed

“Very well. As it is in my jurisdiction as Royal Manticoran Navy officer, based on proof provided by your ship this tribunal declares you guilty on charge of Piracy. Sentence for this crime is Capital Punishment also known as Death. Method of execution is left to my discretion, for all navy cares i can just space you, but i see that as cruel and unjustified, even if many of your victims suffered that.”

She turned to marine sergant

“Sergant. Assemble firing squad. After they are dead space the corpses”

“Aye Aye ma’am” Sergant said snapping to attention again

Officers turned around and walked out of shuttlebay. There was no point in carrying pirates back to Manticore for official trial, for all its worth Captain could just walk in and shoot pirates in head. Tribunal was only so they have chance at being defended by officers that may disagree. It didnt happen. Manticoran justice was swift and relatively fair in such strightforward trials like this. They seen pirates attack the ship after all. They got lucky the missiles disabled ship to even live to trial, even if they were still killed

It didnt make it Easier, but it was still her duty as Royal Manticoran Navy Officer.

Walking into bridge she sat at captains chair and nodded to Navigator

“Plot course to edge of system then jump us to Basilisk”

“Aye Aye Skipper”

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