Romulan Scouting Mission Outline

Solas Tempus will depart to attempt to track the Romulan forces, they will pick up a plasma trail and have to track it. Along the way they will face mainly technical obstacles which will require problem solving. This will mainly be with losing the trail and having to find a creative means of acquiring it again. Since it is unexplored space, they will be other ships in the area which may or may not have information.

The mission will be under strict orders to not reveal that they are with Solas Tempus, all insignia and other identifying markings will have to be hidden before departure.

If the group does get discovered this will play into the Onyx Romulan Alliance plot but will be ordered to continue their mission.

The group will encounter proper ships from the Cardassian and Klingon military as well as the Anari a smuggling vessel of some fair amount of infamy. The smuggling ship will have the best information out of the 3 but will the the least willing to give it up without compensation. If they find out the scouting group is with Solas Tempus, they will run and refuse to give any information.

The proper military vessels will be searching for the Anari which will be a wanted vessel in the area but they will not divulge this information unless forced to or an official request is received, which would blow the scouting groups cover.

The Cardassian ship will have vital records on it. Should have the PCs board the ship.

This mission can fail.. If the group is unable to locate the Romulan vessels by the end of the RP, the mission will fail and they will have to return home empty handed. However if they are able to find the Romulans they will witness the ships engage with an Onyx convoy. At which point the scouting group should report their findings and be ordered to observe but not engage (preserving the assault for the main plot). There is the option that the scouting group violates their orders of remaining undetected and engages, in which case they will be severely damaged but gain some favor with the Romulans which may come in handy later.