Rose Palace / Blazing Umbra

While I’m looking for comment from anyone, this is kind of specifically referring to @t0l and @Left4Cake and a storyline that I was just winging before… Here is what I have so far…

Not sure if this will work, here is a link to what I have in OneNote.


Lance, Kitara, and Tal find a cave in the side of a cliff where a Airgid Drochaid stone is located. The stone is cracked and one of the few such things still in existence. It is protected by a knight who demands that a person must be worthy in order to activate the stone.

Activating the stone will lead to being teleported to the underground cavern that the Rose Palace is in, and the palace has still survived even through the effects of the Genesis Torpedo which formed the planet as it is now.

Purpose for the Story

To provide continuity between settings and set players in Blazing Umbra along a course to actually make the trip back in time which gives rise to the Peace of Ages as it is referred to within Embers of Soteria.

Proving Worthy

Previously I was going off the idea of the episode of Star Trek where they talk about Sun Tzu and knowing when to fight and when not to fight. In the episode this comes into play where a guardian on a planet holds the ship hostage and without power for even life support, his challenge is he attacks Riker and Riker does not attack back - the attack is fake and thus Riker passes the test.

The player for Tal had the idea to send Tal on a quest to retrieve some kind of artifact that allows the spirit to be freed from the body or some such. Tal returns the artifact to the spirit guardian and thus passes the test.

The Artifact

Taking an idea from a really bad horror film about collecting souls of the dead into a ring, perhaps something like that. A ring, that is placed over the heart and allows the spirit to exit the body.

What, Where, Why, and How?

Here is where I’m not sure, and I’d like input on where the artifact might be, given how much time has passed, is it even in the star system anymore? Does someone else have it? Where might it be? What is going to have to be done to get it?

Alright. Defetnly love the continty between settings. Also that ring reminds me of the gem of abosurtion from Unforgtten realms. Which bascilly just swaped the soul inside the stone with ther person it was used on.

You know, I was thinking more like a projection, but that works too. Kind of reminds me the concept of Quantum Leap where he swapped bodies with the person in the past.

Unforgotten Realms: Episode 4 here is the epsiode of the show that had the “Crystal of Change” the cliffhanger is actually pretty creative with it.

oh and one detail you need to know for this epsiode is that one of the charaters Sir.Schmoopy was cursed for bad mouthing the judge so should he insult him ever aging he will explode into a million peices.

regardless the gems of absorstion follows a very simple rule. It just swaps the soul in the gem with ther person it used on so it makes a usefull plot tool for alot of hijincks.

I think we could incorporate both. Perhaps a gem the stores a soul and the ring that moves the soul. Like truly ancient artifacts that no one knows how to use? Also gives the idea of perhaps a trapped soul that needs to be released in order to do something?

I suppose we’d just have to think of its usage in the story

Well if you want we can get started on it and flush it out later?

Alright that works for me

What about you @t0l?

works for me then

this 20 character limit sucks

@t0l / @Left4Cake so did you want to do thins on the forum or on Discord?

I am still looking forward to this story by the way XP

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