Robert Scranton

{{Character Box
|player= Haladur
|name= Robert
|fullname= Robert Scranton 
|altname= Rob
|race= Vector
|alignment= good
|gender= male
|height= 5ft
|weight= 225
|haircolor= orange and black
|eyecolor= gold
|age= 34
|dob= 5/6/2690
|birthplace= Ganymede
|universe= HC svnt dracones 
|occ=  Head Researcher in R&D
|org= Applied science and robotics
|figure= buff, Feral tiger 
|setting= Molten Aether 

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== Special Abilities ==

== Special Skills ==
Electrical engineer

== Special Equipment ==
Pushframe. (Exoskeleton providing robotic hands)

== Background ==
Born and raised on Ganymede. Robert always had a fascination with Electronics. He was usually teased in school for his nerdiness but he ignored them and went back to his books. He got his first pushframe he started to tinker with it attempting to improve it . He eventually went to collage for electrical engineering and he passed with great grades. He was soon recruited by Transcendent Technologies Inc to help research new technologies that can help improve life for Vectors. Through hardwork and preservation he raised through the ranks getting a respectful position in research and development.

What universe is this character from, if any? Also, is this for Blazing Umbra, Angelic Sins, or Embers of Soteria?

He’s from the Hc Svnt dracones universe (I can share the source material if you want to look at it) and it’s for the Molten Aether setting.

I think, from where he was born, that this is for Blazing Umbra. Molten Aether isn’t a setting, it’s just the name of the server / site.

Found source information here:

Approved pending blurb on personality.

Robert is passionate about it work knowing how to run things in his lab. He is always happy to talk about his work to the extent that he allowed to stipulated in his contract. Robert is fascinated with new tech especially robotics but sometimes he goes a little overboard with his curiosity when he sees something brand new. Though some topics upset him and make him grumpy such as his “hands”. (His pushframe.). It might take a bit to get on friendly terms with him he can be an easygoing person to hang with.

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